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Direct Democracy

Direct Democracy - Audio


Should the UK choose to lawfully evolve to true/direct democracy outside a general election by using existing laws and without revolution, a new administration [not another government] will be formed. All party manifestos [including ours] will be merged into an on-line database and the people will become the decision-makers regarding ALL policy implementation [including their own] via an on-line blockchain voting system. Majority-voted policies will then be implemented into law by a reformed parliament and so through non-left/right direct democracy, the people will govern the people in a united republic and will be able to share intelligence so as to pool all potential options so as to best-promote adaption and therefore survival.

"When given the chance to sew the seeds of Heaven on Earth via lawful [and therefore peaceful] reform to true democracy/self rule [love/empowerment of each other] and quantum perpetual motion, the 'superior' species is using its existing freedom [its existing ability to make choices] to choose to stick with fake democracy and associated oil, wars, and environmental collapse - Hell on Earth. The world's 'adults' are pretending to be asleep because it spares them from having to do what it takes to change anything - even if to save their own children's futures."
- Alex Romane [PA founder]

Via lawful [and therefore peaceful], UN-sanctioned reform to true democracy, the tax-evading, democracy-meddling, gambling junkie in the Palace and the politicians who betray democracy so as to serve her can be removed.

The word government derives from the Latin words guverno [control] and mentis [mind] but unlike divisive political parties, we are not interested in controlling your mind [we are musicians, artists, tech heads, and activists who took the red pill] but be aware that due to reasons explained further down this page, the PA will NOT be running in any general election after 2020.

Alex Romane; Latin to English

Trusting politicians was always a risk but because of true and direct democracy, it is now an unnecessary risk and if we take unnecessary risks, then it is inevitable that we will suffer.

PA direct democracy comment: Cameron lawfully murdered over 90,000 vulnerable civilians

Alex Romane - true democracy equals true social unity

"What's the point in being born into a life where you have no say in the life rules? This is slavery and if we're going to be born into slavery, we're better-off dead. As children, we are told by adults that we must learn to think for ourselves so as to become responsible adults but as adults, we reject true democracy so that we do NOT have to be responsible for the rules that dictate our lives, and instead leave this to politicians - like a child would do."

It amazes me that the British people expected genuine assistance to fight Coronavirus from a government that used their money to poison them in secret viral weapons tests during the Cold War and that only informs the people of threats when the people themselves realise they are in danger, and when too late to mitigate - as with 2007's mass Arctic anthrax, smallpox, and methane release and the current, associated 500 species extinctions per day that means there will be no life on Earth by 2030 [approx. 8 million remaining species divided by 500 plus the exponential % increase rate [to factor-in species interdependence] = nothing alive by 2030.

Humans are the only social group species on Earth to reject the only system that guarantees optimal species survival - true democracy/shared intelligence is nature's way of doing politics."
- Alex Romane

Alex Romane - political chronology [why the PA True Democracy Party exists]
MP3 published in 2010 explains Prism [pre-Edward Snowden], potential for WW3, and how to prevent it
Alex Romane fighting to end lawful child abuse via PAS/Forced Surrogacy
Alex Romane [personal philosophies]

PA Video Nick Margerrison interviews PA founder/DnB Producer Alex Romane [2015]
PA Video Direct Democracy UK interviews Alex Romane [2021]

Silenced by the BBC, Venice made global history in 2014 by becoming the first region in the world to administer a self-determination referendum on-line. The Scottish off-line referendum happened after Venice's on-line referendum and despite the voting age being lowered to sixteen, the Scottish referendum failed to reach and capture young voters who are more pro-independence and who do everything on-line.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Venice has voted ON-LINE to become independent from Rome

Despite the AV Referendum in 2011 costing approx. £250 M and, despite the Scottish Referendum in 2014 costing approx. £13 M, UK voters who say that they want a stronger economy are more than happy for their freely-elected partisans to blow approx. £300 M on the EU Referendum - when an on-line referendum would only cost approx. 5% of the cost of an off-line referendum!

Other cultures are now enhancing their democracies by benefiting from a British invention before we ourselves do and all of this further demonstrates our cultural complacency towards both democracy and technology.

MPs want digital democracy - for themselves only!

To attain absolute power, the only thing that UK voters had to do was trust and empower each other just a fraction more than they do politicians but in front of the whole world, they rejected true and direct democracy and instead used their existing freedom to choose known child abusers and thieves to represent them and, although people would spend less time per week voting than they would spend on Facebook and Twitter etc, voters would have been paid for voting and for uploading policy proposals.

Since 2010 and via the PA, the police have taken the courage to openly express their desire to enforce only the people's laws [not Parliament's laws] via true and direct democracy but despite this, the people voted with their own free will for a continuation of their own oppression.

In response to this reality, the People's Administration Direct Democracy website will no longer be developed, regularly updated, or even brought into the present tense. Until the UK electorate chooses to take responsibility for its own system of governance and to not be treated as sheep, it simply isn't viable for us to continue to expend more time, money, and personal risk on a culture that has consciously chosen to reject true democracy/unity/shared intelligence [love and empowerment of each other] so as to be dictated to by a corrupt minority.

As of the 8th of May 2015, we fight NOT for the UK electorate [who worship celebrity 'activists', religious fakers and the mainstream media without question and, who voted for child abusers instead of for true and direct democracy], but for children [whose parents don't seem able to prioritise above false economics], for plants [that fuel and are your food], for animals [that along with plants sustains you], and for true and direct democracy ONLY.

This is because we know that humans will not be able to adapt to eating gold, drinking oil, and breathing methane. NONE of the world's politicians can stop the on-going Fukushima radiation spread [silenced by the world's mainstream media] and like zombies, the world elects them to build even more nuclear power plants - while knowing that a sea level rise of just a few inches will result in the near-simultaneous melt-down of over 400 nuclear plants.

PA Video Fukushima 2015: Extra seawater defences blocked in 2008 - US cancer rates now soaring

The 'Great' British public that prides itself as being an advanced and informed culture, isn't even aware of the revised reports from NASA that factor-in methane release, geoengineering and the previous 40 years of CO2 emissions that have yet to take effect and, that show a sea level rise of 2.5 meters by 2040 and if this mass hypocrisy is left unchallenged, methane release and human extinction in 2030 is the future and, it will be voluntary.

By taking this stance and if we succeed with our post-election strategy, we will effectively make the 7th of May 2015 a system restore point and although history can not be rewritten, the UK people could be able to lawfully reverse their decision to refuse true and direct democracy and to go forward in a new direction in early 2017. The PA's direct democracy medial gallery has been compiled chronologically since 2010 to enable you to get the full picture, to see the agendas, and to project ahead so, there is no longer any need for us to update it frequently. Essential to this is the BBC media gallery that features UK-relevant news that it didn't want you to know about but, these reports were though published to the rest of the world by others outside the EU and US.

We believe that this planet, all children and all other life forms are worth so much more than the corrupt minorities that irresponsible electorates who refuse true and direct democracy empower so, should the UK people awaken in time to end their current chosen path of democracy hypocrisy and voluntary extinction in 2030, we will measure this via the PA direct democracy Twitter network but, only up until early 2017. After this point, the PA will be disbanded because three years simply isn't enough time to influence global governments into substantially reducing their CO2 output and to change the path currently chosen by humans - who despite suggesting that nature has the solutions to ALL of their problems, are the ONLY social group species on this planet that refuses to adopt true and direct democracy:

Humans place themselves beneath bacteria - that use true and direct democracy!
Ants and bees use true and direct democracy!

NOTE: The only option that the PA now has so as to lawfully facilitate a new general election [and to avoid potential revolution pre-2020] is by running our post-election strategy covertly so as to prevent it being countered. In early 2017, we will publish this strategy and its results in a format that lawfully obliges a new UK, EPE and UN-sanctioned general election and if you still want to continue to be treated as children in a world that never needed 'leaders' and to die for this in 2030, go for it - it's your choice, your free will, your country, your children, your future, your responsibility, your government [you are the only oversight mechanism] so whatever happens, don't blame your freely-empowered 'representatives' or God.

You may not be interested in politics but politics is definitely interested in you and if the current political system is a threat to you and your children's existence, your survival instincts should be demanding that you face it. If you're not feeling this, then has the establishment kept you asleep by inciting and feeding your addictions to alcohol, celebrity sex, soap TV, pornography, and violent video games [that destroy empathic skills]?

The immediate threat comes from Arctic methane release and human extinction but, the priority concern is for economics and immigration - with the environment being of the least concern [a top priority for only 2% of UK voters]. With such confused priorities and with an extinction rate of 300 species per day [as opposed to the background extinction rate of just one species per million per year], near-term human extinction is inevitable. We reiterate; if people choose to leave all decision-making over their laws to others, what sort of people do you think this will attract?

It is NOT true that "the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing" [as said by Edmund Burke] because, good men NEVER do nothing, and if you think that humans only evolve when at the brink of their own destruction, then real-ise that prior to methane release and potential human extinction in 2030, that it has only ever been human civilisation that has been threatened - never the human species itself.

Solutions can only come via direct democracy and from people who care and not from misrepresentative 'democracy' and politicians who live in another dimension. If MPs cared and had courage, they wouldn't be blacking-out news of this new extinction level event that was confirmed in 2012 by NASA and others and which is now the most immediate threat to our existence.

Do you believe in being in control of every aspect of your life? Only direct democracy can deliver.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: 2015 PA ELECTION BROADCAST pt.1
PA Video PA direct democracy video: 2015 PA ELECTION BROADCAST pt.2
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Direct Democracy [5 minute overview]
Direct Democracy Flow Chart

Thanks to Parliament's cuts to police and legal aid budgets, we're already on DIY policing and we're already on DIY law and, being that the law and its enforcement is the heart of any democracy, it's obviously time for DIY government via direct democracy too!

Politicians are not deaf. They are very aware of public opinion but while you vote for them instead of for individual policies, there is no legal [or even ethical] onus on MPs to listen to you in between elections so, why complain about not being heard... unless you do actually want a say?

The Greeks invented democracy [not representative democracy] so even without the web and phone, the Greeks voted upon ALL policies and NEVER voted to elect 'representatives'. This is why direct democracy is the only democracy and as well as inventing true democracy, the Greeks also invented the world's first computer [205 BC] and by merging both inventions now, the UK and the world can have true and direct democracy.

650 elected MPs fighting with 850 unelected peers can't represent 64 million people and while admitting that "Parliament is NOT representative" during a live question and answer session [2nd Feb. 2015], David Cameron refuses to reform it to true and direct democracy.

Government bypassing Parliament by forcing through key law changes without debate

Groundhog Election Day:

In the run-up to every general election over the last 30 years, the top issues have always been the economy, the NHS and tax - which clearly demonstrates that MPs can't create sustainable solutions but, there will never be an incentive to do this when our 'leaders' use the job merely as a steeping-stone to US rewards. However, it also demonstrates the UK people's inability to prioritise [and therefore to survive] because there is no regard for environmental catastrophe [the biggest threat of all].

Take the law into your own hands! Forget protesting, fighting the police and other indirect action. By voting for the People's Administration and direct democracy you can vote to have ALL policy decision-making removed from Parliament and handed directly to you via a web and phone on-line voting system.

Shelve emotion. Get logical, get strategic, get tactical - use the law as a weapon and vote for true and direct democracy!

If you think that 'representative' democracy works and that it just needs trustworthy people to run it, then realise that MPs voted years ago to ban secret service and intelligence officers from reporting crimes committed by MPs and unelected Lords and Ladies [the core of the establishment]. As such, any officer who breaches this law will be tried for treason [in secret] and, it is due to this block that MPs are able to pressurise officers into undertaking unlawful practices because, officers [of any level] who refuse such orders have their jobs and pensions threatened and can't report any unlawful orders to anyone anyway. It is criminal MPs who break laws by ordering officers to commit to unlawful acts and obviously, no officer can disclose when MPs do this and, with intelligence officers already banned from reporting the crimes of MPs, David Cameron now wants the lawful right to hide the identities of any MPs who get arrested [automatic lawful cover-ups].

An FOI request confirmed that MPs and peers visited extra-marital dating websites 52,745 times in 2013 alone and when so many of them are betraying their own wives and children, it is deluded to think that they won't be betraying you also.

Cameron's UNELECTTED crony funds affair at your expense - betrays both you AND his wife!
The REAL state scroungers - Osborne injects hundreds of thousands into 'hardship' fund for MP's!

If you think that politicians are more qualified than you are at making decisions that affect you, then remember that they are elected and so are not qualified to any degree and, that they don't even know you so can't represent you even if they wanted to. Furthermore, so-called 'qualified' MPs continually block ideas from those who are actually qualified and, even at the expense of your own children's lives. While you vote for politicians instead of for policies and, when you don't even want to at least qualify their sanity via psychological examination, you're getting what you want [however dire].

In a PA direct democracy, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England would all function as separate devolved direct democracies that set and collect their own taxes but, within a united kingdom that still shares Sterling and its armed forces but that doesn't need internal borders or a UK Parliament [a true UK union without federalism]. We believe that this is the simplest, fairest, most stable and most democratic architecture for UK direct democracy.

PA direct democracy - Government Kills!

Why should anyone respect laws that govern their lives when they've had no say in these laws? In a true and direct democracy, the police will enforce the laws of the people [increasing social cohesion and unity], UK armed forces will only go to war with majority public support and with the economy back in the hands of the people, we can make environmentally-conscious decisions that will eliminate the debt that's been built-up by greedy, incompetent politicians.

Only 10% of UK people believe that politicians place the good of the country above their own interests so, the remaining 90% could vote for true and direct democracy. Alternatively, those who abstain from voting or who vote for 'none of the above' [now the majority] hold the swing that could bring true and direct democracy in 2017.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Princeton University; "Consider direct democracy - you can't rely on politicians"

The inventor of the web himself [Tim Berners-Lee] says; "The web is not as powerful as it could be. We need to learn to use it to solve our problems."

Politicians are not problem solvers [the remit of Parliament is to control law, not to create solutions]. They are generally from a media or legal background and neither professions involve any training in problem solving. It is engineers, technicians, scientists, philosophers, therapists, authors, artists, teachers, analysts and others [the people] who are natural problem solvers and, only direct democracy can allow for the people's ideas to become reality [the remit of Parliament is to control law, not to create solutions].

Cameron ignores own scientists - allows Bayer and Syngenta to make UK bees extinct

8 year-old Camilla Lisant's suggestion for a cure for cancer has put 'qualified' MPs, experts and voters to shame but, it is just one example of one idea from one person and opening-up democracy to all [especially children] so as to find solutions is both logical and democratic. In our opinion, adults naturally over-complicate their exploratory and examinational thinking where children naturally have a more simplified and less restricted style of thinking and so, ideas from children must be included.

The issue of homelessness across the US has been solved by an outsider - not by an elected politician! Unfortunately and due to the UK electorate's deeply misguided belief that politicians are problem solvers, the UK electorate effectively voted in 2015 to maintain homelessness in the UK.

Direct Democracy - Alex Romane and Homelessness

Councils are now criminalising the homeless

The problem regarding Japanese Knotweed was solved by the PA in 2013 but was blocked by David Cameron and in 2015, politicians publicly faked defeat and rolled-out a fine system for home owners instead.

Boyan Slat, the 20-year old founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, announced [20th May 2015] that the world's first system to passively clean up plastic pollution from the oceans is to be deployed in 2016.

Without direct democracy, solutions from the people remain oppressed and, we don't believe that a problem exists that humans don't already have a sustainable solution for and already, it is possible to see that direct democracy is nature's way of doing politics and that eco capitalism is nature's way of doing business.

Nature uses True/Direct Democracy:

Democracy in animals: The evolution of shared group decisions [NCBI]
How democracy works in nature [BBC]
Humans are doing democracy wrong. Bees are doing it right [Spectator]
Bees form better democracy [Live Science]
Nature's secret: Why honey bees are better politicians than humans [NPR]
Honey bee democracy [Bee America]
Bees and true/direct democracy
Ants and true/direct democracy

Representative democracy [representative rule of the people] is not related in any way to the Greek model and wasn't implemented in the UK until 1832 but, it was ONLY implemented as a knee-jerk, fear-based gimmick to prevent revolution [as witnessed in France] and NOT to represent [confirmed by Parliament's inconsistent actions ever since]. Furthermore, representative democracy is an illusion and doesn't even exist because while we do have the rule of representatives, we do not have any rule of the people [it is a dichotomy]. Democracy has been stolen by the so-called 'representatives' and under them it has regressed so by continuing to empower them, the electorate is freely voting for its own oppression because in reality, the UK has a system of representative rule only.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: How Representative Democracy is NOT democratic
Voting for Direct Democracy in a general election

Use your existing freedom and power to vote for the People's Administration Direct Democracy Party and for a legitimate reform from partisan politics to people politics and direct democracy!

If you think that direct democracy is something for the future and that the current system of representative rule will somehow evolve into direct democracy, then you fail to recognise that during almost 200 years, not one aspect of the system that was rushed-in to stave-off revolution has ever evolved either in principal or in practice [they even wear the same clothes] and if the required laws and technology needed for direct democracy exist now then maybe your thinking is still in the past? The behaviour of MPs in the UK Parliament proves that not only has 'representative' democracy never evolved, but that they've never grown-up either.

The People's Administration recognises that the political axis has rotated and is now drawn between the people of all countries uniting through direct democracies, and the minority who seek to control. The people of the world have more in common with each other than they do with their own 'leaders' and since 2010, the People's Administration's architecture for direct democracy is being used as a template by various groups in other countries.

The faster empires break-up, the better-off we'll all be because hundreds of new cultures [regional tribes] living side-by-side with their own direct democracies will simultaneously bring true democracy to the world, while preventing any centralised world order. With direct democracy and without centralised decision-making, the politicians, the media, the religions, the unelected lords and consultants [such as multi-millionaire Alan Sugar], the corporates, the banks, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and hidden organisations [shadow governments] of any nature can not manipulate the power any longer, as the power will be with every individual.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: UK politicians deliver Rothschild's propaganda to students

If elected, the PA's direct democracy manifesto will NOT be implemented into law. Our manifesto is purely a list of proposals that we would put to the people for potential amendment and/or implementation into law in a UK direct democracy.

Direct Democracy - Self Rule

Government = Guverno [to control] + Mentis [mind]

By creating and establishing an Electoral Commission and UN-sanctioned non-revolutionary template for reform to direct democracy, we have now achieved ALL of our political aims - it's now for you to choose whether you want true direct democracy or not. Under the current system of so-called 'representative' democracy, only those who wish for Parliament [a minority] to make decisions on their behalf are catered for and even then, it is only the aspect of electing politicians that is open to them but, democracy is about far more than just electing so-called 'representatives'. With direct democracy, those who wish to take responsibility for their own country's laws can do so while those who prefer representation can still be represented - by the people [the majority].

MP Anne Widdecombe stated that she would "never let majority public opinion voiced on my website influence my parliamentary votes and I would never let voters make decisions upon policy implementation." Before realising who he was talking with, MP George Galloway told the PA founder directly that "Direct democracy is the best way for the country to go!" adding "You could get rid of all us lot too." confirming that we can have what hypocritical politicians admit is best for us but, only when it doesn't compromise what's best for them.

The only MP to recognise and to publicly call for TRUE direct democracy is Labour's Kevin Brennan who in 2012, told a Hansard Society event at Westminster that; "Technologically it is now possible. We could function as a direct democracy. The cost of obtaining people's views on a range of different subjects is miniscule compared to any other time in history, unless you go back to ancient Greece when you just gathered in the market place and you could have a direct vote on things."

When voting on the issue of UK military intervention in Syria [Aug. 2013], only 44% of MPs voted against it while acknowledging that public opinion was approx. 80% against and, 14% of MPs who couldn't be bothered to represent their voters abstained. Generally, 40% of MPs say that they have no power because they have to vote in alignment with their party 'leader' but if this group of MPs had voted to represent the public, it is no coincidence that the parliamentary vote would have been approx. 80% against - in alignment with public opinion.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Evidence from actual BBC footage proves BBC faked Syria WMD attack
PA Video PA direct democracy video: BBC pro-Cameron Syrian propaganda campaign

However, even when MPs do remember their sworn duty to represent their voters, it is considered a rebellion if they vote out of alignment with their party leader. On the 30th January 2014 and after a slapping-down by David Cameron, so-called 'pro-direct democracy' Tory Douglas Carswell announced that he will "never rebel again." before defecting to UKip, while Tory colleague Anne McIntosh announced that she would run as an independent but, she announced this only AFTER being sacked by her local Tory office [for 'rebelling'], confirming that parliamentary parties DO NOT represent you.

All of this demonstrates that MPs are victims of their own power - acquired through defunct political architecture which rewards those who consciously choose NOT to represent you and so, direct democracy will enable full and direct representation.

PA direct democracy comment: Conservative MP admits he didn't know what issue he was voting on

Even if they were willing to represent, elected politicians are in the minority within the UK Parliament which consists of 650 elected members [House of Commons] + 830 unelected peers and bishops [House of Lords] and so, the UK is not a representative democracy by any measure and is actually the only remaining theocracy in the Western world.

Even if MPs were willing to represent, with direct democracy via web and telephony, representation is no longer required and with direct democracy, we can save millions every year by reforming Parliament and we could also start to reduce the social and financial pressures that force us to focus purely on surviving, and we can start living.

With direct democracy, you do not have to understand Parliament or to become a politician to run the country. You just have to upload your potential solution for anything of concern and/or [it's your choice], vote on other proposals of interest as and when you feel like it [making politics both fun and fair] - a reformed parliament will do the rest.

In a direct democracy and within a reformed role that removes the undemocratic 'right' for only politicians and unelected peers to vote upon policy implementation, any remaining politicians would have no motive to implement propaganda campaigns regarding any specific issue because they would no longer exclusively represent the potential for any specific policy to become law so, mainstream news propaganda would cater only for the desires of network proprietors. Currently, mainstream news propaganda benefits both politicians and proprietors and while this is highly beneficial for them politically and commercially, this also gives cause for both to work together to keep the people and the state politically divided between left and right, us and them. In a direct democracy, the people would be better-informed and therefore more united and so, decisions regarding policy implementation would potentially yield greater benefits.

Partisan politics kills! Partisan issues cause ALL civil and military wars globally and, they are started by those whose thinking has not evolved and who therefore still believe in the use of violence.

The first country to reform to direct democracy will be the world's first democracy [system of rule of the people] since the concept died due to invasion in its ancient Greek birthplace. Its economy and its people will benefit massively just for being known as the world's most democratically advanced civilisation and if we in the UK are so culturally advanced, why are we wasting this opportunity when we've had the technology and laws needed [since 1991] to legitimately remove parliamentary policy decision-making? How can we claim to be advanced in the use of either democracy or technology while we're abusing both to the detriment of ourselves and the rest of the world [England still has political, cultural or military influence in approx. 90% of the world's countries]? In our view, this is not the attitude of an advanced and responsible civilisation that is claiming to be living through an 'Age of Enlightenment'.

For almost 200 years and unlike our industries and social attitudes, not one single component of representative democracy has evolved and with it being our legislative hub, it is therefore holding-back ALL of society. What kind of culture consciously chooses to regress itself by denying the use of one of its own inventions and, by denying true and direct democracy itself? If we're going to insist upon doing this, we should be honest with ourselves about it, stop forcing our hypocrisy onto other nations, step back and let others progress and after the UK has lost-out for being among the last nations in the world to implement true and direct democracy [probably along with Saudi Arabia, China and North Korea], it will be of our own free will and not as a result of Parliamentary decision-making.

The People's Administration's constitution for reform to direct democracy and our voting protocols have both been sanctioned by the UK Electoral Commission and the UN. In a general election, the People's Administration does NOT have to field candidates to secure your vote on the ballot paper. Outside a general election, you can vote for a legitimate reform to direct democracy now by following the PA Direct Democracy Twitter blog @self_rule

It's your choice - will you continue to use your existing freedom to empower a corrupt minority that costs the UK economy millions every year, or do you want true, efficient, decentralised, UN-sanctioned direct democracy? Decentralised direct democracy is the only true democracy [system of rule of the people] and, direct democracy as a form of governance would save millions every year.

Direct Democracy - 'mob rule' and a tyranny of the minority?

Propagandists who use the tyranny and 'mob rule' angle to deride true and direct democracy consider 51% verses 49% to be tyranny, but 1500 people [800 of them unelected] verses 64 million people to be more fair and so, maths alone reveals the hypocrisy of this argument.

The UK Parliament itself is a constitutional tyranny of the minority [this is exactly how it functions] and, it is through their behaviour that MPs also confirm that it is them who are the mob - NOT the people when in unity

As the nature of direct democracy is based upon self-rule [the ability to make our own choices/freedom], it can never be direct democracy itself that is flawed and can instead only be the laws that people choose [with their free will] to implement with it, that can be flawed. In a true and direct democracy, there are no minorities because there are no socially-oriented divisions. Every minority group in Britain will be voting upon issues of UK and regional law - not Pakistani, African, Jamaican, Islamic, Judaic or Mormon laws [for example]. As UK citizens with equal access to UK voting rights, there are no minority groups and all are united as one and, no one will no have to choose from only a left/right perspective [which benefits parties more than it does even their own voters].

This is exactly how true democracy can unify societies - these minorities ARE the majority but, only when there is no divisive spectrum and partisan centralisation - which the propagandists seek to maintain.

We've also had a minority [Parliament] making all of the decisions - often now voted into power by a minority [due to lack of turnout] and it has failed to represent anyone other than itself and big businesses. It is giving absolute power to the minority that is and has always been the only tyranny and those who say that direct democracy is tyranny over the minority also deny that 'representative' democracies and theocracies are systems of minority control. In a direct democracy, minorities would have exactly the same access to democracy and power as majorities would have.

Direct democracy is simply the mechanics that will enable for the people to have true democracy [to have the rule of law] - that's all. No system can be blamed for the policies that people choose to implement with it but, direct democracy is the only system that enables full public participation regarding policy implementation. Blaming direct democracy for any potential negative results from any laws that may be implemented is no different to blaming a car for crashing instead of blaming the diver. Any problems that arise will be the result and fault of the policy itself - not the fault of the system that implemented it. When cars crash, we ban the driver - not the car. Direct democracy itself as a system can not make any choices - this is the job of humans.

If ten men vote to rape five women, it is the men's thinking that is at fault [not democracy] and evidently, this particular objection to direct democracy is expressed by those who think as rapists do - blaming the act of rape on anyone or anything but themselves. Incidentally, if UK voters cared about rape, why are they directly funding the rape of pro-Assad women and children across Syria, when very UK tax payer has the legal right [since 1215] to with-hold tax payments if they feel that the government is abusing their money?

PA direct democracy media: Political Strategy - Syria
PA direct democracy media: Political Strategy - Syria [news NOT reported by the BBC]

Direct democracy would actually enable rape victims to reclaim power by influencing the formation and implementation of related laws - making-up for areas where the current system continually fails them:

Cameron lets rapists and child abusers go free if they apologise - offers Restorative Justice without prison!
PA direct democracy proposal: Rape case judges not to be allowed to consider mitigating circumstances

For those who believe that direct democracy is dangerous because it enables for abstract and alternative thinking or for 'mob rule' to become law, a continuation of the primitive mainstream-only thinking where solutions created by outsiders remain blocked is preferable and, if anyone expects solutions for ALL issues to come only from a group of approx. 600 politicised religious-oriented partisans who prioritise political concerns above the advice of specialist scientists and advisers, they are deluded [the remit of Parliament is to control law, not to create solutions]. The majority being able to decide upon the viability of policies is what ensures that a direct democracy itself can evolve because policy amendments and reversals can be implemented within hours and, at very little expense. The 'mob rule' theory misleadingly suggests that everyone will be voting upon all policies at the same time, all of the time and, as a block but, this is extremely propagandist because it is obvious that people will mostly only be voting upon issues that concern or affect them directly and, not every issue will be relevant to everyone.

Concerns about people needing to be educated so as to use direct democracy 'wisely' are expressed only by pro-leader types who want it used in accordance with their own personal wishes or never, who remain deluded about politicians being problem solvers, who don't think that others can think for themselves and, who place themselves and MPs above others.

True and direct democracy is about learning to trust and empower each other more than we trust those who we elect. It is not about getting it 'wrong' or 'right' and NO political system is designed to get policies 'wrong' or 'right' or, to even create policies in the first place. Creating policies is the responsibility of people, while political systems simply facilitate and implement policies into law.

Ironically, the Greeks only lost their true democracy when its male-only electorate voted to invade Sparta - which then conquered Athens in self-defence. War was NOT the consequence of using true democracy, but was the consequence of male-only thinking that voted to use violence [without provocation] against others. Through true democracy, these men could have instead voted against war [they alone made the choice - not the system] and which ever system people use, it will always be them creating the laws they implement - not the system.

Propagandists [such as the LSE] who blame true and direct democracy for the negative results of any laws that people create with it, have a hidden agenda and so are being intentionally manipulative. They present both the true democracy system and the separate decisions/laws as one interlocked entity simply because they themselves are not prepared take social responsibility and/or, because they themselves are benefited by the current system of hypocrisy that allows them to continue in their denial.

Our architecture for direct democracy is an open source equivalent because while it provides the basic building blocks to enable for true and direct democracy, anyone can amend or build upon it further simply by proposing any architectural, structural or procedural changes to the people for potential implementation and, the ONLY people who would have the legal and ethical right to assess if direct democracy results in 'wrong' or 'right' policies would be the people of that direct democracy.

We are musicians, producers, artists and political activists [not politicians] who have registered the People's Administration with the Electoral Commission as a mainstream UK party [since March 2010] with the ability and architecture to implement a reform the UK to direct democracy - should the majority vote for direct democracy. The People's Administration was formed only after politicians and party leaders [including David Cameron] with whom the People's Administration founder has met and worked with, rejected pro-democratic policy ideas despite them having over a 90% approval rate when put to voter groups by the People's Administration's founder.

Despite the mainstream media's knowledge of the People's Administration's founder [Alex Romane] authoring documents [published by the world-renowned British Library] regarding Political Architecture and Religious Theory, previously working directly with David Cameron [independently] prior to establishing the PA, working on the Mid-East Peace Process directly with the Palestinian Authority, creating a potential £2 BN aid package for Somalia, forecasting and trying to prevent the UK riots, creating government-adopted policies, creating a potential solution for rising sea levels and diminishing water stocks [with TV presenter and inventor Trevor Baylis], publishing about Prism [and more] pre-Edward Snowden and, creating sustainable solutions for the economy and for democracy itself, the mainstream media will not feature the People's Administration simply because we stand for direct democracy and people politics over representative democracy and partisan politics and, they have told us this directly.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Alex Romane; Why we need Direct Democracy

In our opinion, American foreign policy is the second biggest threat to global security and with direct democracy, the UK would no longer be America's 51st state because direct democracy would allow for independent foreign policy implementation.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Defend against Cameron's spying betrayal - 100% intrusion block

With direct democracy, China [nor any other regime] will no longer be able to threaten and bribe our corrupt and weak parliament into bending our domestic policy.

Approx. 50,000 species of animal and plant life become extinct every year [which threatens the food chain and substantially reduces the potential for finding medical cures] because we choose to empower those who refuse to prioritise protecting our life support system instead of choosing to take responsibility ourselves through direct democracy.

The issue of supplying clean, safe, free and sustainable energy was resolved in the 1930's by Nikola Tesla but thanks to US and UK politicians, neither you nor your children would have learned of this at school because the men who run the US presidency also run the UK government and guess what? they're all up to their necks in oil! During 2001-2010, out of 111 energy proposals put before the US Senate, 5 became law and while none of the abandoned proposals involved oil consumption, all 5 of the accepted proposals did.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Result of 'representative' democracy is methane release and human extinction

The cost of World War Two is estimated at approx. $12 TN [in relative terms] and the cost of the so-called 'War on Terror' is approx. $7.4 TN but, the cost of saving the global environment is approx. only $200 BN so, freely-elected politicians spend more of your money killing you than saving you!

In early 2012, scientists discovered that ants and bees, use direct democracy and furthermore, they apportion their use of direct democracy as being fundamental to their efficiency and overall survival stating;"The colony's use of direct democracy greatly enhances its survival because it decentralises the decision-making which increases its ability to find better solutions faster." Since 2012, it is emerging that most social-group species use direct democracy and so far, humans are the ONLY social group species found not using direct democracy and, humans are also the only species that maximises instead of optimises.

Mass hemp cultivation can end global deforestation while offering multiple other benefits to our health and to the economy but due to political reasons [not environmental or economic reasons], our freely-elected UK 'representatives' lack the intelligence [using hemp is common sense] and political will [pandering to the uneducated voter is no way to lead a country] and so refuse to allow UK farmers the right to grow it - despite hemp now becoming fully legalised across the US and despite Canada now using it to build cars and more. We are actually choosing to be held-back by partisan politics and its so-called 'representation' [while the UK secretly cultivates opium just for pain killers].

When the 'Great' British people continue to vote with their money and to vote with their ballot for continued oppression, why does the UK population then complain and protest about the effects of its own decisions? It would be far more strategic for single-issue protest groups to vote for a reform to direct democracy now, than it would be to continue with begging, fighting the police, and other indirect action.

The Greek people chose to empower 'representatives' who since 2003, spent more than £150 BN on arms [more than the bail-out], whilst failing to collect taxes from the rich. Since austerity was imposed in Greece, the Greeks could have chosen to reform to direct democracy but instead, they chose to protest and their 'representation' was replaced with unelected administrators, They lost their legal right to protest and journalists were regularly arrested. Spain, Italy and others will follow and unless the UK chooses to reform to direct democracy now, UK society could also break-down under the pressure of unnecessary austerity measures.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Collapse of UK social system just a matter of time

The reason for why terrorist groups target civilian populations is not because civilians are soft targets [as governments constantly tell us] but is actually because ultimately, it is the civilian population [the majority] that is responsible for its country's system of governance. If a population chooses to leave all decisions to 'representatives' who they freely empower, then how are civilian populations not part-responsible for the causes of terrorism? This is also the philosophy behind why Western governments use sanctions against countries and this is why we also regard government-imposed sanctions placed upon any country to be a form of terrorism.

Only terrorist organisations are responsible for their actions and while their acts can never be justified, target populations are though ultimately responsible for the policies that their freely-elected governments implement. When ALL terrorism is targeted, this demonstrates that terrorists have specific motives and in our belief, dismissing any potential influences from any policies while simply accusing terrorists of being 'evil' removes any opportunity to end terrorism ourselves and leaves this with the terrorists instead [who are not looking to stop].

Dismissing terrorists as 'evil' [and not ill] enables manipulative, self-righteous MPs to deny responsibility and unlike the people, MPs have additional tax payer-funded security and don't have to use public transport and so, it is the people [usually the poor] who die for such policies - not them.

It is our absolute belief that religiously deluded and career-obsessed MPs, their foreign policy, their biased 'freedom of speech' policies, their biased mainstream media, and corrupt Jewish and Islamic doctrine are the biggest drivers of terrorist recruitment and causes [not evil] and, that.the solution to ending ALL anti-Western terrorism lies in adopting a domestic two-way integration philosophy, shaping foreign policy around how we ourselves expect to be treated, and educating the extremists of how religion has lied to them about the nature of God.

PA direct democracy proposal: Global Terrorism

Direct democracy is the only democracy and, direct democracy would enable whole civilisations to take full social responsibility for their country's policies and actions. Whilst we have the ability to make choices, we are free and we have power. With our existing freedom, we have chosen to empower people who can't solve problems and we have got what we voted for. Now we can use our freedom to vote for self-empowerment via direct democracy.

We believe that social unity can only be achieved with direct democracy, where the UK electorate can create, propose and vote upon all policy implementation.

An evolved culture of politics

Within a direct democracy, the police and the courts will be enforcing truly democratic laws as determined by the people and while the people view and target the police themselves as the enemy, we will remain a divided and weak nation that is unable to stand-up to a corrupt parliament because, it is Parliament's laws that the police enforce - not the people's laws. In a direct democracy, the police will be enforcing the rule of the people [democracy] and it is because of this that police personnel from across ALL forces already quietly support a reform to direct democracy - they're still waiting for you to demand it.

UK now a police state?

Economics: The People's Administration believes that 45 million eligible voters advised by the Institute of Fiscal Studies via direct democracy, is better than 3 heads advised by their banker buddies and party donors.

PA direct democracy proposals: Economics
PA direct democracy media: Financial Politics

The previous two global financial collapses both led directly to world wars. Unlike the previous two world wars, a thermo-nuclear world war will leave no functioning environment. Our representative democracies and our markets are now thinking and behaving in exactly the same ways as they did in the lead-up to both of the previous two world wars and it is no coincidence. A global reform to direct democracy is now the only sustainable solution.

Direct Democracy - Hemp

Crime: With direct democracy, we could increase the economy whilst decreasing crime rates by legalising various black markets and enhancing prisoner rehabilitation programmes - particularly Restorative Justice programmes.

Parliament's 'revolutionary' idea to make Digital Britain the world leader in IT is to upgrade network infrastructure with new cables. The People's Administration's idea to make Digital Britain the world leader in electronic communications is to upgrade Parliament with Electronic Direct Democracy.

The 'mistakes' that led to hundreds of voters across the UK being denied their right to vote in 2010 would not have happened if voting by web and telephone in a direct democracy had replaced the expensive, inconvenient and out-dated method of voting via mismanaged polling stations.

As mentioned previously, the cost of the AV referendum in 2011 was £250 M. The People's Administration estimates that if administered on-line, the entire referendum could have been ran at a cost of less than £10 M - further demonstrating the coalition's absolute complacency towards technology, the UK economy, the UK electorate, and direct democracy.

Direct Democracy - Audio Direct Democracy and Cyber Warfare [published prior to Edward Snowden's disclosures]

PA direct democracy media: Infowars/Cyber Warfare

It is the nature of human beings to make our own choices [to be free]. Therefore, direct democracy and self-rule is in our nature. Physicians, politicians and military planners now accept that in any circumstances, the power of resistance always eventually equals the power of oppression so eventually, direct democracy will be the culture of politics and the People's Administration's reform to direct democracy could be a positive aid to this transition.

Direct Democracy - Power

It is an illusion that the people don't already have power. Whilst we don't believe that we have power, we abuse it. When politicians tell us that they want to give us more power, they reinforce the notion that we don't already have all of the power and the illusion is maintained but, only because we do not real-ise that we already have ALL of the power [the ability to choose to vote to maintain a theocracy, or to choose to vote for the People's Administration and direct democracy].

It is only because the people do not real-ise that they have all the power that the people who do know this can rule them so, the day the people who don't know this choose to stand together via true democracy is the day that they will real-ise their freedom through their existing power.

Money is not power. Money enables for the ability to make more choices but can never be used to control others without others in some way choosing to be controlled. This makes money power-less. It is freedom [the ability to make choices] that is the only power. The People's Administration has no financial support, yet the People's Administration has the ability to legitimately establish direct democracy in the UK - should you choose to empower yourself by voting for direct democracy.

This People's Administration's direct democracy proposal is a mechanism through which the people can come to know through experience, that the people already have all of the power, and to then exercise this power for the positive by choosing to reform to direct democracy.

Within a direct democracy, as well as voting upon all policy implementation, the people themselves will also be able to propose policy ideas directly to the country for a potential national vote and implementation by the People's Administration and a reformed parliament.

If you support democracy [rule of the people] in any form, it would follow that you would at least want for the majority to decide if they want to take responsibility via direct democracy - unless you also are as a politician, seeking to oppress the majority simply to satisfy your own fears?

How are the people educated enough to decide which government will control their lives, but at the same time not educated enough to make far less fundamental decisions? Within a direct democracy, it would be the responsibility of the author of each policy to educate the voter and the responsibility of the voter to make a choice - should they choose to.

Direct Democracy [Definition]
Direct Democracy Propaganda

If you are considering not voting, spoiling your vote or voting for 'None of the above', why not make your vote stand for direct democracy and parliamentary reform by voting for the People's Administration and reform to direct democracy?

Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.