Direct Democracy and Religion

The UK is still a Theocracy [a religious state] and NOT a Democracy, and so is NOT secular

Technically, the UK is not a democracy of any form - unless you take your constitutional 'education' from anti-democratic propagandists such as Rupert Murdoch, the BBC, celebrity commentators such as the Guardian's Owen Jones, 'comedian' Russell Brand, and the rest of the establishment.

As programmes that form a two-tier strategy of control, centralised partisan political systems seek to oppress true expression of the mind while religious systems seek to oppress true expression of the soul. Between them, they keep us separate from each other and separate from the truth of the nature of a God who created everything and, the books of the religions were the originators of the political propaganda and corporate marketing templates that are still in use against the people to this day.

The UK is though the ONLY remaining theocracy/religious state in the Western world and, direct democracy would be the most efficient way of ridding Common Law of religious law because direct democracy would automatically remove all centralised religious influence from Parliament and the mechanics of Common Law. The original template for use in defining ALL English law was Moses' Ten Commandments from the Old Testament [a book now regarded by most Christians around the world to be confused, irrelevant, and reformed through the New Testament]. In a theocracy and without true and direct democracy, it is not possible for Atheists, non-Christians and non-religious believers of God to partake in general elections without also empowering the Christian church and, this mass discrimination and abuse of what little notion of democracy the UK has didn't occur by accident or by so-called 'coincidence'.

With the addition [since 2010] of Sharia law courts and of Jewish religious police, the UK's status as a theocracy is obvious and while the religions themselves have a history of committing criminal acts of varying nature and, while their books [which are their written constitutions] judge, insult, threaten, and condemn non-believers [the Quranic statement about non-believers being less than pigs being just one example] as well as non-religious believers of God, we reserve the [now criminal] right to continue to question and to criticise them also and, being that race [genetic/of the body] and religion [philosophy/of the mind] are separate aspects and, being that we have no issue with race, Jewish [generally] claims that to be anti-Semitic is to be either racist or anti-Israeli will always be without basis.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: French Gov. demands Twitter IDs of 'anti-Semitic' bloggers

To be anti-Semitic is to be anti-religious ONLY [according to the classical definition, pre-Jewish politicisation] and even then, specifically to be anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, or anti-Islamic [anti-Abrahamic religion] ONLY and, whilst the information published on this page is of an anti-religious [anti-Semitic nature], we respect the right of people to choose to follow a religion and, we perceive this right to be separate to the issue of religion contaminating Common Law for all.

"While I have no issue with the followers of religion themselves - my former girlfriends and current friends and colleagues include Muslims, Sikhs, Catholics, and Christians and while I work for free and without conditions endlessly for the Muslims of Palestine against their own so-called 'representatives' and the hard line Jews of Israel, I DO take issue with the Jewish influence of Western governments and media. I have a relative who worked as a journalist for the Jewish-owned Time/Aol/Warner group and who informed me of the Jewish-oriented gate-keeping that his Jewish bosses deployed when censoring his articles about Israel's military and political attacks against Palestine. I was anti-Hebdo and I never consciously aim to disrespect the Abrahamic religions but, I do take issue with the Qur'anic obligation placed upon all Muslims to install Sharia Law in-place of democracy in non-Islamic countries, with Islam's prophet for choosing a 6 year-old wife when aged 42, with him invading and conquering Mecca and then Jerusalem [formerly Jewish lands], with his Qur'anic child rape fatwas that are still issued around the world to this day and that I believe any fair-minded Muslim would also disagree with, and with Islam's Saudi Government for amending the words in the Qur'an in 2014 so as to present that Mohammed talked about "tanks, planes, and bombs" in around 500 AD. I've read several versions of the Qur'an and their derivatives and while they do mention that changing Mohammed's and Allah's words amounts to blasphemy, they never mention that Mohammed claimed to be psychic. My fight is NOT against the followers of the Abrahamic doctrines, but is against their 'leaders' who I believe lie to them about the nature of a creator God and therefore what God 'needs' of them, so as to divide and control us all. I believe that if these sick men are appeased without question, challenge, and debate, then we will therefore be co-creating a world where child rape is normalised and to me, this would amount to co-creating Hell on Earth and so, it is the on-set of Hell on Earth that I fight - not Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, or Christians themselves, for they are my friends, my colleagues, and my girlfriends."
- Alex Romane [PA founder]

If [as the religions state] God existed before everything and was therefore self-sufficient while alone, then it is not possible for God to then have needs of anything God created after being alone but, the religions have produced whole books listing God's needs, requirements, and punishments if we disobey and unfortunately, we have defined our laws in accordance with them. As usual, the contradictory religions who confirm that they are the last people on this planet to know the first thing about the nature of a creator God, want it both ways and, without question.

We believe that the following 8-line verse demonstrates all of the above and in addition, also demonstrated how it is NOT possible to believe in religion while believing in a creator God;

If [as the religions state] God existed before everything then God has no needs
If God has no needs then God is vulnerable to nothing
If God is vulnerable to nothing then God can't be threatened
If God can't be threatened by anything then God has no purpose for laws
If God has no purpose for laws then we have free will
If we have free will then there is no punishment
If there is no punishment then there is no Hell
If there is no Hell then there is no evil or Devil

Further elaboration...

It is our nature and our duty to question anyone and anything that tries to obstruct transparency, debate, education, and democracy through manipulation of Common Law. For eg; If the PA's written constitution threatened non-followers with a choice between financial and religious oppression, conversion, or death [as Sharia Law does], incited wife rape, wife beating, and child marriages [mass child rape], and denied equal opportunities [as the Qur'an does], we would be prosecuted for multiple crimes and the Electoral Commission would terminate our registration. However, Islam is a religion and through appeasers such as David Cameron and Theresa May, Islam now has now established Sharia courts in the UK.

8 year-old Yemeni girl is LITERALLY raped to death by 40 year-old husband on wedding night
West Midlands Police is Islam's Religious Police; Delivers 'banning letters' to Muslims on behalf of mosques!
• Brunei dictates that LGBTs must be stoned to death - despite NO mention in the Qur'an against LGBTs at all!

To be anti-religious [to be anti-semitic] is NOT to be anti-religious person. One is a human, and one is a human-created doctrine - they are separate entities. To be anti-religious is actually to be pro-God because it is NOT possible to believe in the religious 'God' of needs and dependencies, while also believing in a creator God of free will.

The fact that the UK has a monarchy has nothing to do with its status as a theocracy. The UK is a theocracy purely due to English Law being defined specifically in accordance with Moses' Ten Commandments, combined with the presence of the Judaic bishops in the House of Lords. Other countries in Europe have monarchies but, their laws are not based upon the Old Testament or upon any religious doctrine and, they have ALL specifically outlawed the presence of religious leaders in their Common Law parliaments.

Anti-homophobic DJ took-on the church and was fired by the BBC - hear what he said
Flood destroys home of Christian lobbyist who preaches God sends natural disasters to punish gays!

While the basis of ALL UK law is oriented in Moses' Ten Commandments [via King Alfred], the Christians have now mostly dismissed the Old Testament [via reform] and have moved-on but, the UK Parliament refuses to do the same [it can't let go of its former unelected, self-appointed Jewish master].

PA Video 12 year-old Egyptian Muslim boy explains dangers of theocracies

To make things worse, the UK is now actually a two-tier theocracy with a two-tier religious legal system - the first in human history! This is because since 2010, David Cameron and Theresa May allowed [and pro-actively encouraged] Muslims to establish Sharia courts within the UK and, it is Sharia Law that was banned across Arabia's Islamic states by Islamic dictators and that now finds a home in the UK. In response, many UK MPs and peers are now calling for laws to moderate the influence and jurisdiction of these courts.

Hamas leader's son explains Islam's history and current state of hypocrisy

When Theresa May and other appeasers state that; "Islam and democracy ARE compatible." they blatantly lie because as all Muslims know, the Qur'an orders followers to vote ONLY for Muslim candidates. In addition, the Qur'an obliges ALL Muslims to establish Sharia Law in host countries while 'respecting' [working around] the host country's laws - while ordering Muslims to reject non-Islamic music, food, and clothing etc [non-Islamic culture].

Islamic faith schools repeatedly break British Law so as to discriminate and divide by sex

With the above in mind, how exactly can integration be achieved and, why should non-Muslims allow for Islamic integration in the first place? Wouldn't it actually be better for all if Muslims who are ordered to reject non-Islamic cultures were to migrate to Saudi Arabia or any other ultra-Conservative, Sharia Islamic state?

Muslim men LAWFULLY having up to 20 children with multiple wives - in the UK!
Met's facial recognition discriminates in favour of covered-up Muslims and Islamic terrorists
UK education system caves-in to Islam - Jews, Atheists and all others compromised
Sharia courts may have contributed to downfall of Ottoman Empire
'Peaceful' Muslims near-fighting INSIDE MOSQUE is okay - intervening police in shoes is not
Why no Western country has managed to successfully integrate Muslims

"When a non-native, politically-oriented doctrine that obliges its immigrant followers to vote only for their law makers so as to establish their Sharia laws over the natives' own laws is appeased by native law-makers, law enforcers, and electoral commissions - as France did with Germany in WW2, then how is this not an invasion? The Islamic invasion of non-Islamic lands is cultural and not military and when my Muslim friends and colleagues opened-up to me about it being in revenge for Britain invading and partitioning their lands, then it is a conscious invasion and, it is one that ultimately, 'Great' Britain and its imperialist, denialist, but freely-elected politicians are responsible for. Without true democracy/unity/love for each other and open debate, this invasion and an associated expansion of extremism on both sides will grow, and will continue until it reaches a point of all-out civil war."
- Alex Romane

Appeasing British police tried to fix date between Iraqi Muslim immigrant paedophile and twelve year-old girl

Note: some videos have been banned by the extremist-appeasing British Government since mid-2017;

PA Video British Islam and British 'democracy' are compatible?
PA Video Muslims in Chicago chant "Death to America!"
PA Video Yemeni Muslims brag about their attitudes and use of violence towards women

1. 77% of the world's so-called 'moderate' Muslims wanted global Sharia Law and the establishment of a caliphate BEFORE George Bush and Tony Blair enabled for the establishment of ISIS by destroying the Iraqi state [instead of just destroying the Iraqi government and military].

2. The Qur'anic phrase 'Taqiyya' means 'to lie to non-muslims in the name of Allah if in support of Islam'.

3. The Qur'anic phrase 'Hudaibiyah' means 'to lie to your enemies when agreeing peace treaties'.

Since the government in Pakistan [the world's first Islamic state] placed Sharia Law above Common Law [2015] so as to legalise mass child marriages [mass child rape], the Pakistani Government's lawful child rape policy has been silently endorsed by ALL Western Presidents and Prime Ministers and, many of them also voted to support the FSA in Syria [who are not even Syrian] while the FSA openly use a Saudi-issued child rape fatwa since 2013 against Islamic children. In addition, UK politicians have also blocked our UNICEF-backed Inet Protect on-line child protection strategy since 2013 - for political reasons. Get the picture?

Father begs Pakistan Government NOT to give his 6 year-old daughter to old man so as to settle family feud

Since 2013 and despite multiple requests by us, the Muslim Council of Britain, MEND [an extremist, Sharia-motivated infiltration group that already partners with multiple UK police forces] and MP Sadiq Khan have all refused to condemn the Saudi-issued child rape fatwa.

Political Islam

Atheists and non-religious believers of God fund ALL faith schools [via tax] and despite faith schools being the biggest single contributing factor towards social disintegration [the main reason for why both Islamic-oriented dictatorships and representative democracies alike outlaw faith schools and theocracy], David Cameron pro-actively encouraged Imams [of which 80% use the radical and violent Deobandi syllabus] to establish even more Islamic faith schools and, while Muslim children are exempt from the same child protection laws that are afforded to every other UK child and while dismissed as "the work of the Devil" by the religious, surveys that conclude that Christian and Muslim children are less altruistic than the children of atheists are no surprise to non-religious believers of God.

Jewish leader; "Illegal faith schools pose no physical threat to children."

It is partly due to the UK's theocratic support of the Catholic Church, that the Vatican Bank has been allowed to remain outside of the jurisdiction of ALL global and Italian national banking legislation and although the Pope made moves in April 2015 to legitimise the bank within Italian national banking legislation, he refuses to reform it to comply with international banking legislation. This means that the Vatican Bank remains free to deal with international drug dealers, terrorist groups and money launderers and as such, any other bank that has dealings with the Vatican Bank [such as the Rothschild's banks], can also potentially benefit from the international legal protection that the Vatican Bank offers.

When you factor-in that David Cameron's family ran the HSBC bank - another bank that services international drug dealers, terrorist groups and money launderers, you see one more reason why the UK must remain a theocracy.

When David Cameron claimed to be a direct descendent of Moses and says; "I'm just continuing God's work", he proved that the UK is still a theocracy and that his contradictory religious beliefs [logic dictates that a God who created everything can not also have needs, dependencies and vulnerabilities so can not be threatened] were central to his remit as the UK's Prime Minister. With the UK's Prime Minister making such statements and bringing a 'God' who can be threatened by 'sin' [or by anything] into his work, he himself nullifies all arguments against the UK's political status being that of a theocracy, while confirming that he is religiously deluded.

With David Cameron and ISIS' leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi both claiming to descend from prophets, religious-oriented violence on the part of both men will go on until the shared lie of all the world's religions is finally killed-off. Further to this, if the West had not oppressed the people of Arabia by installing and supporting anti-democratic dictators during the last century, the misguided Arab 'Spring' that failed to address their dictator's Western support and that enabled the launch of ISIS would never have happened. Through all of this, the world is now reaping from years of corrupt, oppressive, and hypocritical Western and foreign policy.

ISIS leader was radicalised by decades of Western oppression against Muslims
PA Video 1400 year-old political history of Islam in 5 minutes

To ISIS and other Islamic-oriented terrorist groups, the UK electorate voting to maintain a theocracy while empowering a man who believes that he is a direct descendant of Moses and who is "just continuing God's work", is like a red flag to a bull and incidentally, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is now decentralising ISIS to make it smarter, faster and more effective [something UK voters refuse to do with their own system of governance] and, a decentralised ISIS that uses both bombs and philosophy will only be defeated by philosophy [NEVER by violence - even if in self-defence] and, this will ensure that the West's 'strategy' of bombs only, is guaranteed to fail - especially when you factor-in domestic terrorists who UK Prime Ministers obviously can't bomb.

The hypocrisy of Christian MPs in the West's last-remaining theocracy voting for violence over diplomacy is so overt, that it is missed by voters who have been deluded into believing that the UK is a representative democracy. The fact that Jesus [who they say they follow] would never use violence in any circumstances is somehow irrelevant to them because. Their actions show their true beliefs and, that they therefore do NOT follow Jesus.

If they did. why ever have a war vote at any point in time?

The ONLY way to end religious-oriented terrorism is for the world's religions to reform in-alignment with the truth of the nature of a creator God and, the reason for why the moderately-religious will never defeat religious-oriented terrorists is because both follow the doctrine of a God who has needs. However, the leaders and followers of ALL religions have decided that instead of reforming their contradictory doctrine, the world will continue to endure their hypocrisy, and any associated terror and violence instead.

While Prime Ministers and Presidents of non-theocracies talk of "legal" and "ethical" principals [non-religious principals], David Cameron and others spoke of "moral" principals [religious principals]. For example; regarding Europe's refugee crisis [inflamed by US, UK and French 'intervention' in Syria since 2012], foreign politicians spoke of their nation's legal/ethical obligations, while David Cameron spoke of the UK's moral obligations and, it is worth noting that through his 'moral' obligations, the UK takes less refugees than any other nation and that he, UKip members, and the BBC spoke of an "immigration crisis" and not of a "refugee crisis".

The Christian church has permanent unelected seats for its clergy in the House of Lords and, the church's protocols run throughout the whole of Westminster Palace - including the procedural protocols in the House of Commons. The political influence of the Christian church is the ONLY reason for why political representatives [and not just religious representatives] have to place prayer cards in their seats in the House of Commons every morning - something not done in Europe or the US where the dangers of theocracy have been experienced, and then outlawed. Theocracy is the only established format of government to be outlawed in the West and the US and as such, religiously-oriented political parties with a theocratic manifesto or reform proposal will not be accepted by the electoral commissions within these countries but, they will be accepted by the UK Electoral Commission.

In countries that have outlawed theocracy, civil servants who apply their personal religious beliefs in their jobs are jailed for doing so because, theocratic policies are literally criminal policies.

As the rest of the Western world moves forward with the recognition that a specific religious theology can be great for just one group of individuals but terrible for country-wide political and legal systems that aim to cater without discrimination, UK voters reject true democracy and continue electing people who [in our direct experience] are at best, religiously-deluded [and therefore very dangerous at this time], void of creative thinking and, lacking any training in problem solving. David Cameron had only ever had one other job [and so not much work or people experience] and, he admitted to having no ideals [and so bombs the ideals of others because he doesn't get the language]. The imperialist UK parliament is completely out of its depth with issues of religion and terrorism and, it is our direct experience since 2008 that ALL MPs, party leaders, Prime Ministers and Presidents of any country ONLY implement a solution into law if it doesn't compromise them, their party, or their religion in any way.

PA anti-terror strategy ignored by freely-elected MPs who cripple intelligence agencies
Army and MI6 confirm Cameron co-created ISIS, is out of depth, and is lacking ideals, integrity and respect
Tory Lord confirms Cameron's hypocrisy; not 'hard-working' and has no beliefs!
Budgets were determined by Cameron's personal ego!

It is obvious to anyone who questions that bombs and ideals exist in different dimensions and therefore, that a new philosophy is needed - not a new weapon. However, with David Cameron's own admission about not having any ideals and with Western MPs tanked-up on religious delusion and forever in denial about the results of their own policies, they are simply not able to admit that since the first war against Iraq, they got it wrong - very wrong. Their denial of this aspect combined with the UK's continued rejection of true and direct democracy will ensure that this mismanaged and now neglected cycle will expand and if it does, only terrorists [who use both bombs and philosophy] can win such a war [it's basic strategy to go to work with the right tools].

With UK 'leaders' and ISIS persecuting the same people, the alliance between both is never more obvious and the ONLY choice that the combination of UK foreign policy and ISIS' domestic policy leaves people is to be ruled by terror, to become terror, or to become a refugee.

For example; Your children have been deliberately left vulnerable to on-line abuse from bullies, sexual criminals, and terror groups since our UNICEF-backed, non-surveillance solution for preventing on-line abuse and terrorism was submitted and blocked in 2013 by David Cameron and Patrick Rock [his close friend of over twenty years and unelected Deputy Head of Government Policy who was implementing an inferior web filter system but, who was also arrested six months later and charged with paedophilia]. Although no reason was ever supplied by David Cameron as to why him and his [now convicted] paedophile friend blocked Inet Protect, we assume that he feared breaking the mainstream media blackout against the PA by giving one of our solutions a place in law and, that he also has no desire to implement anything that could restrict or eradicate untargeted, out of context, mass surveillance and intelligence collection - which [as confirmed by Edward Snowden] he was giving to the American NSA when he secretly leased GCHQ to them in 2010. Your children's protection against some of the most dangerous people on this planet doesn't even come last - it doesn't feature anywhere on any PM's list of priorities and, why would it when the UK electorate continually demonstrates that prioritising child welfare [along with the environment] won't get their vote, and MPs their 'power'? With the electorate and politicians pandering to each other, it becomes clear that this is a like attracts like scenario [hence the mass denial about being the first mainland culture in the world to normalise child abuse and, the lack of will to take any responsibility and to reform it].

Since 2001, we have believed that the grooming and sexual abuse of underage non-Muslim girls committed by Muslim gangs in the UK is a form of religious-oriented extremism and, we believe that David Cameron choose to appease Islam instead of protecting young girls because he didn't have the courage and mental capacity that is required to deal with this issue. Instead, he and other politicians continue to perceive and to sell this issue to voters as an issue of race [genetics], when it is clearly an issue of religion [philosophy] and through this alone, politicians demonstrate that they are so out of their depth.

For many reasons, we believe that MI5 [specifically] would have informed David Cameron about this particular form of Islamic terrorism as soon as he took office in 2010 and, we believe that they were ignored about this.

Islamic child rape gang members shout "Allahu Akbar" in court as they are jailed
Whistle-blowers who exposed Trojan Horse plot exposed [betrayed] by unelected PM May

God gave the world a plant that if used now on a global scale, can end global deforestation while providing paper, tissue, food, fabric, fuel for vehicles, plastic polymers [instead of plastic made from oil] and, over five thousand known medicinal cures but, it is outlawed for 'moral' reasons by those who are freely-elected by the people who despite all of the evidence, continue to delude themselves into believing that politicians are problem solvers.

Politics is an industry, policies are the products, MPs steal and re-sell them, government scientists and advisors are for show and problem solvers are locked-out. Unlike all other industries that have undergone reforms and made compromises due to automation, the UK's hypocritical parliament refuses and so by default, it now restricts the potential for ALL UK industries because, the parliament is the institution that decides exclusively upon the laws that industries must adhere to. If UK voters were being honest about wanting a stronger economy and more social freedom, they wouldn't vote for mechanisms that do the opposite and they would ONLY vote for true and direct democracy.

At worst, the UK's so-called 'representatives' are a mix of proven and suspected child abusers, fixers, thieves and wholesale liars who are members of the world's first ever political establishment to be historically investigated for child abuse and associated cover-ups. However, on the 7th of May 2015, UK voters freely chose to reject true and direct democracy [for the second general election running] and to instead re-empower those under investigation for such crimes and it is this combined action that made the UK the first mainland culture in the world to normalise child abuse and separately, the first culture to refuse true democracy.

As well as kicking another dent in any chance of coming close to true/Greek democracy [rule of the people], all of this demonstrates that the UK's Christian theocracy is highly discriminatory towards Atheists, non-Christians, and non-religious believers of God, that religious and political systems act as one when control is shared through a hybrid disguised as 'representative democracy' and, how the Christian church has quietly manoeuvred itself into the shadows so that Parliament [the Christian church's now mostly-Jewish political wing] can continue deceiving the world into believing that the UK is a democracy and, that its governments have opposition to keep the Parliament in balance. The UK electorate has bought into an illusion and its continued refusal to question, combined with its voting behaviour is making this illusion a reality.

The reason for why political agendas don't change when a UK government is replaced by a so-called 'rival' party is because in a theocracy, voters aren't voting for socio-political principals [ethics] but are instead actually voting for religious-oriented principals [morals]. No one gets to run the UK without at least the approval of the Rothschild family [whose multi-generational agendas, businesses and lives primarily revolve around protecting the Jewish agenda] and, being that Labour are now also conservative [since 1997], the vote is now simply between one Jew or another Jew and is no longer between left and right [Former Conservative PM David Cameron and former Labour leader Ed Miliband are both Jews and Ed's replacement will also be a Judaic-Christian]. This means that either way, the Rothschilds, other shadow governments, their fellow industrialists and associated lobbyists [always Judaic-Christians] with cash to burn, MPs to bribe and an environment to destroy always win and, that the UK remains a Christian theocracy that has NO chance of becoming a true democracy.

Cameron is Blair's secret prodigy
Blair shares templates with Cameron
Void Cameron's template addiction gaining traction

Through Google's undemocratic Judaic-oriented interference, Labour and the Conservatives have been united through Judaism for decades and, that both parties have worked as one since the late 1970's with US corporates so as to deliberately destroy the NHS through de-skilling it. It is no 'coincidence' that Western politicians, their Rothschild and Rockefeller masters, their media CEOs and the tech company CEO's are ALL Jewish and, that Western political systems are an off-shoot of Judaism.

Labour and Conservative's joint secret agenda for US corporate takeover of the NHS
Tory Minister doesn't make a move without the blessing of homophobic Christian sect
Google - now an intelligence agency with a Judaic remit

This same architecture also exists in the US so in reality, both the US and the UK are single-party states but in complete hypocrisy, the US and UK governments [in ever-more desperate attempts to float anti-Russian propaganda] have created and pushed [via their media] the term Putinism - to be used to define any single-party state. This is raw brainwashing coming from the top and, as a joint effort between two nations collaborating against their own people and others.

Atheists in the UK who believe that religion doesn't affect them also believe that the UK is a representative democracy and, that the UK is secular. This confirms that the religious conditioning and political manipulation run so deep that even the Atheists fall for it - just as they have fallen for the lie about religion and God being one. God existed before religion and it is because God existed before religion that it is entirely possible to believe in God without believing in the man-made, fear-based scribbles of contradiction but, it is NOT possible to believe in religion while believing in a creator God that has no needs, dependencies, vulnerabilities or requirements and, it is only possible to believe in the man-made God of contradiction and punishment through religion because this is where this so-called 'God' was created. God created man [not religion] and unfortunately, man created religion [as per free will].

Mainstream 'scientific' authors contaminate own study by fusing God and religion into one

Religion set-out to bring us the answers to the big questions but after thousands of years [and even though given a monopoly on all issues Godly], all it has brought us is a so-called 'God' of violence and retribution, threats, fears, lies, propaganda [the Catholic church admitted in the 1960's that it secretly implemented the campaign that lied about Mary Magdalene being a prostitute purely because it feared that her writings about Jesus Christ would conflict with theirs], intolerance, division, violence, war, judgement and an environment that is so abused by those who are told that their 'God' needs them to breed infinitely [while also being told that they are superior to animals and plants], that the next mass extinction [confirmed and forecast by NASA, National Geographic and others but blocked by the mainstream media] has already been confirmed as underway. Recent methane release and human extinction in 2030 was confirmed during 2012-2014 by many global institutions and, all reports and forecasts published by these organisations have been blocked [along with the PA] by the entire Western mainstream media. The only climate forecasts published by the Western MSM are those which do not factor-in current methane release and it's associated self-reinforcing feedback loops and so are inaccurate and misleading and as far as we know, many are simply not aware of methane release [and so are incompetent], while others who are aware have government-led agendas to fulfil.

PA Video All animals except for 'superior' humans can be empathic towards ALL other animals

There is currently no rapture, no Armageddon, no return of the Christ, or nothing else that the 'prophets' of a needy God have foretold but, there is though methane release caused by human industrial activity leading to mass extinction in 2030 and, all of it caused by free will and none of it caused by God. Incidentally, the Catholic church is one of the biggest investors in Rothschild's banks and gold and in the Rockefeller oil cartel and their fellow Christians at the Church of England [Justin Welby and others who worked for foreign oil and mineral wealth companies] have been busy pillaging Africa!

The majority of people on this planet believing in a man-made religion and its creator 'God' who somehow also has needs, dependencies, vulnerabilities and requirements is mass global hypocrisy [logic alone demonstrates this]. Turning any related notions into Common Law [because our deluded Christian 'leaders' believe that Heaven has rules] is mass global stupidity. Methane release and human extinction in 2030 is already underway and God had no part in it [just as with Noah's floods] and the point of no return for this planet's natural environment is widely believed to be 2015 - which leaves a maximum of five years to reduce CO2 emissions to zero and to outlaw geoengineering projects [a major contributing factor]. Humans [not God] freely chose to re-elect the corrupt and to reject true democracy in 2015 so whatever the result, humans literally asked for it [not God]. This is why the many scientists who are now blocked by the mainstream media [and who are sometimes now threatened directly by the FBI and the oil lobby] refer to 2030 as voluntary human extinction - the solutions already exist but while the electorate insists upon rejecting true democracy, these solutions will never be implemented in time.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Church must separate from the state in the UK
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Scottish political independence needs approval from UK church
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Paxman explores the links between religion and politics
PA Video PA direct democracy video: State-sponsored, religious-influenced social engineering

The UK parliament consists of 650 elected members [House of Commons] + 830 unelected peers and bishops [House of Lords] and so, the UK is not a representative democracy by any measure and, it is only those who have limited legal and political insight and experience [if any at all] who believe that the UK is secular and as if Parliament's all-out support for the religions wasn't enough, 'educational' institutions [such as London Southbank University] now implement pro-religious oppression policies against students who are non-followers of religion.

PA direct democracy - Freedom from Religion

After defeating the Vikings, King Alfred used his unelected authority to define the basis of ALL English law specifically and only by consulting Moses' 10 Commandments. Today, the existence of the unelected bishops and peers in the House of Lords combined with the daily prayer sessions in the House of Commons confirms that the UK is still a theocracy and that all UK law still has Christian religious orientation. For example; a man who becomes a parent is NOT recognised as a father by law unless he was married to the mother at the time of conception. The name on the birth certificate has never been legal proof of paternity and despite the emotional and psychological harm caused to children who are lied to about their parentage and the damage this may cause them, it has never been a criminal offence for mothers to lie to their children about paternity, to lie on the birth certificate, to alienate the father or, even to kidnap the child [Parental Kidnap by the mother is only recognised as a crime if the parents were married].

It is the religions themselves who actually prove that their doctrine is fundamentally flawed

In all cultures, we debate moral issues without even acknowledging that there isn't actually a standardised moral code anywhere that we have all agreed to share and as such, we debate morals as 'facts' instead of as merely opinions. The reason for why this is so dangerous is because our Common Laws come from our morals [religious-influenced principals] instead of from our ethics [non-religious principals] and, all morals come ONLY from what the religious believe God wants from us. What we think God wants from us stems from our perception of the nature of God and so, if the religious perception of the nature of God is inaccurate and if most people on this planet follow a religion, this explains how the way that we live as 'God'-fearing humans is damaging to all life on this planet because, it is the religions themselves who actually confirm that their own perception of the nature of God is inaccurate;

If [as the religions state] God existed before everything, then it is not possible for God to then have needs of anything it created. Without realising this obvious logic, the religions have produced whole books listing God's needs, requirements, and punishments if we disobey and, we have defined our laws in accordance with them.

Our message:

If [as the religions state] God existed before everything then God has no needs
If God has no needs then God is vulnerable to nothing
If God is vulnerable to nothing then God can't be threatened
If God can't be threatened by anything then God has no purpose for laws
If God has no purpose for laws then we have free will
If we have free will then there is no punishment
If there is no punishment then there is no Hell
If there is no Hell then there is no evil or Devil

Religion wrong again; MRI confirms paedophiles are wired different, and so are NOT 'evil'
Study finds that religious so-called 'science' seriously impairs intellectual perception

If God has just one need then whatever it is, it must have existed before God did [for God to be dependent upon it] but, this would mean that God didn't create everything. This is a point of logic and so, if you [as a follower] continue to choose to empower what you have now seen is an illogical and contradictory doctrine that fears a 'God' who existed before everything yet who somehow also has needs and vulnerabilities, it will be because you consciously choose not to question the masculine-oriented religious conditioning that has consumed you [probably since birth] and if so, you make this choice in accordance with your fears but, with a God who has no needs, you have nothing to fear, nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Alex Romane - How religion breeds terrorism

Alex Romane [personal philosophies]

If you still believe that a God who existed before everything would punish anything for a reason other than need, then you are choosing to follow the doctrine of a 'God' who punishes purely out of desire and, when humans inflict pain on others purely out of personal desire, we label them as psychopathic. Such a 'God' would have less compassion than most humans do because most humans only punish their children because they believe that they need to - not because they desire to. Logically speaking, it can therefore only be undiagnosed psychopaths or those who don't have the courage to question, who would willingly respect the doctrine of such an overtly psychopathic and tyrannical 'God'.

Those who fight [in any context] in order to defend their God, do so purely to make themselves appear to be God's protector, which in-turn makes them appear God-like but, these egomaniacs miss that anything that can't be threatened by anything [because it existed before everything and so has no needs, dependencies or vulnerabilities], does not need to be defended from anything.

The logic above clearly demonstrates that a creator God loves ALL of us always, without conditions and, regardless of our behaviour and, it also confirms that David Cameron and other men of violence who state they are "continuing God's work" are deluded because, a God who has no needs and who has therefore given us free will simply has no work to do. No one is called by God to do anything and, beliefs of this nature confirm religious delusion brought-about through notions of self-importance. Through our use of free will, the conditions on this planet are decided by us [not God] and so from God's perspective, nothing is going wrong and there is nothing to fix [God has no work to do].

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Anonymous does the world a favour by silencing Westboro Church's wrath

If Jesus did exist, he didn't die for anyone's 'sins' and died only for up-holding his policy of non-violence [even in self defence], while being abandoned by the people who left him to his persecutors - he died because of 'sin', not for it.

"The Atheist who drives an eco-friendly vehicle, works for the community, harms no one and doesn't eat other animals will be condemned by those who drive to their churches in CO2-emitting vehicles and who work for a weapons manufacturer - harming others, and who also eat animals. Before quitting religion and as a member of a Christian fellowship movement during my childhood in Somerset - where most of the members worked at Westlands GKN, I witnessed this for years on a daily basis. Motivated by fear and in their rush to score their way into Heaven, the self-righteous hypocrites of religion are killing what God gave to all."
- Alex Romane

Since 2009, we have continually invited scholars from all religions to justify [or even reason] their contradictory perception of the nature of God by amending the logic above and while all have attacked us for "doing the Devil's work" etc, none have been able to disagree with it [and therefore to amend it]. We feel that this reaction in itself demonstrates deeply-ingrained and inherent corruption and so until the religions can explain their fundamental contradiction as to how it is that their 'God' who created everything can then also have any needs, vulnerabilities and requirements of us or of anything, we feel that such a corrupt and dangerous belief system should be kept as far away from the mechanics of Common Law as possible. Pope Benedict had himself stated many times that; "Christian moral values under-pin every Western democracy." and unfortunately, he was correct.

Being that so-called spiritual 'leaders' from ALL faiths have continually failed to demonstrate to anyone how a God who existed before everything can also have needs and vulnerabilities, we therefore challenge any follower of Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Islam and any of their off-shoots to demonstrate this to us instead. Upon being shown how a God who existed before everything can also have needs and vulnerabilities and therefore laws, we will immediately amend the contents of this page to reflect this and, Alex Romane will amend his eBook [published by the British Library] Direct Democracy and the Nature of God and, he will also come and work for your church, business, or family for a whole year completely free of charge.

We believe that there is just:

Humans, other animals, plants and the elements
Our mismanaged pain and its resulting expressed behaviour [what the religions call 'evil']
Guardian Angels
[human souls who choose with our agreement, to reincarnate with us in spirit form]
Nature Spirits
[spirit form guardians of plants and animals]
Discarnate post-death emotional fragments
[what the religions call 'evil' spirits]

We believe that when humans and animals die, the body, soul and emotions separate into three entities. The body goes into the ground, the soul returns to God but the emotional fragments [what the religions call 'ghosts', 'demons' and 'evil' spirits] often get stuck in between [the Astral] where until healed with love and without persecution, they remain lost and fearful - seeking comfort in both human and animal hosts [what the religions call 'possession'].

It is the violent, aggressive, demanding, uncompassionate, dispassionate, thoughtless, abusive, irresponsible, self-righteous, misguided, ego-oriented [and now trendy] act of the religious so-called 'exorcism' that actually interferes with the healing process of such entities and keeps them from being able to recycle because in our belief, such hurt and lost entities can ONLY be truly healed, blessed and cleared with courage, care and compassion [love] for both host and entity. We would also benefit if we were to treat abusive children in exactly the same way because, the more we reject and condemn such children [who are ALWAYS themselves victims of some form of abuse], the more hurt ['evil'] they will feel and the more abusively they will act.

Nigerian Christians STILL abuse children as 'witches'!

For those of you who as children grew-up [particularly in a religious family] and who were told that your birth was an accident or a mistake, we'd like to re-mind you that even if your birth was unplanned, no one is born by accident or born unwanted and that your parents would have known of the possible consequences of their choices that led to your conception prior to conceiving you. This means that regardless of anything they may ever have said, if they refused the choice [for whatever reason] to terminate - you were wanted. Now that you can see that you were actually wanted, you can choose to not let your parent's denial of their own previous choices affect you and you can focus on making sure that your own children only ever know how much you wanted them - even if they were unplanned.

Our true beliefs are expressed more in the actions we take than in the words we express so, if you were born - you were wanted.

Where there's prophet there's loss!

According to derivatives of the Qur'an, even the prophet Mohammed questioned the nature of his information and specifically, if he was deluded and so, why shouldn't his followers also question this too? When the so-called 'divine' information from the prophets of ALL religions speaks of a God who created everything yet who also has needs and requirements of humans, the information passed to all of the prophets was obviously corrupt and is highlighted by this massive contradiction.

‘Prophet’ gets eaten by lion while proving God had given man domain over the animals

Message to Islam; do not fear the discovery in Birmingham [UK] in 2015 of the Qur'an that may pre-date the existence of your prophet. Ultimately and if correct, all this would confirm is that Allah has no needs, not that Allah doesn't exist or that you have no beliefs. Remain as one but get your head around our 8 line message and question it deeply [line by line] so that you can find Allah through a new truth and, so that you can peacefully and positively repel any taunting from others. Stay firm and true in your friendships, relationships, and families and simply show the 8 line message to those who may attack you.

After all, if Jesus was the son of God [as the Christians state], Jesus would have understood more than anyone how his 'father' [a God who created everything] could not have any needs, dependencies, requirements or vulnerabilities and so could not be threatened by anything or anyone [meaning that the act of 'sin' doesn't exist]. Therefore, if Jesus was born into Judaism, he would have left it when he became aware because Judaism has never reformed in-line with this realisation [the scholars ignored Jesus and stuck to the out-dated, contradictory doctrine of Moses]. It is believed by many Jews, Christians, and Catholics that as a young teenager, Jesus had argued with the rabbis before disappearing until returning at around the age of thirty and if true, this heavily indicates that he was in conflict with Judaism over at least one core fundamental issue.

While failing to either amend our message or to reform in-line with it, the religions and their hypocritical, self-righteous spiritual leaders become transparent to all who care to see.

Fragments from world's oldest Qur'an may pre-date Muhammad
Scholars split by claim that Qur'an scrap rewrites story of Islam

The Qur'an is said to be the unadulterated word of God, 'tested' and confirmed by Islamic scholars, philosophers and scientists the world-over and, while Allah has some very strong things to say about those who put words in his mouth, you only have to read the statement referring to "tanks, planes and bombs" in recent Saudi government-published translations, to know that the text is being updated [twisted] by men for political gain, demonstrating that the Qur'an is not actually the word of God. It is also no coincidence that all of the 'prophets' and the authors and editors of their books were all men.

Bible text that prevented ordination of women was added later

Unreported by the mainstream media, David Cameron's unelected, self-appointed Saudi Royal family ally that beheads more civilians than ISIS ever could had 100,000 empty air-conditioned tents ready for Islamic worship. It's ruling King [who suffered from alzheimer's] refused to take a single Syrian Islamic refugee and in a blatant demonstration of religious hypocrisy, not one single Islamic country that David Cameron sold weapons took any Syrian refugees. Through this single act, the Saudi regime confirms that for them, religious worship is more important than caring for others - even others of the same religion!

BBC Silent: Cameron spends £100,000 on trip to honour unelected Saudi dictator
BBC Silent: Saudi prince detained in record drug bust in Lebanon
BBC Silent: Saudi declares ALL ATHEISTS ARE TERRORISTS in new law!
PA direct democracy media: Western support of dictatorships

Religion is simply a programme and just as with software programmes, bugs can either develop or can be an inherent over-sight and, the inherent bug in the programme of religion that its creators forgot to hide [that a creator God has no needs] in their rush to write their books of fear [their lifeblood] and control [their aim] has now been discovered and fixed so unless you can fault the fix, your only choice is between accepting it or remaining in conscious denial.

The Bible [Proverbs 22:6] regarding brain-washing; "Train a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it."

The logic in our message reveals everything that anyone would ever need to know about the nature of a God who created everything and fundamentally, it reveals how a God who created everything can not be concerned with our behaviour and can only be concerned with the essence of our souls [our well-being]. Human behaviour doesn't affect God and, we believe that this is why the religions don't want their followers to see the true nature of God and to be free from religious constraints and control and, for why [mis]representative governments protect them through manipulation of Common Law that affects us all - regardless of our beliefs.

You do not have to leave your religion so as to expand your perception of the nature of God. All you have to do is eliminate EVERYTHING that you ever read or hear that implies that God has any needs or vulnerabilities. If your religious 'leaders' [who apparently know more about God than you do] give you a hard time, simply ask them to amend the logic above [and therefore justify their doctrine of a 'God' who has needs] or, to leave you in peace with your own relationship with God - where they no longer have any influence.

Religious 'leaders' do NOT have a special connection to God;

If it was true that the 'experts' on God had a stronger connection to God than you do or, had more knowledge of God than you do, then why do they believe that a creator God has needs and, why can't they explain any of the other fundamentals such as; why God gives followers an order to breed infinitely - while giving this planet a fixed amount of recyclable water for them to live on or, why God alerted Noah as to why he needed to build an arc, but would not alert him to the direction of dry land. How exactly did ten million animals fit into such a small craft and, how did the penguins survive the trek from Antarctica to Arabia? If humans are superior to animals and plants [as both Judaism and Islam state], why will they face extinction four years after bees die-out? If humans are superior to animals and plants, why do we depend upon them, while not one of them depends upon us?

On June 8th 2014 the Pope gathered Palestinian and Israeli representatives in Rome to pray for peace in the Middle East - weeks later there was war. Solutions for human conflicts can only come from humans because it is humans alone who create such conflicts and so in the eyes of a God who has no vulnerabilities and therefore no use for laws and so no need to punish [leaving us with free will], there is nothing going wrong on Earth because all that happens on earth is the result of choices made by humans using their free will - your 'acts of God' are simply the results of nature being nature and are NOT willed by God!

The Catholic Pope who prayed for peace and then got war has already revealed himself by confirming that he believes in the use of violence and by confirming that he believes that wife beaters are justified in using violence and in doing so, he demonstrates that he doesn't actually believe in Jesus at all. It was the Catholic Church that took money from brutal Italian dictator Mussolini in return for supporting and blessing his fascist government and this capital has enabled it to invest in corruption to this day. It is one of the richest organisations on the planet and the Catholic Church has so far invested with the Rothschild's banks, Hambros Bank, Credit Suisse, Zurich Bank, Morgan Bank, Chase-Manhattan Bank, First National Bank of New York, Bankers Trust Company to name a few. It has shares currently worth more than $500 M in corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, TWA and others while its assets include a massive global property folio and the world's largest collection of art. It is the biggest wealth accumulator and owner of property in existence and owns more material wealth than any other institution, corporation, bank, trust or government. It also has a fund set-aside specifically for compensation pay-outs to victims of past abuse - which for decades it denied was happening while it quietly relocated guilty priests to other diocese and, its previous leader was affiliated to Nazi groups in Germany. All of this confirms that the Catholic Church is anti-Islamic, anti-Palestinian, and anti-democratic and in the 1960's, the Vatican quietly admitted that the church had created the propaganda about Mary Magdalene being a prostitute purely to diminish her importance in Jesus' life.

In accordance with the personal desires of the West's freely-elected 'leaders', the Vatican Bank is the only bank in the world to be exempt from all national and global banking legislation and by working with other banks [such as the Rothschild's banks], other banks are able to benefit from the legal protection offered by the Vatican Bank. It was only in April 2015 that the Pope offered to open the bank to Italian banking legislation - while still protecting it from international banking legislation.

Pope proves paedophile abuse cover-up by refusing to deny or confirm what he knew
Sexual abuse of deaf orphans in Pope's own backyard continued for decades
Pope's claim to 'clean-up' church bank was completely empty
Holy s**t! Auditors close 5,000 dodgy bank accounts at God's bank!
To maintain the numbers, Pope changes God's mind about contraception
NO ROOM AT THE INN! The people of God call to block refugees in the most desperate need

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Catholic Church now well and truly lost its authority
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Sex abuse within Catholic Church silenced

Alex sends his 8-line message about the nature of a creator God to the Dalai Lama and Deepak Shopra [who read Alex's eBook about true democracy and God in 2010] to ask the Dalai why he encourages the world to pray to God to fix human-created problems and also, to ask him how many more reincarnations he will need before he sees that there is no such thing as 'evil'. Within days, the Dalai started publishing articles and giving interviews about why praying to God to fix human-created problems is futile and, he also offered to close down his ministries and his religion. However [and as with all celebrity plagiarists], the Dalai never mentioned anything about Alex, his true democracy party, or his eBook and, he was also aware that Alex and the PA have been enduring a mainstream media blackout since 2010.

It will only be after expanding their current perception of God that the religions will be able to make peace with each other because until then, the doctrine of ALL religions remains deeply corrupt and, this unanswered corruption is the reason for why the religions create more disunity, pain and fear on this planet than any 'devil' ever could. The Qur'an itself states that philosophically, Muslims, Christians and Jews are one but, they are all connected in a much more tangible way too because Mohammed believed in the angel Gabriel, Moses, and Jesus so technically, Islam is an off-shoot of Judaism.

The irresponsibility and arrogance of the religious moderates and spiritual 'leaders' and 'scholars' who refuse to accept that a God who created everything has no needs, is fuelling extremist terrorism everywhere. Their corrupt doctrine has NOT been hijacked - it has simply been expanded upon by the extremists. Everything both the Islamic moderates and extremist believe, follow, practice and spread comes from the Qur'an. Therefore, it is a book of conflict - not a book of peace.

PA Video The People v Muhammed [banned in Islamic states]

It is the religious moderates' belief in a creator God who has needs and requirements that is the root of all distortions cited by ALL religious extremists and terrorists and so, the doctrine of the moderates IS responsible for encouraging religious-oriented terrorism but, only because the moderates refuse to acknowledge that a God who created everything has no needs. The solution for ending anti-Western religious-oriented terrorism is to shape our foreign policy around how we ourselves would expect to be treated, while re-educating the religious extremists about how God doesn't need for them to do anything - especially to kill anyone. While the 'God'-fearing [not God-loving] moderates refuse to accept that God has no needs, they will never take responsibility and the world will continue to suffer at the mercy of a corrupt and unquestioned doctrine.

For example; when moderate Muslims tell us that they ignore instructions within the Qur'an that they don't agree with [such as the instruction to submit to their husband's sexual demands at any time or the instruction to perceive non-Muslims as being less than pigs] and then don't question these parts with others [and so don't bring-about reform], they confirm this point.

Islamic law wins over Common law as Pakistan continues with child marriages

Not one Muslim we've ever spoken with about such statements [including PA colleagues, and imams] has ever agreed with them but, all say that they fear retribution and persecution from other Muslims if they disclose their true feelings about this and, they state that outsiders [such as David Cameron who was in denial of the existence of these statements and who pretend that Islam is purely moderate], assists only the extremists.

Regarding social integration, Muslims and others will never be able to integrate into UK society or to accept the UK's so-called 'democracy' until there are imams in the House of Lords [alongside the existing Judaic bishops] because, the UK is a religious state and is NOT a secular representative democracy. Obviously, the most powerful aid to social integration in any culture will always be true democracy, where all people regardless of their race, religion, or any other social aspect have an equal share in the implementation of all laws.

Western politicians who lack philosophy and ideals are out of their depth and immersed in hypocrisy and so can NEVER deliver a solution to deal with Islamic extremism.

Distinguished by its right-wing, ultra-conservative beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours, ISIS is simply a new strain of Islam that has expanded upon core Islamic doctrine but, so also is the Saudi regime that David Cameron, Barack Obama, and their MSM tell us are our friends. Traditionally, ALL factions of Islam deny that the others are Islamic but according to the Qur'an, the minimum that is required in order to be recognised as a Muslim by Allah is that the book is read to the best of the readers' own ability and, that the five pillars of Islam are adhered to. Interestingly, while fewer and fewer UK Muslims pray five times a day, ISIS fully adheres to ALL pillars.

To summarise; The moderates and appeasers simply ignore the extremes instead of challenging them and while Muslims refuse to even consider reforming the Qur'an so that it promotes equal rights for women [which would start by removing anything that allows for rape], it will continue to promote only disunity and so will never be compatible with any form of democracy [especially true democracy]. However, Moses [if he existed] was also pro-rape and the Jewish guide for rape lists multiple 'acceptable' scenarios, compared to the Qur'an's single listed scenario.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: How moderate Islam's propaganda and irresponsibility aids terrorism

The reason for why terrorist groups target civilian populations is not because civilians are soft targets [as governments constantly tell us] but is actually because ultimately, it is the civilian population [the majority] that is responsible for its country's system of governance. If a population chooses to leave all decisions to 'representatives' who they freely empower, then how are civilian populations not part-responsible for the causes of terrorism? This is also the philosophy behind why Western governments use sanctions against countries and this is why we also regard government-imposed sanctions placed upon any country to be a form of terrorism.

Only terrorist organisations are responsible for their actions and while their acts can never be justified, target populations are though ultimately responsible for the policies that their freely-elected governments implement. When ALL terrorism is targeted, this demonstrates that terrorists have specific motives and in our belief, dismissing any potential influences from any policies while simply accusing terrorists of being 'evil' removes any opportunity to end terrorism ourselves and leaves this with the terrorists instead [who are not looking to stop].

Dismissing terrorists as 'evil' [and not ill] enables manipulative, self-righteous MPs to deny responsibility and unlike the people, MPs have additional tax payer-funded security and don't have to use public transport and so, it is the people [usually the poor] who die for such policies - not them.

It is our absolute belief that religiously deluded and career-obsessed MPs, their foreign policy, their biased 'freedom of speech' policies, their biased mainstream media, and corrupt Jewish and Islamic doctrine are the biggest drivers of terrorist recruitment and causes [not evil] and, that.the solution to ending ALL anti-Western terrorism lies in adopting a domestic two-way integration philosophy, shaping foreign policy around how we ourselves expect to be treated, and educating the extremists of how religion has lied to them about the nature of God.

PA direct democracy proposal: Global Terrorism

The reason for why Rotherham Council and police ignored over 1400 known cases of child abuse over a sixteen year period is because the Home Office under both Labour and the Conservatives directly ordered them not to intervene because of the their concerns about social cohesion. In a cowardly act of inverted racism and appeasement, Islam was prioritised above the well-being and protection of children and the council and police chose to go along with it - completely breaking their sworn oaths to protect and to serve. By refusing to immediately resign his elected position, South Yorkshire Police Commissioner Shaun Wright [who also previously worked for Rotherham Council's child welfare and protection services] made England the first country in the world to be known for having a man who proliferated child abuse running a police force and, it is worth noting that there was no public protest against him from any of his officers.

For too long now and to such detriment, most of the world's cultures have given the religions a complete monopoly on defining anything and everything to do with where we come from spiritually - as if the religions [with their artistic, sexual, emotional, and political oppression] understand even the first thing about the nature of the human spirit! That very first thing is that we ALL have the ability to make our own choices [freedom] and therefore, that we are all already free and are all already using our own independent internal systems of self rule. People and circumstances may broaden, restrict or influence your choices but, no one can ever make a choice for you because regardless of the quality of any available choices in any given moment, you and ONLY you still have to make any choices. When you now factor-in that you will always have a minimum of at least two choices to make in any situation up until your death, you will see that for as long as you're alive, you will always be free.

- Freedom is the ability to make choices
- Power is the ability to broaden your choices by influencing people
- Reality [still undefined by scientist] is simply the sum of all that can be measured
- Democracy is rule of the people, not rule of the representatives

The religious are not the only people capable of forming and offering opinions regarding issues of the spirit and/or of God and fundamentally, their views are based only upon second-hand unquestioned beliefs and never upon anything measurable. In our belief, we are ALL from, with, and a part of [not apart from] a creator God who has no needs and who only has love [life]. If you question and explore [which is somehow of detriment to the religious 'God'], you will start to find your answers and what's more, you don't actually have to believe in the existence of any God and indeed, you are more likely to find the truth of the nature of God through questioning God's existence, as opposed to making any assumptions either way. It is not required by a creator God who has no needs that you believe in this God - there are no conditions, no rules, and so no punishments.

When a person or an organisation refuses to answer questions and to give accountability [such as our religions and governments routinely do], it demonstrates that even they themselves aren't sure about their own beliefs and, it is not by coincidence that some of the issues that are apparently "above you" [if you are religious] actually relate to issues of the soul and of the nature of a creator God because, the day that you real-ise that a creator God can not possibly have any needs or dependencies [and what the implications of this are] is the day that you break free of the control of a handful of scared, twisted and over-dressed men and start to redefine your own relationship with God. If [as the religions state] we are all from God, then even according to them, you already have your own independent relationship with God anyway so, why let them and their unaccountable corruption come between you and the God who has been with you since before religion came into your life? It's your choice [God has no needs].

Your thoughts, feelings, and actions can never be against a God who existed before everything and who therefore has no needs and so no vulnerabilities so, they can only be against the desires of the men who wrote the books of the religions.

Nothing can bring-about the extinction of human cultures faster than believing that a creator God who has no needs, also causes disease and environmental catastrophe as punishment because while the religious blame these things on God and 'sinners', they don't take responsibility for the actions that they themselves commit that are actually the cause for such destruction. Combine this with an attitude of having superiority over animals, plants, and other humans [as all religions do] and, then consider the Catholic and Islamic policy of infinite breeding [which is always successfully passed-off by deceitful right-wing and nationalist politicians as an 'immigration' issue], and you will see how and why the religions themselves are proliferating the destruction of God's gift to us and, it is not a coincidence that disease and environmental catastrophe will extinguish humans first - leaving the rest of nature to possibly survive and to restore itself after clearing the planet of selfish, self-righteous humans who treat this planet mostly as a testing ground for entry into Heaven.

In addition to this hyper-judgemental attitude, the complacent behaviour that is influenced by the belief in Christ's return further increases the rate of damage because, while the religious believe that God [through Jesus] will come and 'correct' the results of the freely-made choices of all humans, they [as the global majority] fail to take responsibility for the world's ills themselves and, being that Jesus isn't likely to interfere in the results of our free will even if he did return, wouldn't it be more prudent to step-up to the job ourselves and, before it's too late?

The deal was really simple; Look after nature and it will look after us. We have free will and because it's free, there are no conditions so what we do with it draws no judgement from God. Jesus is NOT returning to repeat the message that was ignored 2000 years ago [live in love instead of in fear] so, deal with it and take responsibility or die from methane release-oriented human extinction in 2030 - your choice. By stating that greed is oriented in 'evil' instead of oriented in fear, the religions have succeeded in deluding most of the world's unquestioning population away from seeing that fear is our only enemy.

Being that the majority of the world's people follow a religious doctrine that teaches them that God has needs and vulnerabilities, that only they are made in God's image, that they are superior to plants and animals, that plants and animals were created purely for their use and, that they must adhere to an infinite breeding policy, it is clear that those who refuse to question their doctrine are mostly responsible for the potential death of every living thing on this planet. If left unchallenged, the self-righteous who judge and condemn the Atheists and non-religious believers of God will turn this planet into what they themselves would call Hell but without this thinking and its related behaviour, this planet would be very much like what they would call Heaven.

If left unchallenged, religious hypocrisy and so-called 'representative' politics will kill ALL life on this planet.

PA direct democracy comment: Muslim Lib Dem blames council for his constituents' filthy habits
Species Recovery Trust: 421 beasts, birds, bugs and plants have already become extinct in the UK

This planet has so far tolerated us and has even warned us of the effects of such irresponsible and destructive behaviour [more so in recent years], yet humans are still choosing to listen to their religious and political 'leaders' over common sense, intuition [wisdom], science, logic and reasons. For example; After the storms that hit the UK in early 2014 that were caused by a shift in the jet stream that was brought-on by global warming, UK voters called for more flood defences [which is easy for politicians to pander to], instead of calling and voting to fix the cause of the problem [CO2 emissions]. Western cultures and their short-term governments have a global reputation for creating only sticky-tape solutions to deal with their problems but due to the government, BBC, Rupert Murdoch and the rest of the lamestream media, combined with a cultural lack of interest in social and political affairs, most people in the imperialistic UK aren't aware of this.

It is no coincidence that the end of human cultures on this planet is being brought-about by the unquestioning self-righteous, and not actually by the 'sinners' [as religious propaganda always dictates] and, while the world disputes the existence of CO2-influenced climate change, methane gases are undisputedly being released from within the melting ice caps at an ever-increasing rate and so regardless of rising sea levels and temperature rises, humans are only a few years away from experiencing an atmospheric-oriented extinction-level event anyway.

With an extinction rate of 50,000 species per year [200 per day - 300 by 2015] and when all food and medicine derives from animals and plants, it is obvious that humans will not survive even if climate change wasn't occurring. If we continue with our current attitude and behaviour, this planet will soon be rid of the ONLY species that is destroying it and, it is no coincidence that humans are the ONLY social group species on this planet not to use true and direct democracy. Denied by the religions who lie about the nature of God, direct democracy is God's way of doing politics and as with everything else within nature [such as Eco Capitalism], it works.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Result of 'representative' democracy is methane release and human extinction

If the unquestioning followers of religion want to vote on issues of Common Law in accordance with their belief systems [of any nature], they can do this by voting for direct democracy and by then applying their beliefs to their voting behaviour and if the majority electorate also vote as they do, all laws would be implemented through a truly democratic process [direct democracy] and so would therefore be in accordance with all PA democratic principals.

Religious PR and church marketing

To maintain the numbers, Pope changes God's mind about contraception

In February 2014, the Christian-oriented religious 'leaders' of the UK expressed their joint concern regarding the effects of the government's welfare reforms. They said that the policies were "immoral" and that they must be reviewed but, when the government was exposed in 2011 for running a shadow policy through the DWP to intentionally target and bully the most vulnerable claimants, not one clergyman at any level from any religion had a single word to say about the government's 'morals' and, the reason for their silence was simply because the people who were being targeted were such a small minority that they weren't worth crusading for.

Also not ever worthy of a mention by the 'moral' and self-righteous religions is how our current growth-oriented capitalist system contributes to killing the natural environment.

PA Video Enough Is Enough [full film]

The Eton and Cambridge-groomed head of the Church of England [Justin Welby] made hundreds of thousands of pounds working as an oil company executive for FTSE 100 group Enterprise Oil Plc [which exploits African mineral wealth] and, he is also a member of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards. He strongly opposes homosexuality and is on record saying that he has "neither the experience nor the desire" to lead the Church of England [which is exactly what he is now doing] and so now instead says; "I was unable to get away from a sense of God calling. I went kicking and screaming but I couldn't escape it." His place within the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards is further confirmation that the UK is still a theocracy and not a democracy [in any form].

Church care home drug scandal: Abused girls to sue new Archbishop

With the Church of England also being a capital investor and beneficiary of Wonga [the high-interest loan company whose target market is the poorest of the poor], it leads the way in the morality stakes but, all of the religions have much to answer for regarding the issue of 'morality' and ethics:

PA Video PA direct democracy video: CofE publicly boasted about competing with Wonga - while secretly funding it
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Wonga and quick cash firms enslaving the UK
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Wonga wins - rising costs in UK force millions to borrow

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Catholic Church now well and truly lost its authority
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Sex abuse within Catholic Church silenced
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Catholics use violence at Paris anti-gay marriage protest
PA Video PA direct democracy video: CofE votes against women bishops
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Islamic cleric admits to extortion and protection rackets
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Islamic Kabul's prison for innocent women
PA Video PA direct democracy video: US Conservative says rape is God's will

As previously mentioned, the Vatican Bank is the ONLY bank in the world to be exempt from ALL national and global banking legislation and motivated by PR, it was only in April 2015 that the Pope so gracefully offered to open the bank to Italian national banking legislation - while still protecting it from international banking legislation.

Since 2010, the policies below have been implemented by Parliament and in our opinion, they amount to nothing short of blatant and literal child abuse but, not one 'moral' religious 'leader' has ever said anything about a single one of these particular policies because, to succeed with their marketing plan they must choose to 'sell' their concern ONLY about issues that you know about or that directly affect you - en mass!

Children's privacy [headline news outside EU and US]
Children's legal rights to privacy - UK slammed by UNCRC
Children open to abuses of privacy and dignity at school
Spending for children's welfare slashed by 24% in Cameron's first budget
Policy that discriminates against the welfare of Muslim children
Cameron ending funding for child rape and assault victims [headline news outside EU and US]

Thankfully, Parliament and the religions continue to neglect the UK's army of 180,000 unsupported child carers [who don't vote and who are already conditioned to believe their parent's religion without question] and, the reason for why we are thankful is because judging by the policies above, any policy for dealing with this issue would probably be oriented around genocide at best - we are after all talking about the government that has repeatedly expressed its belief that only some children are talented [and therefore worthy of full support].

When circumstances dictate, the opportunist religions will choose to publicly distance themselves from Parliament's 'immoralities' in an effort to increase their ratings but, if Parliament ever votes to declare war [the most terrible and unethical of all human acts], they will immediately bless the government because of course, a creator God who has no needs also happens to love violence and also likes to join-in and choose sides in human conflicts too! What an amazing coincidence that 'he' has always been on our side and so, as well as being pro-violence and discriminating, God is also a British nationalist who dabbles in international affairs - once apparently ordering a seriously deranged and religiously-deluded US president into war with Iraq and, being that Iraq is predominantly Islamic, we wonder what Allah would have to say about this other 'God' who apparently exists [even if only in the mind of George W. Bush]?

Up until the moment that Parliament actually votes to declare war, the same religious 'leaders' will publicly encourage the government to exhaust all possible diplomatic options and unfortunately [and due only to their deeply restricted and conservative thinking], Parliament and the religions believe that there is only a finite number of potential solutions for any problem and so, the resulting failure of any 'peace' talks will be a self-created insular 'reality' that they then place upon all of us because with your vote, this is what you ask for.

In complete hypocrisy, we teach our children that violence solves nothing while sending our adults to fight in wars [that the 'peaceful' religions support by standing by our governments] simply because our so-called 'representatives' continually fail to address the fears of both themselves and of others. They fail to see that the true motives of our 'enemies' are only ever fear and/or revenge [pain] and instead they see 'evil'. 'Evil' is a purely religious notion [its existence has not been established as a scientific fact] and without realising, our politicians project this religious notion of 'evil' upon others, making it their reality. Based upon this false reality, they then start wars without our permission and, they don't need our permission because they are religious and the UK is a theocracy.

This process of projection is exactly what happens when Christians believe that they 'see' the face of Jesus in a loaf of bread [for example], or when Muslims 'see' letters spelling-out the word Allah. Even children know that the letters and images that they may see in clouds are nothing more than mental projections [basic human [psychology].

Muslims view corporate logo upside-down while ignoring the bits they don't want to see, then take offence!

Incidentally, the reason for why the UK government continually refuses the Argentine requests to enter into dialogue regarding the Malvinas Islands [Falklands Islands] is because UK politicians lack the intelligence needed to justify or even reason UK ownership of these islands. Freely-elected UK politicians would rather send our troops to war than get around a table with those who we owe accountability too and in our opinion, this is an act of cowardice, arrogance and stupidity that costs the UK much integrity and can only be seen as insulting at best.

With direct democracy, our children can be protected from corrupt family law and from religious-influenced, state-administered social engineering.

PA direct democracy media: Social Engineering

It is no coincidence that various Christian and Islamic sects oppose the Internet stating that the 'Devil' resides at the centre - while they continue to use telephony [which is part of the Internet] and while they refuse to acknowledge that the Internet actually has no centre:

• Christian Tories attack on-line voting on false grounds

Direct democracy using the web and phone can liberate Common Law from religious law and they know it! In 2012, our 'democratic' parliament voted for discrimination through law against Atheists and non-religious believers of God by voting to criminalise criticism of religion, while also voting to criminalise causing offence. A man prosecuted for saying that Scientology was a "dangerous cult"? Another prosecuted for calling a police horse "gay"?

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Now a criminal offence to criticise or openly question religion
PA Video PA direct democracy video: UK prosecutions - now a crime to be offensive

We reiterate; denied by the religions who lie about the nature of God, humans are the ONLY social group species on this planet not using direct democracy. Direct democracy [being in-line with free will] is God's way of doing politics and as with everything else within nature [such as Eco Capitalism], it works.

Well done to 'Great' Britain's voters for throwing us back into the dark ages by continually voting for theocratic 'representatives' simply because they can't be bothered to take real social responsibility and to make their own decisions about the laws that dictate their own lives, instead preferring for a corrupt minority to continue to ruin the lives of the majority [which as a partisan voter, they stopped being a part of years ago] - and all while patting themselves on the back for being a responsible, 'God'-fearing member of the world's most dangerous and darkest imperialistic theocracy.

In any culture, linking Common Law to religious law would only ever be problematic because the common bug in the programmes of ALL religions is that they all state that God has needs and requirements of us [they each have a book that lists them] and that God is somehow dependent upon the behaviour and thoughts of humans but, logic shows that if as the religions state, God existed before anything [including religion] because God created everything, then God can not have any needs and can only have desires. On this basis, it is therefore not possible for God to be threatened or offended by anything because, a God that existed before anything would be dependent on nothing and therefore vulnerable to nothing.

The religions continue to lie about the nature of God and their unquestioning followers conform to ideas [morals] that are based upon this view of a punishing, demanding, jealous and weak God and, Common Law is then formed from these morals and so, it is the illogical and inaccurate religious perception of the nature of God that is responsible for all of the world's problems.

For example; with reference to humans not being 'allowed' to worship other entities, the [masculine-only oriented] Bible quotes God as saying; "...for I am a jealous God." and if this is true then this is an emotionally-vulnerable 'God' and so, either God is lying to men or men are lying about the nature of God because, logic dictates that anything that has no needs also has no vulnerabilities and therefore, can not be threatened by anything - especially an emotion. Furthermore, if this 'God' actually gets jealous, is there more than one God and, why has God not been able to conquer this simple human emotion - as many humans have?

With this in mind, why does God 'need' for Catholics and Muslims to breed with no regard for the planet's diminishing resources? Why does God 'need' for young boys to be mutilated [circumcised] against their will [Judaism and Islam]? Why does God 'need' for young girls to have their clitoris mutilated so that they never experience the pleasure of sex but only the pain of labour - whilst the men remain intact [Christianity]? Isn't this simply legalised child abuse? Why does God 'need' for only women to be covered [Islam]? Why does God 'need' for a Muslim wife to be beaten and raped if she refuses her husband's sexual demands [Qur'an verse 4:34 being just one hint of this]? Is this really acceptable to Muslim women? Why does God 'need' for a Christian woman to be enslaved into a forced marriage through rape, or to be stoned to death if [after her ordeal] she still refuses [Moses: Deuteronomy - Chapter 22]? Is this really acceptable to Christian women? If this behaviour is only of God's desire [and not out of need], then how is this a God of love and peace and, how is such a 'God' worthy of respect? Is such a 'God' actually only worshipped by undiagnosed psychopaths and cowards who refuse to question?

Aren't all of these 'needs' of God simply the twisted desires of men who fear women?

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Christianity - rape is not a 'sin'
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Christian female genital mutilation
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Christian female genital mutilation - in the UK!
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Islamic cleric - How to beat women PT1
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Islamic cleric - How to beat women PT2
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Islamic cleric - Women should obey or be punished PT1
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Islamic cleric - Women should obey or be punished PT2
PA Video PA direct democracy video: 16 year-old Afghan girl lashed by Muslim clerics

Conservative Christian Senator Richard Mourdock [and supported by Mitt Romney] actually stated that "When a woman gets raped - that this is God's intention." The Christian God who has no needs [because it existed before us or anything] desires that women get raped - and Christians worship this 'God' while judging and condemning others for not doing so?

Christianity and Islam both state that Jesus encouraged all to love all without discrimination - and then state that if we express love to another of the same sex [for example], we will be punished. Apparently, the omnipotent God will be affected in some fundamental way by this - even though both religions state that Jesus encouraged ONLY free, undiscriminating love!

Regarding homosexual relationships, all laws that aim to restrict or block the private sexual interactions and emotional interactions [through for example; the denial of the legal right to marry] are derived purely from the religious idea of 'sin'. The religions specifically state that homosexuality is bad for the body and bad for the soul and they say that this is because homosexuality is unnatural and is therefore also against God.

Regarding homosexuality being harmful to the body, homosexuality is an attitude/orientation and not an act in itself and therefore, can not on its own be assessed to be neither safe nor harmful. Regarding homosexuality being harmful to the soul, neither the religions nor science have yet to establish the existence of the soul and although research in quantum mechanics is currently getting closer to doing this than the religions ever will, it is still a belief and so, the effects of anything upon the soul can not be categorically stated by anyone because they can not [as yet] be measured. Hypothetically-speaking, what would be harmful to the soul and to the emotional mind is oppressing itself so as to conform to the judgements of others who are not even affected by the desires and acts of such a soul.

Within the confines of religious belief systems, it is obviously not necessary for the religious to require proof of the existence of the soul but, when logic can replace belief to the point that logic alone amounts to proof [such as for example; God having no needs if God created everything], a refusal of the religious to modify their belief systems is no more than a denial of obvious truths shown through logic alone.

It is known that Adolf Hitler was an artist and that he was brought-up by a staunchly Jewish uncle and, that this uncle used religious doctrine and violence to prevent Adolf from expressing himself through his art. It seems quite obvious that this oppression became part of the subconscious conditioning that shaped Adolf into the person who grew-up despising Jews so much, that he launched a war against them but, while historians and the religious blame Adolf Hitler alone for the 'evil' atrocities of World War Two, they omit to comment on the millions of German soldiers who all made an individual choice to adhere to Adolf's philosophy and conviction, and to do his dirty work for him.

With religious oppression of the soul's expression being the root cause of World War Two and, with this same oppression now aimed at others, the religions demonstrate that they actually understand very little about the nature of the soul, never mind the nature of a creator God who has no needs.

Regarding homosexuality being unnatural; everything that occurs or exists in this universe is natural because in this universe, everything that occurs or exists is a derivative of nature. Every 'synthetic' chemical is derived from something natural. Every 'unnatural' product is derived from nature. Humans are a derivative and are part of nature and so, regardless of how pretty or ugly, positive or negative any human expression or act may be, if it is expressed by humans [something that derives from nature], it is natural.

Regarding homosexuality being against God; half of this argument stems from homosexuality being unnatural [explained above] while the other half is oriented in conditioning people into believing that God has needs but, the religions state that God created everything and was already in existence before anything and if true, such a God would therefore be vulnerable to nothing and, nothing can threaten or be against anything that has no vulnerabilities.

The 'compassionate' and 'non-judgemental' predominant religions were the first to claim [early 1980's] that AIDS was a form of punishment from God for the 'sin' of homosexuality and if this was true, the religious God does not care for the deaths of women and children [collateral damage] because, AIDS does not discriminate such as the religions do.

Whilst many Christians say they are neutral regarding the judgement of homosexuality - claiming extremist Pastors such as Kevin Swanson do not represent modern-day Christianity, it is them who are in denial because as a Christian and whether they like it or not, the doctrine is strictly against homosexuality. These progressives are actually no-longer Christians but, in failing to re-cognise that we ALL have an on-going connection and relationship with God that exists outside of religion, they fail to see that it is Jesus who they now follow and NOT the Bible or Christianity and so, they still falsely consider themselves to be Christians.

While approx. 75% of the UK population claims to follow a faith, this is actually not true and the fact that 75% of the UK does NOT attend a church, mosque or temple on a weekly basis confirms this and, most marriages held in a church [for example] are not attended by regular Christians either - confirming that people either lie about following a faith or, simply don't understand that to follow a faith is to adhere to ALL of its fundamental rules and not just to the ones that suit. We would see the emergence of a new Christian off-shoot but, there is currently no new fundamental off-shoot from Christianity occurring anywhere in the world and, neither is their a return of their prophet.

The Bible does not state that women should never be ordained. This is a desire of Christian men - not a need of God's.

The world's predominant religions have never been known for their love of equal opportunity practices and in the UK, a man has to first secure rights of parental responsibility over his child before being able to secure rights of access because Christian-oriented UK law does not recognise a man as a father unless he was married [bound by a religious ceremony] to the mother at the time of conception [the name on the birth certificate has never been legal proof of paternity]. Perversely though, child support agencies, the police, the courts and all other state bodies do not have to give this right to a man or to recognise him as a father in law when they execute their tasks against him as a 'father' and, when asked about this by a BBC Question Time audience as recently as 2012, politicians [our so-called 'representatives'] from all parties maintained their refusal to debate the issue and, they also maintained their refusal to state a reason as for why they would not debate this issue.

The Qur'an does not state that women should have their faces covered. This is a desire of Islamic men - not a need of Allah's.

Honour killings are committed by the followers of various religions [not just by the followers of Islam] and even though the books of all religions forbid the taking of innocent life, Islamic Sharia Law however will argue that someone accused of dishonour is no longer innocent - especially if a woman or a homosexual. Even if done for social or political reasons, religion is always an influence and is always cited by those who kill their own.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Muslim daughter killed for looking at a boy!

The Qur'an also forbids forced marriage and so Muslims who ignore the teachings of their own book are no different to the non-believers who misguided Islamic Jihadists wish to kill. Forced marriages are committed for social, cultural or political reasons and not for religious reasons and so, a Muslim who kills for reasons of honour alone and a Muslim who enforces marriage upon anyone, is a Muslim who betrays Islam.

Both Islam and Judaism condemn abortion but, why would God need for the Catholics and the Christian pro-life extremists to be condemning and judging women who have chosen to do this? In many Catholic countries, the choice of a rape victim will often be over-ridden by religious law and she will be forced to give birth and, if a woman is in need of an abortion based upon medical grounds, she will be denied this and will instead have to endure the consequences - even if this means death!

On the 28th Oct. 2012, an Indian woman who was visiting Ireland suffered a miscarriage and was in need of an abortion to save her own life. A government-ran hospital refused and she subsequently died ten days later. She was not a Catholic, she was not Irish, the baby had already died - yet the 'democracy' of Ireland and its Catholicism murdered her - LAWFULLY!

PA Video PA direct democracy video: 'Democratic' Ireland and Catholic law kills woman

In their self-righteousness, the Catholics and extremist Christians are too busy judging and condemning to see that to be pro-life is to be pro-choice and again - if this behaviour is only of God's desire [and not out of need], then how is this a God of love and peace?

How is it that it is a crime to commit suicide, when the self-consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is accepted by some religions as well as by most societies and governments? Is this not actually state-assisted suicide? Are governments and corporates not encouraging us to kill ourselves and to pay for it in the process, whilst denying us this right ourselves? It is such that if we pay money for the right to kill ourselves by their means it is then legally and socially acceptable but, if we leave their products out of the equation, the same act then becomes a 'sin' - and therefore a crime.

In allowing motorists to poison the atmosphere for others, is this not state-sanctioned mass murder?

Whilst we have given ourselves the legal right to end the life of others through the act of abortion, it is in our opinion, perverse and hypocritical that we are denied the opportunity to take the same decision for ourselves - even more so if we want to consider endorsing capital punishment. Religious laws dictate to ALL that regardless of your opinion of the quality of your own life, you must endure and suffer without dignity until you die by other means. This is simply torture.

If this oppressive behaviour didn't occur within human culture, God would still exist and, when the Bible and the Qur'an both state to leave the judgement of others to God alone, who is truly Christian or Muslim anyway?

We believe that the right to decide the balance between quality of life and longevity of life lies only with each individual and, we simply do not believe that any person or law has the right to decide this for another.

Islam boasts of being the world's largest religion as if this was some kind of affirmation but, is it any wonder when its practitioners are taught when they are too young to question while being taught not to question - contradicting the Qur'an which encourages questioning and that states "To Allah do all questions return" and, when the indoctrination ensures that they out-breed all other religions? How many Muslims have actually made a conscious choice to become a Muslim, compared to those who have been conditioned as children? Isn't this why reverts to Islam are so respected within the Qur'an?

When the Qur'an states that Muslims must read the Qur'an to the best of their own ability and without interpretation from a 3rd party, how is any non-Arabic speaking British Muslim a Muslim if they are forced as children to learn the bulk of the Arabic Qur'an through an Imam's interpretation? Isn't this why British Islam is so out of sync with roots-Islam? It seems more important to the British Muslim to be able to recite the Qur'an in Arabic and to respect its physical casing, than to understand and respect its contents.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: 11-year old Muslim girls conditioned to murder Infidels
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Breeding hatred - Radical Islamic child conditioning PT1
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Breading hatred - Radical Islamic child conditioning PT2
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Breading hatred - Radical Islamic child conditioning PT3
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Islamic broadcaster explains Islamic conditioning

• UK Mother murdered her son for failing to learn the [Arabic] Qur'an [2012]

In moderate non-Sharia Islamic Arabia, a non-Muslim is welcomed into any mosque at any time to either pray, explore or to learn yet in the UK, British-born Muslims will tell you that only a Muslim can enter a mosque. Women can enter a mosque on any day yet in the UK, they are only allowed in to a mosque on Sundays. A Muslim will be revered for being in a relationship with a non-Muslim yet in the UK, both will be constantly abused by 'Muslims' [contradicting the Qur'an which encourages mixed-faith relationships, while stating that to be a true Muslim is to respect the Christians and the Jews as one with Islam].

Open letter to British Muslim men from an oppressed Muslim woman
MCGB says extremist murderer is a Muslim while Muslims who believe in new prophet are not

The Qur'an also respects the teachings of Christ and although the Bible states to Christians to respect all faiths and prophets, the Christians continue to demonise Islam.

For example; The notion that Mohammed was a paedophile is pure Christian demonisation and propaganda because according to the relevant derivatives of the Qur'an, Mohammed saw and identified that 6 year old Aisha would be his wife one day and, even though Mohammed would have been around 42 years old at this time, Mohammed expressed no sexual desires or sentiments towards her until she was an adult.

Aisha was 17 when they married and she remained in the family home for 3 years with the marriage not being consummated until she was around 20 years old.

Paedophilia is a behaviour that revolves specifically around the belief that it is acceptable for adults to engage in sexual interactions with children. No aspect of this belief was ever demonstrated by Mohammed and so, regardless of how inappropriate, unusual, unreasonable or unjustified a 42 year old man identifying a future wife in a 6 year old girl may be, Mohammed was by clinical definition, never a paedophile.

It is unfortunate for Islam that paedophiles who follow Islam also use this same propaganda so as to 'justify' having sexual interactions with children.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Islamic cleric using Islam as excuse for child abuse
PA Video PA direct democracy video: 12-year-old dies giving birth
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Islamic child brides
PA Video PA direct democracy video: The politics of child marriage

Another point of Christian propaganda [aimed at Rastafarianism] is when Christians depict Jesus as being white. The Bible itself describes Jesus very definitively as a black or Arabic man and not as a white man [why would he have been white if he came from the Mediterranean?] and, as Adam and Eve were supposedly the first humans on Earth [and therefore must have come from Africa], they clearly must have been black.

The Qur'an states that any Muslim who kills a non-combatant [of any faith or of no faith] will not gain entry in to Heaven. It states that it is only acceptable to kill another if they enter his land, home or mosque to kill him and/or his family. It states that Muslims must respect the laws of other cultures and must never impose their own laws and, that Muslims living in other cultures must never attack their host country. It's a shame that UK Islam continues to remain silent about this - refusing to remind those who have lost their way of the teachings of their own book. How can they if they don't understand the Qur'an themselves?

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Asghar Bukhari explains clash between UK policy and Islam
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Islamic preacher's desires are against the Qur'an
PA Video PA direct democracy video: "Law of the land can go to Hell" statement is un-Quranic
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Sharia courts already operate in UK
PA Video PA direct democracy video: A message from radical Islam
PA Video PA direct democracy video: More of 'peaceful' Islam
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Radical Muslims attack the public in London
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Radical Muslims want to take over the UK
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Sharia Law - Battlefield London
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Radical Muslims enforcing Sharia Law on UK streets
PA Video PA direct democracy video: London Sharia vigilantes condemned by Muslims
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Muslim rep. Keith Ellison - Extremists distort the Qur'an

Even the pro-government BBC is now sometimes questioning why the government is appeasing the Islamic hardliners who do not even follow their own book or the laws laid down by their own prophet.

What is so wrong within Islam that influences extremists to force Islam upon people [which is un-Quranic], instead of encouraging people to explore it [as the Qur'an requests]? Is the answer to this related to the answer to the question of why Allah reserves the worst punishments not for child rapists and child murderers [for example], but for those who express to anyone [which would by default always be critical] why they quit the religion? If so, we suspect that it wouldn't be a coincidence but instead, would be part of a strategy designed to mask a weakness or conflict within Islam itself and, that the extremist collective-psyche is aware of this and is in denial.

Countries where criticising Islam is punishable by death

If all religions were to ignore anything that implies that a creator God has needs of them [or of anything] within their respective books, then ALL of the world's religions would be expanded and therefore, closer to unity through a new understanding of a new God who has no need or desire to judge, condemn and punish but instead, simply wishes for you to know that this God does not need or desire for you to fear it because, this God only ever wants to be your friend - would you really like it if the ones you loved feared you?.

This God will never leave or reject you and will always only love you [be connected to you] regardless of what you do or don't do because this God is not and has never been separate to you [you are part of this God, not separate] and because, this God is concerned only for the essence [well-being] of your soul, and not for your behaviours [these things do not affect God, they affect us].

This God has no need for anyone to believe in it because this God created everything and so has no dependencies upon anything. It can not be threatened by anything that you or anything else, does or doesn't think. This God will never cause you pain or suffering because this God knows that pain causes more pain and, the non-existence of the 'Devil' and 'evil' [it is mismanaged fear and guilt that are the masters of disguise] means that the only 'Hell' that you can experience will be a self-induced, self-created, guilt-influenced state of mind experienced in accordance with your own free will and, when you realise that this is what you are experiencing and that God does not wish for you to suffer and wishes to heal you, you will choose to let go and then guess where you'll be?

To summarise by using a quote from Si [PA Research Officer]; "Hitler is in Heaven!"

When Islamic extremists in Syria [for example] murder their victims, they continuously call "Allah is great!" and, these are the same 'rebels' that David Cameron confirmed he was willing to break international law for so as to equip them with weapons with which to murder fellow Islamic Syrians - at UK tax payer expense.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Cameron's Syrian 'rebels' recruiting children
PA Video PA direct democracy video: FSA raping women and children - West media is silent
PA Video PA direct democracy video: 'Cleric' issues fatwa allowing FSA to rape children
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Fatwa issued - Pro-Gov. civilians now legitimate targets
PA Video PA direct democracy video: FSA seeking permission to kill women and children

• Cameron's 'rebels' get fatwa legitimising gang rape of pro-Assad women and children - BBC silent

It is due to corruptions against the Qur'an that many moderate Arabic Muslims consider their own radicals and British Islam to be extreme and out of touch - yet David Cameron continued to appease British Islamic Imams [along with George Galloway] - with at the same time also appeasing the zionist Jews and, it is no coincidence that the Israeli government houses only extremist Jews in settlements on land taken from Palestinian Muslims - it is a direct provocation. Furthermore, why is Israel supported in violating so many UN mandates [more than 350], when a non-Western supported government breaking just two UN mandates can be a 'justification' for Western military invasion [as with Iraq]?

Up until 2009, David Cameron's direct experience of Islam expanded to not much more than spending a night with a Muslim colleague of Alex's [when in former employment as a community centre manager]. The trouble was, this particular area was George Galloway's turf and, if George wasn't too busy shouting at Alex in the street to "Stay out of politics!" when they first met some time after David's visit, he may have learned something about true democracy but, when there are no cameras around, being pleasant isn't George's style and in just two minutes flat, the man who once 'owned' the entire US Senate [regarding Iraq] was doing a runner back into his car - along with his Muslim mafia who chipped-in with their own abuse when things got too much for George to handle.

George had admitted to Alex that he thought that "Direct democracy is the best way for the country to go!" adding "You could get rid of all us lot too." - until Alex explained that it could happen now by using telephony combined with the web and not as George thought - in fifty years time via the web alone. At which point he lost his rag and changed his mind about direct democracy and about Alex.

It seems that we can have what politicians themselves admit is best for us but, only when it doesn't compromise what's best for them. We guess that when it comes to hypocrisy-hating celeb politician George [who still can't disclose which religion he follows or doesn't follow for fear of alienating his voters], once a pussy, always a pussy.

We wonder which Muslims George will support regarding the establishment of the proposed super-mosque in London [funded by self-proclaimed extremists and, not wanted by London Muslims] and, how exactly did David Cameron expect for any degree of cross-cultural and cross-religious integration in UK society when he himself knew that faith schools are the primary cause of ALL social disunity, yet continues to encourage the development of even more faith schools and, all of them ran at tax payer expense? Our theocracy has ensured [through Common Law] that those of other religions or of no religion, will pay for the religious indoctrination of the children of religion, who will then later judge them for being a non-believer.

With direct democracy, we can choose to separate religion and its associated violence and corruption from politics and law-making.

It is not God who needs to oppress human behaviour, growth and expression. It is men - the same scared and twisted men of all religions who put words in God's mouth whilst ordering their followers to fear 'him' without question. In every culture, we base our Common Law on their illogical and inaccurate doctrine and then wonder why the world is not at peace.

Without realising, the religions themselves confirm that 'sin' does not exist:

Without realising, the religions themselves actually confirm how 'sin' does not exist because if [as they state] God created everything, then God has no needs. If God has no needs, then God is vulnerable to nothing. If God is vulnerable to nothing and so can not be threatened by anything, then God has no use for laws and so the concept of 'sin' can only be a lie.

If [as the Christians state] "Jesus died for our sins." and 'sins' don't actually exist, then this leaves that Jesus died because the Christians didn't attempt to rescue him from his Roman persecutors and if this is so, it is no wonder that those who 'follow' Christ lie about the existence of 'sin' and therefore also, the purpose of Jesus.

When we accept the logic that demonstrates how there is no such thing as 'sin', it will be only scared and twisted men who will be affected as they lose control of the freedom of others. It is these men alone who invented the concept of 'sin' [along with concepts such as 'evil', the 'Devil' and 'Hell'] and of course, natural human healing abilities based upon working with natural human energies are 'tools of the Devil' - despite Jesus being quoted in the Bible as saying; "This and more will you do." after performing a healing.

Without realising, the religions themselves confirm that God and the 'Devil' are in league:

Also without realising, the religions confirm that their God is actually in league with the 'Devil' because, if God decides who gains entry into Heaven or 'Hell' and the 'Devil' accepts God's rejections into his realm ['Hell'], then this is a mutual agreement in action because according to the religions, both entities are in control of their own domain. Furthermore, if heaven is only for the saintly, why does Heaven need rules?

SUMMARY - how ALL of the religions have misunderstood the nature of God:

While the religions continue to spread the propaganda that influences people to perceive that they are separate from God and therefore from each other, the world will continue to experience what they call 'evil'. God is concerned ONLY with the essence [well-being] of the soul and not for human behaviour and while the religions lie about our behaviour determining our entry into Heaven, people will continue to feel separate from God and, separation and isolation lead to feelings of rejection and then to illness and then to twisted thinking and then to twisted behaviours ['evil'].

What the religions call evil is simply mismanaged human fear and guilt [pain] - nothing more.

It is only religious philosophy that conditions its followers into believing that this life and this planet are merely testing grounds for point-scoring in Heaven and in our opinion, nothing could create a greater complacency towards the well-being of this planet. Combine this belief with the contradictory belief that nothing happens without God's will, then you have a recipe for complete complacency, personal irresponsibility and blatant hypocrisy and so even without polluting Common Law, the religions are of detriment to every living entity on this planet - including those who follow them.

Religious philosophy teaches that "Man has domain over the world and everything in it including the plants and animals." and so with this, the religious 'justify' eating animals - therefore ignoring their right to life because, what animal would actually choose to be eaten by humans? If religious philosophy had instead taught that man is the caretaker and not the proprietor of this domain, you can bet that it would have been within the rules of ALL religions not to eat animals or to destroy plants needlessly [hemp can be used for most things that tress are currently used for and hemp cultivation alone could end global deforestation].

Islam specifically states that "The animals are to be used as tools." - which is nothing less than a command to one species to enslave all of the others.

The truly horrific reasons for how and why the US keeps hemp banned around the world

Contradictions are signs that highlight to us when something isn't quite right and, choosing to ignore such blatant contradictions while following without question is what those of religion must do to make some 'sense' of religion but, this is self-delusion. Nothing incites fear and guilt more than the religions do - it is their lifeblood and, it is no coincidence that if we faced our inner-fears and let go of guilt, we would find that we have no enemies and that there is no such thing as 'evil'.

With regards to insulting prophets, Islamic clerics and the Grand Mufti of any Islamic nation will say themselves that it is not possible to offend Allah or his prophet, that Jihad is about fighting the evil [fear, guilt and pain] within and that no war is a holy war and that only peace is holy. When moderate Muslims ignores this message, they become in principal, no different to the men of violence who they say are hijacking their religion, who also use Islam as an excuse for aggression.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Islam executes a young mother - for verbal insult!

Muslims who ignore this message and who are motivated in their 'Jihad' by the prospect of receiving seventy two virgins upon entry into Heaven, are clearly motivated by sexual self-gratification over anything else [which is forbidden in the Qur'an - unless a wife is refusing her husband's sexual demands of course]. Also, there is no mention of the gender of these virgins [it is assumed by all that these virgins are women and this is highly reflective of masculine-only oriented doctrine] and, no mention of how a celestial virgin can even have sex in the first place [as he/she will have no physical body]?

Muslim men who lived in Islamic states and who now live in the UK still entitle themselves to multiple wives, even though the population imbalance that the Qur'an was addressing at the time of writing has now re-balanced [meaning that Islam is now in need of reform] but, Mormonism never even had any social excuse for polygamy in the first place and, if an American Mormon [such as Mit Romney] or, any type of Christian theocrat ever gets into the White House while the UK is still a theocracy, we will be back in the time of the Crusades with Christian soldiers once again invading Islamic lands in response to anti-Judaic Islamic uprisings, wars, and invasions.

2017; Trump breaks constitution to make US a theocracy

The Taliban has never invaded another country and, the Taliban has only ever gone to war with foreign invaders. Even now, the Taliban refuse to join Al'Qaeda's military Jihad against the West, saying that to do so would be un-Islamic - even though the domestic policies of these hypocrites are also completely against the Qur'an [as is most of Sharia Law which has no mention in the Qur'an because Sharia Law is based purely upon Islamic masculine interpretation of elements within the Qur'an]. Despite the statements and the actions of the self-righteous West, we will never see Taliban fighters on UK streets - they're too busy oppressing their women ad children with Sharia Law.

If after 9/11, we'd made allies out of the Afghan Taliban [being that they are strictly non-Jihadis] so as to capture Al'Qaeda's Osama Bin Laden, ISIS could have been stopped before it was even conceived. However, the opportunity that the US had long been waiting for [as part of the PNAC] that would allow a military intervention in Afghanistan so as to acquire its oil, instead became a revenge operation that masked a desire to acquire uranium because during its war with Afghanistan, the West's domestic energy requirements shifted over to nuclear and, Afghan mountains are rich in uranium.

Sharia does not exist in its own right within the Qur'an and, being that it was written as a derivative and, written only by men [just as the Bible was], it is obvious to us that Sharia is nothing more than a tool developed and used purely to control women and children and, not just to control Islamic women and children.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Sharia reality - Islam must reform
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Beheading of abused maid in Western-backed Saudi Arabia
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Taliban acid attack on girls - for going to school!
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Taliban rape, torture then execute woman victim for adultery

All religions state that we have free will, and then state that if we use it in a way that doesn't please God, we will be punished. This is conditional freedom [which doesn't exist] and so is therefore not free will at all.

All religions state that we have free will, and then state that everything happens in accordance with God's will, and so those who believe the latter part of this contradiction don't take responsibility.

Those of no religion who believe that we can't change the world simply fail to see how the actions of every human in every moment has always been shaping the world, and so they also don't take responsibility.

All religions state that we have free will, yet the contradictory notion of a Second Coming has encouraged complacency and irresponsibility within the religious because believing that a 3rd party will sort everything means that the world's fundamental problems don't get addressed by us. If God ever chose to interfere in such a way, then God would know that this interference would prevent us from learning of our mistakes and from growing and so in the long-run, such interference would be rendered useless.

For years, various Christian off-shoots used biblical 'evidence' to rant about how 2012 would be the year of judgement and the year that Jesus Christ would return to save the 'righteous ones'. Being that we all seemed to have 'miraculously' survived armageddon without repenting, how will these fine Christians now pass-off their self-delusion?

Sustainable solutions for problems within human cultures can only come from us humans because it is us who have created these problems and, with our own free will. Solutions handed to us from any 3rd party will at best, only be short-term solutions. On this basis, why pray to God to end conflicts?

The predominantly Christian West says Grace at the table before eating, thanking the lord for what they are about to receive, yet it is the Christian West that holds 80% of the world's wealth leaving the remaining 80% to survive on what's left. It is the Christian West that dies from obesity-related diseases while their freely-elected 'leaders' cause the deaths of up to 4,000 children a day through lack of drinking water alone and thousands more due to starvation.

During 2015, Tesco alone trashed over 1,000 tonnes of food every week

It is Western Jewish and Christian-owned companies [such as Monsanto] that lie about genetically modified food being the solution for the world's starving, while it actually increases starvation in countries where it grows its toxic crops.

• 5 million farmers sue Monsanto in $7.7 BN law suit
• Hungary destroys all Monsanto GMO corn fields

It is Monsanto that so-called 'philanthropist' and MSN founder Bill Gates promotes - while at the same time joining the Enough Food If anti-hunger campaign and it is Monsanto that President Obama has protected by signing into law a spending bill [early 2013] that states that the government must allow the planting of genetically modified crops even if courts rule they pose health risks.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Monsanto paid senator just $64,000 to fix law
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Lying Monsanto runs US Food, Drug and Agricultural policy

People die from starvation due to poor food distribution and wrecked environments and NOT due to lack of food. They are dying because of greed and, if Monsanto was interested in reducing world hunger and poverty, it would give up its goal of owning nature's genes and would at least do something akin to CFS and, it would stop creating poverty in the regions where it operates.

PA Video Independent video: CFS Campaign

It is now known that every year, half of the world's food is thrown away. In the UK, this amounts to food waste totaling approx. £480 M a year, which as an average is equivalent to £50 of food wasted per household every month.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Millions of tons of UK food needlessly wasted yearly

It is Western Jewish and Christian-owned companies such as Monsanto that are protected by the freely-elected 'leaders' from having their products tested before going to market. It is Monsanto that the freely-elected 'leaders' allow to patent aspects of nature [as if Monsanto itself created them], ensuring that no one can benefit unless Monsanto gets paid. Similar Western bio-research companies are now also fighting for the 'right' to patent human DNA, ensuring that cancer sufferers [for example] do not get cured unless these companies get paid - even if they have no direct hand in the sufferer's recovery.

It's also interesting how Christians actually ask the lord to "Make us truly grateful" during Grace, as if to acknowledge that they are not already grateful?

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PA Video PA direct democracy video: Obama rejects $77 BN natural solution for US economy
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Cannabis cars save the economy and environment

The state of the world and life on Earth is a direct result of us exercising our free will in every moment of our lives and this means that we have therefore chosen that the world will be the way that it is. Why would God not let us have what we have chosen – however dire?

Freedom is simply; the ability to make choices. Whilst we have this, we have power.

While those within Islam who are Sharia-compliant use their freedom to protest against having freedom with slogans such as "Freedom can go to Hell", they demonstrate that they do not understand what this freedom is that they protest against and, they fail to articulate that their resentment is actually towards how Western cultures use this freedom - which is the real issue for such people.

When the 'Great' British public continues empowering the BBC after learning of its protection of paedophiles, continues empowering Rupert Murdoch's News Corp media [The Sun, The Sun on Sunday, Sky etc] after News Corp were found guilty of committing the most profound violations of public trust [which even included violating the privacy and respect of a murdered schoolgirl], decides that it is okay [by not withdrawing custom] for HSBC to be funding Al'Qaeda and laundering drug money, and rejects true direct democracy [saying that they don't want the population to decide upon laws they don't agree with], what exactly is so great about 'Great' Britain other than its own delusions of greatness and, how is the UK population pro-democratic?

• PA direct democracy comment: No longer a PA conspiracy theory - the true nature of the BBC
• PA direct democracy comment: Al'Qaeda's bank [HSBC] in cocaine bust - no prosecutions!
• PA direct democracy comment: NOTW's Brooks gets £7 M pay-off - Murdoch is sorry for her criminal conduct?

The British people continue to vote with their money [as they did with continued spending at McDonald's AFTER it was disclosed in the 1980's that they were funding the IRA], and with their ballot in general elections for continued oppression and so with this in mind, why does the UK population complain and protest about the effects of its own decisions?

If for any reason you do not wish for your fellow countrymen to make policy decisions, then it is not democracy that you support because democracy means 'rule of the people', not 'rule of the state' or of any other minority.

In our view, the culture that claims to be experiencing an awakening is still asleep because when it is awake, it lives in a false sense of positivity where it believes that focusing ONLY on one's self and increasing one's own positivity is enough alone to change the world for the better but, this is simply a comfortable delusion that allows the corrupt to push ahead with their agendas [of complete control] because, even though you may not be interested in influencing and controlling politics, politics is definitely interested in controlling you.

EC and UN-sanctioned direct democracy has to be chosen by the majority. Following the PA on Twitter can enable for direct democracy to become a reality within days.

It is our belief that we exist [as humans] because we are the part of a God that chose to experience itself through physicality in human form, and that all within the physical universe is an aspect of God expressing and experiencing itself through the medium of physicality. Without the creation of a physical realm, God can not experience or express through physicality and this is why in order to accept and understand the nature of the spirit, we must also embrace and enjoy the physical. How can true, full, human spiritual enlightenment be attained when humans have both spiritual and physical aspects? How can true enlightenment ever be achieved through religious-oriented self-harm?

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Muslim men whip themselves to respect Imam

Furthermore, God will still exist even if no humans believed in 'his' existence because God existed before 'he' even created humans and so, humans holding this belief is not a need for God. If it is a desire, then again, this God is a tyrant.

These religions make the Atheists seem like the only true men of God because Atheists act without fear or without the promise of reward and, without even believing in God in the first place. As far as we believe, Animals are not conscious of having a religious belief system, yet they only take what they need and never fight purely out of ego. To summarise; Atheists and animals behave more positively than most humans who follow a religion - yet it is the 'Godly' humans who judge, condemn and kill the non-believers and, it is only humans who kill those who change their religious or spiritual beliefs - not God.

After thousands of years, the religions still can't decide if their God is a God of love, or a tyrant of pain and even worse, unquestioning followers live in constant denial of God having no needs.

We [along with our political systems] do not need to appease such dangerous and contradictory doctrine [as our cowardly political 'representatives' always do] and, direct democracy would enable for the immediate removal of the contradictory virus of religion from Common Law.

It is the religions that control the corporates, the banks and the media [they either own them or work within them], and through these entities, they influence government policy and so along with the politicians, it is religion which is the obstacle to true and direct democracy, social unity and world peace.

Religion is a man-made tool created purely to oppress women, and then whole societies. Why do you think it is that the Taliban prevent girls from accessing education? Why do the English churches have such an issue with promoting women? Is the reason for both because religious men fear that women would question and challenge them, exposing their contradictory notions of a God who has needs - eventually disbanding or reforming the religions themselves maybe?

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PA Video PA direct democracy video: Majority of Egypt against Sharia and Muslim Brotherhood
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PA Video PA direct democracy video: Egypt on verge of Sharia Law

• PA direct democracy comment: Cameron, Sharia and a nation of sex abusers

After celebrating Christmas 2011 with Rupert Murdoch's criminal subordinates, David Cameron announced that he wants the UK to become "more Christian." How will non-Christians integrate into this and, will they therefore have less democratic rights? Will it be necessary to install 26 Imams in the House of Lords to accompany the multiple Sharia 'courts' that are also fast-establishing themselves? Or will this remain the domain of Judaic bishops only? How can Muslims fully-integrate into the culture of a Judaic-oriented theocracy if we refuse this?

Why would our Prime Minister want for the religious persuasion of the UK to be in alignment with Christianity when personal individual religious belief systems are not supposed to be part of his remit?

Could it be because he has been told that he is a direct descendant of Moses, just like how George Bush Jnr was brought-up being told that he was the return of the Christ? [Incidentally, George Bush tried to use this tack on the French President to persuade him to commit France to war against Iraq, claiming that this war would "decide the out-come of Armageddon"].

All UK law is rooted in religious law [thanks to King Alfred] and reforming to direct democracy in the UK is the only way to protect Common Law for the benefit of all - not just for Judaic Christians.

With direct democracy and with religion out of the way, we could choose to create Heaven on Earth with re-cognition of a God who has no needs and no desire to punish [or reward!], and who is only love. Re-cognising that the nature of evil is simply human reactions to mismanaged emotional pain, fear and guilt [and therefore that the Devil is a just a metaphor and that Hell is a self-induced, self-created, guilt-influenced state of mind experienced in accordance with free will] could be beneficial and, considering that what we call 'ghosts' and 'demons' may simply be discarnate fragments of human energy [as opposed to an actual soul] and addressing them as such, could also be more conducive to human life on this planet.

How do we know that Mohammed wasn't taking doctrine from one of these lost fragments pretending [or even believing itself] to be the angel Gabriel? How would Mohammed himself have known even? It was Mohammed's wife who interpreted his experience in the cave for him and it was her who told him that the source of his 'divine' doctrine was the angel Gabriel - and she wasn't even with him at the time! After all, the books of all religions do state that God has needs and requirements of us and this contradiction with logic in the Qur'an [for example] does indicate that the information from Mohammed's entity was not pure - but was corrupt. A God of love and peace who desires to punish when 'he' has no need to?

How do we know that Moses wasn't taking doctrine from one of these lost fragments pretending [or even believing itself] to be God? Christian history shows that the Bible is a compilation of edits taken from 87 different books. One of these was written by Mary Magdalene [who spent more time with Jesus than anyone else] and no aspects of her book were included in the compilation [edited by men]. Science has not found one artefact from over 500,000 people spending any time in the desert - let alone 40 years and, Judaism still ignores the science that shows that the world has existed for longer than 4,000 years BC.

Was Moses listening to the word of a God that has no needs and has given us free will, or to his own will and inner fears when he created the Ten Commandments? How is it possible to disobey a God who has no rules? Did God give us free will or not? If God gave us free will, then where do these rules, laws and 'sins' come from? Free will is complete, not partial so, how can something be given with both freedom and restrictions at the same time and be labeled as free?

Were both of these men exploited by such entities because they were so passionate about bringing peace? Could this passion have made them vulnerable if they were not fully aware of the source of their doctrine? Did Moses even exist in the first place?

With regards to Judaism, the misguided belief about being 'God's chosen people' presupposes that God benefits from an alignment with a particular group of humans over another, and this implies that God would have a need to do this and, a vulnerability if 'he' didn't, and so this notion can not be true unless God is dependent upon humans [which again implies that humans existed before God and in this case - the Jews].

It is science and spiritual/energetic awareness that are converging - not science and religion.

• PA direct democracy proposal: Reform of the legal status of fathers
• PA direct democracy proposal: End of policy that discriminates against the welfare of Muslim children
• PA direct democracy proposal: Child Circumcision to be outlawed
• PA direct democracy proposal: Creationism to be removed from the National Curriculum
• PA direct democracy proposal: Abolition of all Faith Schools
• PA direct democracy proposal: Review of Euthanasia and Suicide laws
• PA direct democracy proposal: Pupils to be allowed to wear religious and cultural regalia in state schools
• PA direct democracy proposal: Religious indoctrination and practices to be removed from school assemblies

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"Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day. Give him religion and he'll starve to death while praying for a fish."
- Timothy Jones

"When the white missionaries came to Africa , they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land."
- Desmond Tutu

Alex Romane [personal philosophies]

Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.