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No longer a PA conspiracy theory - the true nature of the BBC

As of 21st Nov. 2013, 16 BBC employees arrested under Operation Yewtree so far and as with Savile, most were presenters whose crimes were known to other BBC employees.

Panorama [broadcast 22nd Oct. 2012] finally reveals something of the true nature of the BBC; institutional protection of paedophiles, cover-ups, lies from senior editors [published in the public domain through BBC blogs], lies from the director-general [in written statements to his own staff and broadcast in TV press statements], scape-goating, internal investigations squashed, non-reporting of incidence of child abuse on-site, and victims INTENTIONALLY taunted whilst abusers known to the BBC were praised by the BBC in Christmas tributes!

John Lydon banned from BBC after speaking out against Savile
After Savile, inherently abusive BBC ensures new whistle-blowers suffer

It has now been disclosed that the Newsnight feature that BBC managers and the BBC director-general have said was commissioned as an investigation specifically and only into Surrey Police's handling of accusations against Jimmy Savile, was in fact specifically and only commissioned to investigate Jimmy Savile himself. BBC managers said that the feature was dropped because it wasn't strong enough as Surrey Police had done no wrong but, we now know that it was dropped because it was in danger of damaging the BBC's reputation because it revealed a 40-year history of institutional child abuse, and its proliferation.

BBC director-general George Entwistle lied when he wrote to staff saying that the Newsnight investigation was about "Surrey Police's inquiry into Jimmy Savile towards the end of 2011." We know this because Newsnight producer Meirion Jones immediately emailed Entwistle saying;"George - one note - the investigation was into whether Jimmy Savile was a paedophile - I know because it was my investigation. We didn't know that Surrey Police had investigated Jimmy Savile - no-one did - that was what we found when we investigated and interviewed his victims."

As if this wasn't enough, all of the victims that the BBC had convinced to contribute to the feature, were then left having to instead endure seeing the BBC heap praise on Jimmy Savile in their Christmas schedule [2011], instead of broadcasting the feature against Jimmy Savile - an intentional decision made by Entwistle after he knew the truth!

Entwistle also lied when he said that Christmas schedules could not be rearranged at short notice - many within the BBC have since confirmed that this would have been a simple process and also, that Entwistle himself would have known how simple because he was once director of TV!

Entwistle admitted to the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee [23rd Oct. 2012] that Savile's alleged behaviour had been possible ONLY because of a "broader cultural problem" at the BBC. He says; "We are looking at between 5 and 10 serious allegations relating to activities over the whole period in question, the Savile period."

In a pathetic and patronising attempt to place the BBC as bastions of justice, he said; "I would accept that there have been times when we have taken longer to do things than in a perfect world I would have liked, but I think if you looked at what we have achieved since the scale of the crisis became clear, I think you see we have done much of what we should have done and done it in the right order and with proper respect paid to the right authorities."

Entwistle [a former Newsnight editor himself who therefore knows the protocols] also faces criticism over the decision not to broadcast the Newsnight investigation when he himself was head of TV and, Newsnight editor Peter Rippon stepped aside [21st Oct. 2012] after the BBC said that his explanation [published via BBC blogs] as to why the show dropped its investigation into Savile was "inaccurate or incomplete" - confirming that the BBC needs time to calculate in which direction to continue lying! Why else can the BBC not specify now, if Peter Rippon's blog is either inaccurate, incomplete, or both?

The BBC surely has to at least answer the following two questions:

1. Why was the Newsnight feature dropped?
2. Why were the Savile tributes broadcast after learning that he was paedophile?

Conservative culture secretary Maria Miller confirms that for Conservative politicians, finding out what actually happened and why the BBC decided not to broadcast what it knew is of less importance than protecting the BBC's image when she states; "full public trust in the BBC's enquiries into the Savile affair was of paramount importance." - and it would be of more concern to Conservative politicians because the BBC is every government's mouth-piece!

BBC propaganda attempts to sell to us that the BBC has integrity on the basis that it broadcast a Panorama programme that criticised the BBC about Savile but in our opinion, doing this was simply damage limitation because in reality, they had no choice. ITV broke the story first and, the BBC had also discovered that someone was offering the story to the UK print media and despite seven national newspapers refusing to report about it at the time, these hypocrites have been all over it ever since it broke via Panorama. Even now, they still refuse to report about David Cameron and Tony Blair's joint child abuse cover-up.

David Cameron insists that; "Every organisation that was involved with him, whether the NHS or whether the BBC, needs to get to the bottom of what happened." but, even though the Tory party was one of these organisations, it will never be truly independently questioned unless by the police as part of their investigation.

Add to this, that the NSPCC estimates that David Cameron reduced the budget for children's social care by 24% [Apr. 2011] and, that Community Care magazine's own survey concludes that "Social workers are effectively being pressurised to ignore child abuse as a result of budget cuts." then David Cameron himself is also responsible for the proliferation of child abuse. We say this because it is known that direct cuts to this particular budget do result in increased and prolonged exposure to abuse and both David Cameron and George Osborne would have been aware of this before making the decision [even if only through advice from policy aids]. Further to this, we add that David Cameron has no regard for child welfare generally and is guilty of the wholesale proliferation of child abuse.

It has also come to light that a paedophile ring was in operation from within 10 Downing Street itself when under Margaret Thatcher! At the time, this was never investigated thoroughly and, it also appears that there was a major cover-up and even now, Tom Watson [Labour Party deputy chairman] is having to fight to have this incident investigated!

In more accusations of abuse committed by Conservative party members and members of the police [regarding children who lived in a North Wales care home], it now seems that Conservative William Hague confined any police investigations into his colleague's criminal behaviour, to examining ONLY incidents that occurred during the home where these children lived - despite the children saying that all criminal activity actually happened off-site! As the accusations are were also against members of the police, the confinement of any investigations would also have been in their best interest too and so, outside of state circles, who would ever have known and who would have supported these children? Even now, former Conservative MP David Mellor has publicly insulted sexual abuse victim Steven Messham by calling him "a weirdo"!

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Inquiry launched into Tory child abuse
PA Video PA direct democracy video: MP Cyril Smith - paedophilia investigation was blocked

Tom Watson breaks silence on UK Parliamentary paedophile ring
Paedophiles in power
Victims and witnesses may have been murdered by the state!

It is the nature of Parliamentary politics and the state to use all available resources to silence accusers - even when the accusers are abused children crying out for help! This alone is child abuse, and it was carried out and covered-up by members of David Cameron's Conservative party. How many criminal friends, colleagues and associates does this man have to have before the people wake up and make a different choice? How any more children will continue to be abused while we choose to maintain a theocracy, and don't even demand any form of democracy? never mind direct democracy!

UPDATE [11th Nov. 2012]:
Entwistle quits with a £450K pay-off!
BBC producer Wilfred De'Ath says; "I know Sir Jimmy Savile spent night with girl aged 12."
BBC DJ Paul Gambaccini says; “You just didn't mess with Jim. He was the governor, because after all he had been the first great club DJ, he had been the originator of Top Of The Pops and you just let him have his turf." He adds; “I've been waiting for this to come out for 30 years, but then he did raise millions for charity."

This is the same BBC that we have been writing about since 2010, the same BBC that supports only representative 'democracy' and that has embarked upon a campaign of propaganda against direct democracy, the same BBC that has kept quiet about the UK now growing opium, the Same BBC that is keeping quiet about the potential build-up to WW3 in the Middle East, the same BBC that has been keeping quiet about David Cameron's support for the violently oppressive Bahraini, Saudi, and Kuwaiti Regimes, and With pro-government people always being selected directly by the sitting government of the day to run the BBC Trust, David Cameron will be getting full support because these people will come-out in full defence of the BBC when it's under attack [as Chris Pattern always did] - when the job remit requires that chair people remain completely independent and act ONLY on behalf of the BBC licence payer.

BBC - political history exposed [Corbet Report]

David Cameron is also currently doing his best to close-down foreign broadcasters that have a UK reach, so that the BBC [and therefore his message] get more and more exposure, and so that we get more and more dumbed-down. Voting for direct democracy now is the only legitimate way to cleanse the system top-down, and to fragment the relationship between Government and the mainstream media.

See some of the Coalition activities and secret policies that the BBC and mainstream media have been keeping from the UK people while known to the rest of the world. Just a guess but, it may also be the case that the BBC takes issue with our proposed policy to reform their funding?

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Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.