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NOTW's Brooks gets £7 M pay-off - Murdoch is sorry for her criminal conduct?

It finally emerges in the mainstream media [16th Oct 2012] that Rupert Murdoch has given a £7 M pay-off to Rebekah Brooks [former News of the World editor during the hacking scandal and currently under criminal investigation]. This must be a measure of how sorry he truly is to the Dowler family [whose suffering was increased thanks to Brooks' journalist's behaviour] and to all of those who suffered at the hands of Murdoch's paper's journalists and their illegal activities.

But don't worry "folks" [as The Sun would say], its business as usual because the UK people still choose to continue to empower Murdoch by buying The Sun on Sundays and Sky TV subscriptions. For those that don't wish to pay to be abused by the mainstream media, you can choose to vote for direct democracy now!

Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.