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No regard for child welfare - David Cameron's policies proliferated child abuse

NOTE: Although the information on this page is of a negative orientation, we believe that highlighting these aspects so as to bring-about solutions is a more positive act than that of denial and neglect and in our view, denial of such issues amounts to a betrayal of our own culture.

We now all know that for decades, child abuse has been cultural within the establishment [Parliament, House of Lords, the police, the church, BBC etc]. By protecting child abusers, blocking child welfare and child protection strategies and implementing UNLAWFUL child welfare policies, Tony Blair, David Cameron and the establishment have taken us to the brink. Child abuse is already cultural within the UK territories of St. Lucia and St. Helena and in 2015, the UK had the choice to either step back and to go forward in another direction, or to make Britain the first mainland culture in the world to disregard child welfare and to make child and female sexual abuse socially acceptable [regardless of the law]. This result was in accordance with the will of the British people and not the establishment and so, the 2015 generel election was a defining moment in UK cultural history.

Victims' commissioner; "We are witnessing the decriminalisation of rape."
Half of UK women have been sexually harassed at work
50% of all criminal cases now involve sex abuse charges - courts overwhelmed

The UK establishment is the first in the world to be known for cultural child abuse and child abuse cover-ups so, to consciously choose to empower an establishment that the whole world has now witnessed is up to its neck in child abuse is to culturally normalise child abuse in the UK and, the fact that the UK has had an alternative truly democratic reform system to vote for since early 2010 means that the people had no excuse.

Social experiment shows that only 1 out of 600 British adults stopped to help abandoned girl at train station
Chief constable; "A real increase in abuse taking place, much of it facilitated by the internet."
Cameron lets rapists and child abusers go free if they apologise - offers Restorative Justice without prison!
Children under 10 committing sex crimes
Porn influential; more than 5,500 sex attacks reported in schools [victims as young as five]
Approx. 1/3 of British women have been groped in public
School children in England are now among the world's unhappiest
Girls wearing shorts underneath school skirts to prevent sexual harassment
Safe Trek App

Cameron and Blair running child abuse cover-up [Parliament & UK media refuse to expose it]
LAWFUL MANSLAUGHTER! Head 'Teacher' Alison Ross persecuted girl with suicidal condition - to death
PA direct democracy comment: Cameron now Parliament's fixer - protects child abusing colleagues
PA direct democracy comment: Head teacher proliferates child abuse in his school - and is not even sacked!
PA direct democracy media: [Social Politics] Social Engineering and State Kidnap

Thanks to David Cameron's cuts to legal aid budgets, only approx. 70 out of every 1500 victims of domestic violence and rape can get legal aid - while voters still buy into his 'concern' for "sending the wrong message" about cannabis and, if a strong economy comes at the expense of the hell that these victims endure, is it really worth it? Is this really what the 'Great' British culture amounts to?

By trying to redefine child poverty to avoid UN sanctions [moving the goal posts], David Cameron proves he's deranged, desperate and dangerous and by doing this so openly, he proves that your opinions and protests are irrelevant.

Cameron's own advisers attack his child welfare policies while confirming that he tried to lie by fiddling figures
Survey of child welfare and protection experts shows that they don't believe the government is doing enough
Cameron starves impoverished kids - they can't think straight, can't learn, and so won't get good grades
Homeless children up by 60 per cent since the Tories came to power

As of August 2014 and until he resigned a few weeks later, Shaun Wright made England the first country in the world to be known for having an acknowledged proliferator of child abuse running a police force and with regards to cultural aspects, we feel it is important to note that there was no public protest against him from any of his officers. Before moving to the police, Shaun Wright was running child welfare and protection services for Rotherham Council and at both appointments, he refused to prioritise child protection above social cohesion and through this inverted racism, over 1400 young girls [often multiple gang rape victims] were intentionally ignored and left abandoned over a sixteen year period and, the evidence they submitted has been 'lost'.

During questioning in a Communities and Local Government Committee hearing [10th March 2015], Roger Stone [former head of Rotherham Council] had to have it explained to him by MP Simon Danczuk that sex with children is rape and, this was because Roger Stone had answered a question with "I didn't know if any of them [the child victims] were raped." His answer confirms that he believes that children can consciously give consent to sexual acts that they wouldn't understand and therefore, that he himself is [at least in principal] a paedophile.

Paedophile-minded council leader Roger Stone refuses to hand back OBE
500 girls abused in Birmingham in just 6 MONTHS!

Since 2001, we have believed that the grooming and sexual abuse of underage non-Muslim girls committed by Muslim gangs in the UK is a form of religious-oriented extremism and, we believe that David Cameron choose to appease Islam instead of protecting young girls because he doesn't have the courage and mental capacity that is required to deal with this issue. Instead, he and other politicians continue to perceive and to sell this issue to voters as an issue of race [genetics], when it is clearly an issue of religion [philosophy] and so through this alone, politicians demonstrate that they are so out of their depth.

For many reasons, we believe that MI5 [specifically] would have informed David Cameron about this particular form of Islamic terrorism as soon as he took office in 2010 and, we believe that they were ignored about this.

Islamic child rape gang members shout "Allahu Akbar" in court as they are jailed
Whistle-blowers who exposed Trojan Horse plot exposed [betrayed] by unelected PM May

Also in 2014, Sheffield Utd and its supporters club had no issue with convicted rapist Ched Evans returning after serving only half of a 5 year sentence. A spokesman for the supporters club said that Evans had "served his time" [as if he could ever speak for Evans' victim] and, another supporter who was interviewed with his two teenage sons said; "He just made a mistake" - thereby creating two more future rapists [in our belief, only rapists believe that rape can happen by accident].

In November 2014, BBC presenter Nick Conrad inadvertently admitted to being a rapist [again, at least in principal] by insisting in a live radio discussion that women do NOT have the right in certain circumstances, to deny consent to sexual intercourse and, the BBC's pro-rapist, anti-women, propagandist football commentator also attempted to portray that feminists are anti-men, which they are not [feminism is simply about equality between men and women and NOT about women being superior to men]. Not one complaint was made in response to his pro-rape rant.

Also cultural is that according to the Qur'an, a woman must always be ready to submit to her husband's sexual demands [rape isn't recognised] and, this is taught in UK Islamic faith schools where along with ALL other UK schools, boys are never taught about rape while girls are taught not to get drunk, show flesh, wear short skirts or flirt etc. However, Moses was also pro-rape and the Jewish guide for rape lists multiple 'acceptable' scenarios, compared to the Qur'an's 1 listed scenario.

Instead of tackling corrupt male attitudes towards self-responsibility and women, the establishment and its mainstream institutions [all freely-empowered by voters and parents] choose to oppress the expressions and behaviour of women instead. Along with Judaism and some African-oriented Christian off-shoots, the followers of these religions also practice male circumcision and female genital mutilation [both forms of child abuse] in the UK but unfortunately, only FGM [carried-out purely so as to deny females the experience of sexual arousal in later life] is recognised as a crime, while male circumcision remains a form of lawful forced child sexual mutilation.

Unlike UNICEF, Save the Children refused our direct request to support Inet Protect and to act with us against David Cameron and Tony Blair's related child abuse cover-up and a few months after, they publicly awarded Tony Blair [21st Nov. 2014] their Global Legacy award [obviously, his illegal war that orphaned 4 million Iraqi children and that now sees deformed children being born in their thousands every year means nothing to them].

Peter Wanless [the openly pro-Cameron civil servant who somehow went from running the lottery to running the NSPCC in 2013] ignored our direct request for feedback regarding David Cameron's policies that proliferate child abuse [some even being unlawful] and, Mumsnet blocked us from informing their members about the PA, true direct democracy and these policies without reason and so, we can only assume that these organisation's relationships with David Cameron and Tony Blair and the associated PR takes priority over protecting children from abuse.

From the 'leader' of the party that apparently stands for family values, comes the most crushing and abusing set of foreign and domestic policies regarding child welfare and child protection that any UK government has ever imposed. In our opinion, even Margaret Thatcher would would never have gone so far [even in so-called times of 'austerity']. Well done 'Great' Britain for putting false accounting [the banks never needed our money and job seekers cost only 3% of the welfare budget] before children's welfare, child protection and the environment - again!

Below is a list of 12 specific policies, results of policies, or lack of policy, that diminish child welfare and child protection and that contribute directly to the proliferation of child abuse:

Children's privacy [headline news outside EU and US]
Children's legal rights to privacy - UK slammed by UNCRC
Children open to abuses of privacy and dignity at school
Spending for children's welfare slashed by 24% in Cameron's first budget
UK's army of unsupported child carers
Cameron-backed 'rebels' using fatwa to rape children [headline news outside EU and US]
Policy that discriminates against the welfare of Muslim children
Cameron blocked potential £2 BN aid deal to Somalia
Cameron and criminal friend blocked UNICEF-supported on-line child protection strategy
Refusal to recognise Parental Alienation and Parental Kidnap as crimes against children
Cameron ends funds for child rape and assault victims [headline news outside EU and US]
Refusal to implement policy to educate children about pornography, erotica and rape

Children's privacy [headline news outside EU and US]
In allowing foreign regimes to store, access and redistribute our children's personal and private communications, David Cameron has taken it upon himself to deny UK parents their right and ability to protect their child's privacy and has therefore made UK children so much more vulnerable to abuse.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Defend your children against Cameron's betrayal - 100% intrusion block

Up to 850,000 staff from various intelligence agencies and corporates in the US will do what ever they like with the information that they now have access to because, it would be impossible for David Cameron or anyone to give any meaningful guarantee of data protection and he would have known this so, with such a betrayal, what will prevent any of these people from potentially selling our children's personal information to criminal networks that would seek to exploit it?

PA direct democracy comment: UK and US Gov's lied - they spied on G20 and, on every UK citizen

Where is our guarantee that our children will not one day receive a blackmail threat regarding their private communications? Where is our guarantee that our children will not be penalised by potential employers because of something they did at school one day?

Are our children now criminals simply because they expected a right to privacy [as Theresa May suggests]?

Example scenario:

An already-vulnerable young girl sends an email, sends an sms or makes a phone call to her trusted friend where she explains about her experience of being abused. The nature of her communication is private and personal and is NOT criminal but on top of her abuse, she will now be dealing with the knowledge that her 'private' [and non-criminal] communication will be seen by up to 850,000 strangers in the US.

A further concern we have regards the implications of vulnerable children now knowing that so-called 'anonymous' help lines have been recording their telephone conversations [content] along with their telephone numbers [meta data], making them personally identifiable. From this point onwards, how can any vulnerable child ever trust in such services and, how can any parent ever trust in so-called 'representative' politics?

Direct Democracy - Audio Direct Democracy and Cyber Warfare | Video [first published March 2010]

PA direct democracy proposal: Cyber Defence


Children's legal rights to privacy - UK slammed by UNCRC
Even BEFORE allowing David Cameron to disclose ALL of your children's 'private' communications to 3rd parties, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child had concluded that the UK was still falling well short of the obligations that it signed-up to regarding the protection of the rights of children and therefore, that the UK has since continued to break international law regarding the protection of children.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Defend your children against Cameron's betrayal - 100% intrusion block

Their latest report concludes that;

"The UK is not doing enough to protect children's privacy or to uphold the best interests of the child. The principle of the best interests of the child is still not reflected as a primary consideration in all legislative and policy matters affecting children and called for the development of a British Bill of Rights, which incorporates the principles and provisions of the Convention. Failure to implement fully the Convention rights, especially the best interests of the child principle, in all policy areas remains a concern of the Committee."

In particular, the Committee is highly critical about the treatment of children in the criminal justice, care, education and immigration services.


Children open to abuses of privacy and dignity at school
The Education Bill [published on the 27th Jan. 2011] removes every child's right to privacy in primary and secondary schools and colleges by giving staff powers to search for prohibited items without consent.

The law is also to be amended so that a member of staff can search a child alone without another adult being present and, male members of staff will be permitted to search girls and female members of staff permitted to search boys.

As if this wasn't perverse enough, staff are also to be given powers to erase private personal data on children's phones, laptops and all other privately-owned electronic equipment.

The People's Administration believes that with this policy, the coalition and parliament demonstrate a near-fascist mind set that threatens the personal security of children whilst invading and interfering in their private lives - all without consent or without parents being present!

Children's Rights Alliance [CRAE] national co-ordinator Carolyne Willow says; "Ministers have not produced a shred of evidence for these draconian powers. We're told the coalition Government wants to create an education system that is world-class. This shameful Bill tells children they have no right to expect privacy and dignity in school. That school staff are to be allowed to erase any personal data on electronic devices without any discussion with children or their parents is more akin to treatment in totalitarian regimes than a modern democracy."


Spending for children's welfare slashed by 24% in Cameron's first budget
The NSPCC estimates that David Cameron reduced the budget for children's social care by 24% [Apr. 2011] and, Community Care magazine's own survey concludes that "Social workers are effectively being pressurised to ignore child abuse as a result of budget cuts." It is known that direct cuts to this particular budget do result in increased and prolonged exposure to abuse and both David Cameron and George Osborne would have been aware of this before making the decision [even if only through advice from policy aids].

David Cameron's response was to tell social workers to "use common sense." and, it didn't come until March 2015!


UK's army of unsupported child carers
10,000 children aged 5-7 years now caring for adults - completely unsupported.


Cameron-backed 'rebels' using fatwa to rape children [headline news outside EU and US]
On the 4th of April 2013, the men who David Cameron and Western governments have been supporting [the FSA] and who he wants to arm to the teeth, requested permission from a Saudi Islamic preacher to be able to use an Islamic ruling to 'justify' the gang rape of civilian supporters [voters] of their enemy President Assad. This was granted in the form of a fatwa and their campaign has already begun.

With our blessing expressed through our inaction, David Cameron is now openly supporting an armed minority Islamic Sharia insurgency that is now violating too many laws to mention and, which now openly commits war crimes on a daily basis while openly going against the Qur'an itself.

The fatwa is introduced as coming from the Saudi preacher Mohammed al-Arifi and specifies that it comes into force to address the "sexual problems of the Mujahideen." By re-branding the fatwa into a document to address sexual rather than military issues, the fatwa will be able to exploit the requirement of Islamic women's sexual 'duties' towards men [and their associated punishments for non-compliance] and the fatwa therefore becomes compliant with Sharia. A fatwa issued to attack women and children [or any non-combatant] in any circumstance that relates to military combat would be un-Islamic.

The specifics of the fatwa are as follows:

1. Syrian fighters may engage in a marriage called 'intercourse marriage'.
2. Intercourse marriage shall last for a few hours so Syrian females can give each fighter a turn.
3. This is the duty of a Syrian women because intercourse marriage boosts the determination of the Mujahideen [despite these women being supportive of President Assad and not the Mujahideen].
4. Those females who enter into intercourse marriage [by use of force obviously] shall enter paradise on the condition that they be at least 14 years of age, widows or divorced [meaning that if the FSA choose to rape a woman or girl who doesn't conform to their own fatwa, then as is the way of Islamic male-invented Sharia law, she will be punished by Allah for her 'crimes' against Islamic men - if she isn't publicly executed by her assailants first].

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Cameron-backed Syrian FSA raping women and children using fatwa
PA Video PA direct democracy video: 'Cleric' issues fatwa allowing Cameron-backed Syrian FSA to rape children
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Cameron-backed Syrian FSA seeking permission to kill women and children
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Fatwa issued - Pro-Gov. civilians now legitimate targets

PA direct democracy media: [Political Strategy] Syria
PA direct democracy media: Syria - what the BBC didn't show you


Policy that discriminates against the welfare of Muslim children
The People's Administration believes that UK law is failing to protect children who study in Islamic faith schools from serious physical, mental and psychological assault at the hands of Imams who indoctrinate using the Deoband syllabus [which is approx. 80% of all UK Imams]. Children as young as six years of age are regularly kicked and punched [as Channel 4's Dispatches program highlighted on the 14th Feb. 2011] and UK law allows this providing that the attacks leave no marks. This is an exception to how child protection laws are applied to every other state and faith school in the UK.

UK law is currently leaving approx. 100,000 Muslim children open to this form of abuse while David Cameron proactively encourages the establishment of yet more 'private' schools. The People's Administration believes that this policy is born only and purely out of the need for the state to save money - even though the UK tax payer will be part-contributing to the funding of these schools anyway.

All of the Islamic faith schools that were seen to be administering violence had all repeatedly passed government inspections and so the government is part-responsible for the regular persecution of up to 100,000 Muslim children. David Cameron is appeasing the Muslim extremists and all of society will reap the whirlwind - especially Islamic children who are currently growing up disintegrated from UK society.


Cameron blocked potential £2 BN aid deal to Somalia
David Cameron blocked the People's Administration's proposal [submitted to him 26th Jul. 2011] to take as little as £2 BN from the frozen UK-based bank accounts [with the permission of the NTC in Libya and the representatives of Tunisia and Egypt] to use to end the Somali famine with immediate effect. We even suggested that the transitional leadership of all three countries would probably be very grateful for the opportunity to make a gesture of appreciation for the recent Western support by way of assisting their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters in their own continent.

More info


Cameron and criminal friend blocked UNICEF-supported on-line child protection strategy
In 2013, our UNICEF-supported Inet Protect strategy was submitted directly to David Cameron and to various members of his inner circle but its implementation was blocked without a single reason being stated and, David Cameron is aware of our previous history and success regarding the creation of internet-based child protection strategies. While in communication with directors at Yahoo in early 2014, we invited them [and many others] to fault Inet Protect on technical grounds but they couldn't and so, we can only assume that David Cameron blocked Inet Protect for political reasons.

Add to this that his long-term close friend and unelected Conservative Deputy Head of Government Policy Patrick Rock [who was implementing an inferior strategy that uses web filters] was himself investigated regarding sexual misconduct towards female colleagues and then later arrested [Feb. 2014] on charges relating to paedophilia and, that David Cameron quashed news about Patrick's misconduct and arrest, and it becomes clear that David Cameron prioritises protecting his inner-circle criminal friends and keeping quiet about the PA and direct democracy, over any desire to protect children.

We believe that Inet Protect was blocked in 2013 because a web without child abusers and terrorists is a web that doesn't need mass state surveillance and at any cost, David Cameron wants to maintain inefficient blanket surveillance of all citizens instead of targeted surveillance of suspects only - even if it means that abuse and terrorism is left to thrive and that children are left to suffer.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Defend your children against Cameron's betrayal - 100% intrusion block
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Cameron protected criminal friend while blocking Inet Protect
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Cameron lied - disclosing friend's arrest would NOT compromise investigation
NCA corrupt - used by Cameron to silence paedophile friend's arrest [Met blocked]

More info


Refusal to recognise Parental Alienation and Parental Kidnap as crimes against children
Parental Alienation and Parental Kidnap infringe upon the rights of the child to know of its parentage and also exposes the child to potential emotional difficulties in later life, if the child is ever reconciled with the truth. Parental Alienation and Parental Kidnap serves only the emotional desires and wishes [not needs] of the custodial spouse, over the rights, needs and well-being of both the child and of the absent spouse and so, this is not prioritising the protection and the well-being of the child and is therefore in our opinion, a direct form of legalised child abuse.

By cutting the legal aid budget, David Cameron has ensured that cases of Parental Kidnap and Parental Alienation have increased by 80% [since 2011] and, it is no coincidence that only 20% of parents in these cases are entitled to legal aid. By prioritising savings of just £1.5 BN above children's rights and welfare, the 'party of the family' is the clearly party that intends to destroy the family.

More info

PA direct democracy media: State-assisted child kidnap, parental child kidnap and social engineering


Cameron ends funds for child rape, assault and trauma victims [headline news outside EU and US]
David Cameron is to starve child welfare services across the UK of £30 BN before the beginning of 2016. The budgets that will be affected fund the care and rehabilitation of up to 1 million of the UK's most abused and traumatised children but, with those who could make a difference currently being too wrapped-up in hating benefit 'scroungers', the UK's adults are not likely to even blink an eyelid at news of cuts to this budget.

David Cameron's decision to end ALL funding will ensure that not one penny will go towards the care of these children [who are supposed to be our future] and, many groups that rely on funding and donations are already saying that their organisations will collapse over-night.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Cameron ending ALL support for 1 million UK child rape and assault victims


Refusal to implement policy to educate children about Pornography, erotica and rape
In refusing to amend the child sex education curriculum to include pornography and sexuality in relationships, the UK Parliament is leaving vulnerable young boys and girls in danger of becoming both potential abusers and victims. Through conditioning, young boys are learning and normalising forms of sexual attitudes and behaviours that are generally abusive to young girls, who then in turn also become conditioned into accepting these behaviours as part of a 'normal' sexual interaction.

PA direct democracy proposal: Pornography, erotica and rape to be defined within the sex education curriculum


Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.