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Proof that the Palestinian Authority let Israel invade to suit own aims

"On June 8th 2014 the Pope gathered Palestinian and Israeli representatives in Rome to pray for peace - then there was war. However, on June 11th we told the Palestinian Authority of how the Pope's involvement would be of great detriment. They then avoided multiple opportunities to prevent the war and it is my firm belief that they deliberately allowed Israel to invade so as to suit their own aims. Congratulations to the Palestinian Authority AND to Hamas! For the sacrifice of over 2000 Palestinian civilian lives, of which approximately one thrid were children, they achieved poverty for 90% of those who remain and NO increase in their UN status but, at least they can continue to label Israel as the aggressor. They will rule over rubble because their people will be dead because without a true Palestinian unity government, it will always suit the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority to have Israel bomb it's Hamas rivals in Gaza.

The Catholic Church took money from brutal Italian dictator Mussolini in return for supporting and blessing his fascist government and this capital has enabled it to invest in corruption to this day. It is one of the richest organisations on the planet and the Catholic Church has so far invested with the Rothschild's banks, Hambros Bank, Credit Suisse, Zurich Bank, Morgan Bank, Chase-Manhattan Bank, First National Bank of New York, Bankers Trust Company to name a few. It has shares currently worth more than $500 M in corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, TWA and others while its assets include a massive global property folio and the world's largest collection of art. It is the biggest wealth accumulator and owner of property in existence and owns more material wealth than any other institution, corporation, bank, trust or government. It also has a fund set-aside specifically for compensation pay-outs to victims of past abuse - which for decades it denied was happening while it quietly relocated guilty priests to other diocese and, its previous leader was affiliated to Nazi groups in Germany. All of this confirms that the Catholic Church is anti-Islamic, anti-Palestinian, and anti-democratic and in the 1960's, the Vatican quietly admitted that the church had created the propaganda about Mary Magdalene being a prostitute purely to diminish her importance in Jesus' life.

In accordance with the personal desires of the West's freely-elected 'leaders', the Vatican Bank is the only bank in the world to be exempt from all national and global banking legislation and by working with other banks [such as the Rothschild's banks], other banks are able to benefit from the legal protection offered by the Vatican Bank. It was only in April 2015 that the Pope offered to open the bank to Italian banking legislation - while still protecting it from international banking legislation.

The Catholic Pope who prayed for peace and then got war has already revealed himself by confirming that he believes in the use of violence and by confirming that he believes that 'wife beaters' are justified in using violence. In doing so, he demonstrates that he doesn't actually follow or believe in Jesus at all. While stating that God created everything [and therefore can't also have any needs, vulnerabilities or requirements], ALL of the world's religions have produced whole books listing God's needs, requirements, and punishments if we disobey. Centralised partisan political systems and religious belief systems that deny the true nature of a creator God are at the root of ALL civil and international wars globally and are the core reason for why the global environment is collapsing. As programmes that form a two-tier strategy of control, centralised partisan political systems seek to oppress true expression of the mind while religious systems seek to oppress true expression of the soul. Between them, they keep us separate from each other and separate from the truth of the nature of a God who created everything. Keep voting for false democracy and going through religious middlemen to get to God and reap - God is with ALL of us ALWAYS regardless of our behaviour and the religious just can't handle not having anyone to place beneath them."

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"To add to the hypocrisy, while that other Catholic meddler and so-called 'Peace Envoy' Tony Blair ran around the Middle East on tax payer expenses building-up a client network for his business, I got the Palestinians to implement a web and phone voting system for the peace process without costing anyone but myself. Protected jointly by David Cameron and Rupert Murdoch and with his expenses paid for by UK tax payers who refuse true democracy, Tony Blair remains unstoppable, unaccountable, and able to manage the child abuse cover-up that he implemented in 1998."
Alex Romane [PA founder]

Since 2010, we have been directly encouraging the Palestinian Authority to either implement or fault our proposals and to date, they have implemented little but faulted nothing. The proposals work in 2 parts to form a package that potentially delivers a true Palestinian unity government that can then install a framework for regional peace - without agreement from Israel or from any other third party.

After years of study and of analysing reoccurring patterns within the Middle East Peace Process, we created a potential solution that removed the orientations of such patterns and, that avoided having to break through previously-encountered barriers [such as having to obtain Israeli agreement]. In our opinion, the main problem is that of 3rd parties continually taking sides and it has been a long-held belief of ours that the single most contributory factor in prolonging any conflict is this aspect and so, we have created only neutral proposals that would potentially benefit the people of both Palestine and Israel.

We concluded that the issue of Palestine requires an alternative/progressive solution because it is not a conventional issue. For decades, conventional ideas have been thrown backwards and forwards leaving both sides locked in an eternal stale-mate and so our proposals eliminated repeating these aspects.

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Although our proposals were never intended to be published, we have decided to disclose details of some of our work with the Palestinian Authority in the hope that the Palestinian people will be prompted to take direct action themselves. At no point were we acting within any confidentiality agreements but out of respect for protocol and for the Palestinian representatives, we feel only to publish the fundamental aspects required for others to take things forward by other means. In fairness to the representatives, it must also be stated that Alex did cancel two meetings with them but, we feel that this had no impact upon any decision-making.

The proposal was developed so as to deliver benefits to both Palestine and Israel but, the 'cost' to the Palestinian representatives was that of having to relinquish power [policy decision-making ability] directly to the people of Palestine themselves.

One part of the proposal from 2011 that was implemented by the Palestinian Authority was our suggestion for how and why to involve the Palestinian people in the peace process directly. We explained why we believed that no sustainable peace deal would ever materialise without all aspects being consented by the majority of Palestinians and so, Palestinians living anywhere in the world can now use the web and phone to submit and vote on proposals that representatives from the Palestinian Authority will then take to the table with Israel.

However, we suspect that the reason for why nothing further to this was implemented was because the Palestinian Authority just can't handle the cost of not being able to control other people's lives [as with Western so-called 'representatives'] and so it is our view that to the Palestinian representatives, personal power is of more importance than regional peace.

Even in our first communications in 2010, we warned that failure to either implement or fault any aspect of the proposal could be demonstrable of an attitude that prioritises personal power over peace but, complacency is an ever-present aspect within so-called 'representative' politics.

Regarding this complacency, the Palestinian Authority missed multiple opportunities to have prevented everything except for the murders of the Israeli and Palestinian boys and as such, we feel the need to disclose all relevant information about this.

On July 3rd 2014 and before the Israeli occupation, Alex suggested to the Palestinian Authority that they arrange for the mother of the murdered Israeli boys who spoke-out against sectarian murder, to hold a joint press conference from a mosque in Jerusalem with the mother of the murdered Palestinian boy [who also made similar statements], where they could both condemn the violence together.

Alex reiterated the suggestion on July 4th and on one further occasion but on all occasions, the suggestion was ignored, the violence increased and Israel soon-after invaded.

Two days into the occupation, EU, US and Israeli representatives openly demanded that the Palestinian representatives immediately from a unity government and re-apply at the UN for statehood. However, on June 11th [previous to the murders and weeks before the occupation], we reiterated our proposal for how the Palestinian representatives could form a true unity government [initially submitted in early 2011] but again, this was rejected without any stated reason.

We now believe that the primary aim of the Palestinian representatives is simply to continue to show Israel to be the aggressor [old habits die hard] and, at any cost to the people of Palestine. Doing this enables them to retain power in any circumstances and in light of this, the PDF link below details our final reiteration to the Palestinian Authority and was submitted on June 11th 2014 [before the violence that led to Israeli occupation]. It is a summary of all communications since 2010 and will demonstrate how and why we have reached the conclusion that we have now reached. In an unrelated mater, the Palestinian Authority again confirmed its insincerity when it rejected our offer in 2017 to fuel the power plants in Gaza and the rest of Palestine with our perpetual motion Geocircuit technology and so, we publish all of this information in the hope that activists within Palestine will feel encouraged to implement direct democracy as soon as possible, so as to save themselves.

Summary reiteration submitted to the Palestinian Authority
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Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.