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Cameron's 'hard working' sheeple and the ultra-capitalist Slave Industrial Complex

During the 1960's, we saw the emergence of the US Military Industrial Complex - where US governments create internal wealth and economic growth by creating endless wars that enable them to 'justify' recycling tax payer's cash to US-based arms suppliers [incidentally, the entire US war machine is fuelled by British Petroleum - a UK company, and so can't function without UK permission].

We then saw the emergence of the US [and since 2012, also the UK] Prison Industrial Complexes - where US and UK governments create internal wealth and economic growth by selling-off the prison service and associated state-ran sectors to private corporations and by then implementing harsh social policies and increasing the length of prison sentences for minor crimes [incidentally, 80% of women jailed for BBC 'TV' licence evasion are single mothers on state benefits and approx. 40% of all prisoners have spent time in social care as children. Therefore, if 40% less children were abused and neglected, prison numbers would drop by 40%].

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However, there is one programme that is always over-looked and, it's also the original. Welcome to the Slave Industrial Complex! This is the mother of all industrial complexes where ALL ultra-capitalist 'representative' governments create wealth only for themselves and their backers [the elite] by maintaining a programme of state-controlled slavery that starts even before we are born and that ends only after we die [incidentally, it is this architecture that supports and facilitates the above-mentioned structures and so it is this complex that is the most fundamental].

Under the Slave Industrial Complex, we are born and then not long after and while too young to question, we are mis-educated - specifically about the true definitions of the words 'democracy', 'freedom' and 'power', about America being 'discovered' [where in truth, it was stolen by the English from the indigenous people], about the Irish potato 'famine' [where in truth, Ireland's crops were stolen by the English], about the existence of free, clean and limitless energy since the 1930's, about the nature of God [logic alone demonstrates how a God that created everything can not possibly have any needs and so can not be vulnerable to anything and so would have no use for laws and punishments] and, about the highly-contradictory religious perception of God being the ONLY perception of God. At the same time, our mis-education system also does its best to suppress and eradicate any intuitive or alternative abilities and deploys fear over fun as its main teaching aid, while starving its victims of stress management education and counseling. Eventually, it spits children out at the other end with bits of paper that mislead them into perceiving that they are intelligent or stupid based upon their memory-recall abilities during exams [which is a delusion because good memory doesn't automatically mean high intelligence and visa-versa].

We become programmed with the state's ideas of what's 'wrong' and 'right' and if you question any of this, it will set you up to be perceived as either a nutter or a threat and you will be dealt with accordingly by one of its mainstream media mouthpiece sub-routines. It teaches that violence is 'wrong' while ordering you to pray for our armed soldiers as they invade foreign lands under the disguise of bringing 'democracy' [even if unwanted], when really this is just cover for the lies of the politicians who the people themselves freely choose to elect.

The next stage of the programme is where we choose the shape and form of our compliance [our careers]. We decide what we will 'be' and adopt this as our identity [when really for most of us, this choice will be no more than a form of income, and no where close to our actual identity]. If you are successful and you conform willingly and quietly, you will then be encouraged [if not already conditioned] to 'buy' your castle [a mortgage is a long-term loan from a bankster where you only own 'your' home after the final repayment is made] and to fill it with all of the things that you have been deceived into believing that you 'need', when really these things are just desirable [you will not die without them]. After a couple of years probation, you'll soon be encouraged to get the next clip-on expansion pack to your life - your wife [in the UK version of the code, it stipulates just one wife] and then [and not an un-Christian moment too soon] you will run the sub-routine that creates 2.4 children.

If you are unsuccessful and should you seriously lose your way, the code will re-route you through to the Prison Industrial Complex, where tax payers [who have had the legal right since 1215 to with-hold tax payments] make it more and more viable for the state to lock-up the lost, hurt, confused and abused, than it would be to heal them.

WARNING: Should any men hatch children without submitting to Christianity via marriage [Heaven forbid!], the programme will run an emergency sub-routine that automatically removes their legal rights and recognition in law as a father [the UK is a theocracy, not a democracy]. If you're going to stick two fingers up to Christianity and should you separate from you spouse, your children's well-being could become seriously compromised because the code that deals with Parental Alienation and Parental Kidnap will never be part of this programme and, because politicians will always put their personal and partisan fears above protecting children and, will instead actually place children in danger.

For years to come, the programme will run you through working the longest hours in Europe [even though the UK is among the least productive] and to ensure your future compliance, it will intermittently run various insurance scams and schemes to 'protect' you but, the one that gives it the most security is the one that becomes your pension because through this, the programme has you locked-down and silenced. Whistle-blowers are never good for business and so while honesty is encouraged, it is punished when exhibited and, should you ever crack under the pressure of surviving and of never living, you will then be abused and condemned as a parasite [by politicians, CEO's and Tory-types who are themselves the real state scroungers] - even if you've worked for most of your life!

If you survive this far, the next stage of the programme runs various sub-routines that are designed to assess for when it's had the most from you because after this point, you then become a liability [slow lines of out-dated code that can get confused and go on to develop bugs and viruses]. You will then be allowed to retire and if you've managed to maintain any sense of sanity and you start to wake-up and realise that it is only during this stage that you have the time to explore and get to know yourself and life, your body will betray you and only when it disconnects from your soul will you be set free.

Why keep returning if this is all we're doing? Why keep returning if this is all we decide we are worth? What do we have to loose for trying in just one life-time, to use the freedom that we are born with to choose to break-up and reform the system of misrepresentative democracy that maintains such a programme? In a world where there is already enough wealth for only one person in each family to have to work for no more than 2 or 3 days a week, why are we still choosing to maintain and feed [with our ballot and our money] a corrupt minority who are just absolutely incapable of caring for us even if they actually wanted to?

Trusting politicians was always a risk but because of direct democracy, it is now an unnecessary risk and if we consciously take unnecessary risks, it is inevitable that we will suffer. With direct democracy, you do not have to understand Parliament or to become a politician to run the country. You just have to express your potential solution for anything of concern as and when you feel like it [making politics both fun and fair] - the people and a reformed parliament will do the rest.

UPDATE [May 2015]:
PA ignored - Slave Industrial Complex now a reality!

Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.