Direct Democracy Comment

The war between finance and democracy

While there will be many who will disagree with certain elements of the following over-view, it is written from our own perception based upon our own direct experiences and beliefs acquired through political activism since 1999 and, which has included working [independently] with many of the groups [or their connections] that we have listed. Many will consider it to be a conspiracy theory but for us, it is a truth.

For decades, a war has been raging in the background. It remains hidden behind a mirage of propaganda created by the mainstream news agencies and, hidden from humans who have over-dosed on TV soaps, X Factor, Hip Pop music, BBC and tabloid news, alcohol, celebrity sex, and themselves.

It is a global war between finance and true democracy and the outcome will result in either more dictatorships, war and environmental catastrophe or, direct democracy, peace, fair economics and a chance to save our species and the planet.

The Financials

• The Rothschild and Rockefeller families [mostly]
• EU and US governments
• ALL 'representative' political parties in the EU and US
• Covert pro-revolutionaries and regime-change strategists
• Traditional and reformist members of all religions
• Most heads of various UK and US intelligence agencies
• NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organisation]
• PNAC [Project for the New American Century]
• Masons [even though some well-intended members are genuinely not aware of their part in this war]
• Russell Brand [multimillionaire 'anti-capitalist' distractor and pro-Parliamentarian]
• Evan Jones [Brand collaborator, pro-Parliamentarian and theocracy denier]
• Alex Jones [who promotes only Red Herring 'true democracy' movements]
• David Ike [whose People's Voice PA rip-off is part-funded directly by US neo-conservative Jews]
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International [CIA fronts assigned with creation of Western war propaganda]
London School of Economics
• Food, drug and energy companies [such as Monsanto]
Oil and fracking companies
• Telecom companies and ISPs
• Some technology manufacturers [such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Sisco]
• Tech magazines
• Anti-climate change propagandists
• Pro-war propagandists
• Banks
• Mainstream news agencies
• Major music media organisations
• Rockefeller-backed music puppets
• Hollywood and Bollywood members

Ultimate Aim:

To achieve total and complete control of every aspect of every person's life from birth to death at the expense of the poor [in terms of costs to health and wealth], simply in order to guarantee their own family's security.

Propaganda campaign:

• Full blackouts against the PA
• Miseducation about the definitions specifically of the words; democracy, freedom and power
• Misinformation to influence people to believe that direct democracy is only public participation
• Misinformation designed to alienate the poor and the vulnerable
• Miseducation regarding natural medicines [incorporating pro-alcohol and anti-marijuana propaganda]
• Miseducation regarding already-existing free, clean and sustainable energy solutions
• Miseducation regarding the nature of God
• Misinformation regarding Western military and political foreign interventions


• Capital reserves counted in £Trillions
• Exclusive control of the rule of law [through 'representative' democracies]
• Passion for money
• Desire for control
• Experience
• TV, Radio, Magazine, Web
• Technology
UK and US intelligence agencies
Proxy wars and incitement of armed minority coups to oust elected but 'unfriendly' foreign governments
• US Military Industrial Complex
US and emerging UK Prison Industrial Complexes
Banking practices and legislation
• Child education systems
Mainstream news media
• Songs performed by musical puppets
• Hollywood and Bollywood films

The Democratics

• A small group of governments outside of the EU and US
• Some members of various UK and US intelligence agencies
• Some reformist followers of all religions
• Direct Democracy and other progressive political parties and movements
• Big Brother Watch and Electronic Frontier Foundation
Overt pro-revolutionaries and protest groups
Pro-democracy activists
Pro-eco capitalist activists
• Anti-capitalist movements [such as Occupy]
Anti-poverty groups
• Environmental campaigners
Child welfare campaigners
Hacktivist groups
• Alternative and non-EU and US news agencies
• Independent music organisations
• Independent musicians
• Independent film companies
• Visual and Performance artists
• Poets
• Comedians

Ultimate Aim:

Being that the Democratics are highly fragmented and of such varied orientation, it would be unrealistic to specify a singular aim. Also, some actually have hidden agendas [usually concerned about changing places and not systems] which run contrary to their own activism [which we refer to as Animal Farm syndrome] but speaking for ourselves, we aim to achieve security for every family, every animal, and every plant. Unlike the Financials, we strive to guarantee security for more than just our own families because put simply, we do not share the fears that motivate the Financials.

Propaganda campaign:

• Specifically oriented in directly countering the propaganda of the Financials, while introducing potential solutions and new philosophy.


• The truth
• Passion for true democracy
• Passion for justice
• Passion for technology
• Passion for nature
• Experience
• Courage
• Determination
• Creativity
• The web
• Technology
• Hacks and EDS attacks
• Music
• Visual and Performance art
• Poetry
• Comedy

So as not to inadvertently benefit the Financials, we choose not to disclose our perceived weaknesses of either side and to publish only some strengths [weapons] of the Democratics.

There is no neutrality because through their money and their vote, every person in the world is responsible for their own country's system of governance and business culture. With every decision and consequent action, every person is influencing and shaping the world in every moment and so we are ALL responsible. The ONLY difference between all people anywhere in the world is whether they choose to take-up this responsibility or to continue to deny it by empowering corrupt and broken so-called 'representative' partisan political systems.

Regardless of any influences, the side you stand with is chosen by your daily actions [not by your words] so, whatever the eventual outcome is of this war, we as a species would have chosen it. So far, all of our combined actions have set us on a path to voluntary human extinction in 2030.

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Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.