Direct Democracy proposal for Education

Stress Management and non-religious meditation to be taught from the first year of comprehensive education

The People's Administration believes that every child would be better equipped to learn and manage themselves if they were taught stress management techniques at this age and as part of the national curriculum.

We also believe that meditation would also benefit children in this area as well as in areas that relating to achieving personal goals. We believe that meditative visualisation techniques [including daydreaming] should be managed and encouraged and not deterred.

Should the People's Administration install direct democracy, we propose to amend the curriculum to include stress management and meditation courses for all pupils.

Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.