Direct Democracy proposal for Foreign Policy

Global Terrorism

The reason for why terrorist groups target civilian populations is not because civilians are soft targets [as governments constantly tell us] but is actually because ultimately, it is the civilian population [the majority] that is responsible for its country's system of governance. If a population chooses to leave all decisions to 'representatives' who they freely empower, then how are civilian populations not part-responsible for the causes of terrorism? This is also the philosophy behind why Western governments use sanctions against countries and this is why we also regard government-imposed sanctions placed upon any country to be a form of terrorism.

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Only terrorist organisations are responsible for their actions and while their acts can never be justified, target populations are though ultimately responsible for the policies that their freely-elected governments implement. When ALL terrorism is targeted, this demonstrates that terrorists have specific motives and in our belief, dismissing any potential influences from any policies while simply accusing terrorists of being 'evil' removes any opportunity to end terrorism ourselves and leaves this with the terrorists instead [who are not looking to stop].

Dismissing terrorists as 'evil' [and not ill] enables manipulative, self-righteous MPs to deny responsibility and unlike the people, MPs have additional tax payer-funded security and don't have to use public transport and so, it is the people [usually the poor] who die for such policies.

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PA direct democracy - Western 'Democracy'

It is our absolute belief that religiously deluded and career-obsessed MPs, their foreign policy, their biased 'freedom of speech' policies, their biased mainstream media, and corrupt Jewish and Islamic doctrine are the biggest drivers of terrorist recruitment and causes [not evil] and, that.the solution to ending ALL anti-Western terrorism lies in adopting a domestic two-way integration philosophy, shaping foreign policy around how we ourselves expect to be treated, and educating the extremists of how religion has lied to them about the nature of God.

It is also our belief that it was British imperialism that gave rise to today's Islamic-oriented terrorist groups by unilaterally carving-up the Middle East, and by then leaving the Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims to fight each other after World War Two.

The UK has enough weapons to destroy the world, but only one academy for diplomacy [the London Academy of Diplomacy]. The UK is ready and willing to kill but no where near ready to consider diplomacy and for governments that don't believe in diplomacy, violence will be the only option [although it will NEVER be a solution]. If the UK believed in diplomacy, it would practice it but instead, it practices the retarded 'use' of violence, while none of its freely-elected Prime Ministers and MPs are sent to learn the art of diplomacy, and therefore also of statecraft.

Religious delusion is also confirmed through the constant reiterations of the Jihadis who say; "We fight for the sake of Allah" because clearly, a God who created everything can have no needs, dependencies, requirements or vulnerabilities and so can not be threatened by anything - least of all by the actions or inactions of humans.

Alex Romane - How religion breeds terrorism

Islam is NOT at war with the West - it is at war with itself! Through its lack of will to challenge Islam [as well as their own doctrine], the West is letting itself get sucked in to a religious civil war. Islam is cracking in half [between Sunni and Shia] and as is the way with the religions, their self-righteousness and selfishness is consuming this planet as they fight for their God who although created everything [and so can NOT have any needs, dependencies, requirements or vulnerabilities], also somehow has needs, dependencies, requirements or vulnerabilities? This massive and overt contradiction is common to ALL religions [as is the belief in 'evil'] and for as long as this particular contradiction remains denied by the world's political and religious 'leaders', the world will endure religious terrorism.

PA Video Hamas leader's son explains a little of Islam's current state of hypocrisy
PA Video The People v Muhammed [banned in Islamic states]

Since the Pakistan government [the world's first Islamic state] placed Sharia Law above Common Law [2015] purely so as to legalise mass child marriages [mass child rape], Islam is now the world's first OFFICIAL child rape cult. Even worse, the Pakistani government's lawful child rape policy has been silently endorsed by ALL Western Presidents and Ministers and, many of them also voted to support the FSA in Syria [who are not even Syrian] while the FSA openly use a Saudi-issued child rape fatwa since 2013. In addition, UK politicians have also blocked our UNICEF-backed Inet Protect on-line child protection strategy since 2013 - for political reasons. Get the picture?

Any Muslims who either do or don't believe in God and who may be wishing to leave the world's first lawful child rape cult can contact the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain for guidance, support, and friendship.

When David Cameron claims to be a direct descendent of Moses and says; "I'm just continuing God's work", he proves that the UK is still a theocracy and that his contradictory religious beliefs about a creator God having needs is central to his remit as the UK's Prime Minister. In doing so, he nullifies all arguments against the UK's political status being a theocracy, while confirming that he is as religiously deluded as the Jihadis are.

With David Cameron and ISIS' leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi both claiming to descend from prophets, religious-oriented violence on the part of both Jews and Muslims will go on until the shared lie of all the world's religions is finally killed-off. Further to this, if the West had not oppressed the people of Arabia by installing and supporting anti-democratic dictators during the last century, the misguided Arab 'Spring' that failed to address their dictator's Western support and that enabled the formation of ISIS would never have happened. Through all of this, the world is now reaping from years of corrupt, oppressive and hypocritical Western foreign policy and mass religious delusion.

ISIS leader was radicalised by decades of Western oppression against Muslims
PA Video 1400 year-old political history of Islam in 5 minutes

To ISIS and other Islamic-oriented terrorist groups, the UK electorate voting to maintain a theocracy while empowering a man who believes that he is a direct descendant of Moses and who is "just continuing God's work", is like a red flag to a bull and incidentally, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is now decentralising ISIS to make it smarter, faster and more effective [something UK voters refuse to do with their own system of governance] and, a decentralised ISIS that uses both bombs and philosophy will only be defeated by philosophy [NEVER by violence - even if in self-defence] and, this will ensure that the West's 'strategy' of bombs only, is guaranteed to fail - especially when you factor-in domestic terrorists who David Cameron obviously can't bomb.

As the ONLY mainstream party fighting in the UK for decentralised politics via true democracy, we know that a decentralised organisation has no head that can be cut off and by implying that ISIS is a snake that is sustained by linear architecture, David Cameron again demonstrates that he is out of his depth and, that he is lying about ISIS' architecture [if we know that ISIS is decentralising, then so do Western politicians]. By denying the power of ANY decentralised organisation, Western politicians deny the power of the PA [ultimately, their biggest common threat] because, to announce how and why ISIS is decentralising is to empower the PA and true, decentralised democracy in the West.

The hypocrisy of MPs in the West's last-remaining Christian theocracy voting for violence over diplomacy is so overt, that it is missed by voters who have been deluded into believing that the UK is a representative democracy. The fact that the Jesus [who they say they follow] would never use violence in any circumstances is somehow irrelevant to them because, their actions show their true beliefs and, that they therefore do NOT follow Jesus.

If they did follow Jesus then why ever support war, revolution, or violence in any form anywhere in the world?

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The ONLY way to end religious-oriented terrorism is for the world's religions to reform in-alignment with the truth of the nature of a creator God and, the reason for why the religious will never defeat religious-oriented terrorists is because both follow the doctrine of a God who has needs. However, the leaders and followers of ALL religions have decided that instead of reforming their contradictory doctrine, the world will continue to endure their terror and violence instead.

Alex Romane - Ending religious terrorism

ISIS see, think and fight in 3D [they fight from military, political and theological orientations] but, Western politicians can only see, think and fight in 2D [military and political] and so are not equipped to defeat ISIS and instead, are only able to inadvertently increase ISIS' recruitment. In our experience, the theological aspect is best handled with this simple 8-line message about the truth of a creator God and, the Qur'an is best left out of any de-radicalisation strategies because, it is the Qur'an itself that promotes rape and wife-beating and, that insists that "non believers are less than pigs." In our belief, these are extremist notions and, notions that NO Western politician has the will, courage and the ability to contest because firstly, their own Judaic-oriented doctrine is also flawed [as the 8-line message demonstrates] and secondly, because fighting world religions is politically unsafe.

The UK's freely-elected 'leader' orders the UK to express its cultural tolerance towards a religion whose book encourages the raping and beating of its wives and children and, that states that non-believers [the majority of the UK] are less than pigs - while his BBC insists upon conditioning us into believing that this is somehow the doctrine of a moderate religion.

Not one Muslim we've ever spoken with about these Qur'anic statements [including PA colleagues and imams] has ever agreed with them but, all say that they fear retribution and persecution from other Muslims if they disclose their true feelings about this and, they state that outsiders such as David Cameron who are in denial of the existence of these statements and who pretend that Islam is purely moderate, assists only the extremists.

Regarding social integration, Muslims and others will never be able to integrate into UK society or to accept the UK's so-called 'democracy' until there are imams in the House of Lords [alongside the existing Judaic bishops] because, the UK is a religious state and is NOT a secular representative democracy. Obviously, the most powerful aid to social integration in any culture will always be true and direct democracy.

Western politicians who lack philosophy and ideals are out of their depth and immersed in hypocrisy and so can NEVER deliver a solution to deal with Islamic extremism.

PA anti-terror strategy ignored by freely-elected MPs who cripple intelligence agencies
Army and MI6 confirm Cameron co-created ISIS, is out of depth, and is lacking ideals, integrity and respect
Anything that ISIS got from Libya was due to Cameron's 2011 ego trip!
Tory Lord confirms Cameron's hypocrisy; not 'hard-working' and has no beliefs!
Budgets were determined by Cameron's personal ego!

Violence in any form and for any reason will never result in a long-term solution and, violence used by the West in self-defence will only enhance ISIS' recruitment. However, executing extremists who fight Jihad also aids recruitment because martyrdom is one of the key 'rewards' for fighting. Regarding ISIS specifically, we believe that implementing various programmes while targeting its recruitment infrastructure is the ONLY way to promote its extinction and in our view, ISIS' main weakness is its own blatant hypocrisy;

ISIS is creating an Islamic culture in accordance with the principals of 7th century doctrine - by using 21st century technology [on and off-line].

ISIS sells most of its stolen artefacts and idols instead of destroying them - which it claims is the ONLY acceptable action by Allah.

ISIS enjoys recreational drugs [including alcohol] - according to the Qur'an, ingesting such substances is not allowed [it is haram].

ISIS use a Saudi-issued child rape fatwa - according to the Qur'an, it is only wives who are allowed to be raped.

ISIS targets other Muslims - a crime deemed so bad that entry into Heaven is disallowed by Allah.

ISIS targets non-combatants - according to the Qur'an, ISIS are Islamic but, they cease to be Islamic the moment they kill a non-combatant.

ISIS reiterate that they fight Jihad "for the sake of Allah" but if Allah created everything [as the Qur'an states], then Allah can have no needs, dependencies, requirements or vulnerabilities.

ISIS fight for themselves only - the promise of 72 virgins as a heavenly reward confirms that its fighters are motivated by sexual gratification and not by Allah's so-called 'needs' and, ISIS recruits commonly have a history of social failure with women [their non-Muslim American counterparts also opt for mass civilian murder].

All eight points confirm that ISIS' leadership has a secret agenda that is hidden even from those it recruits and while David Cameron is Hell-bent on bombing ISIS out of existence [because he is out of his depth and because he believes in the use of violence], we, MI5, MI6, various global security and terrorism consultants and many others have always known and promoted that the only way to defeat a philosophy and idealism is with philosophy and idealism [David Cameron's self-admitted weakness pre-2010]. Unfortunately, the UK electorate insists upon voting for MPs instead of for policies and so until this ever changes, none of our strategies or policies will ever be implemented, and the world will continue to suffer.

ISIS' hypocrisy creates disillusion among members

ISIS' strategy of forced conversion proves that ISIS know themselves, that their form of Islam is not desirable so, what is it about ISIS' form of Islam that ISIS members themselves think is so ugly, that outsiders can not be attracted to it, and so must be forced into it? Forced conversion [forbidden by Allah] confirms that ISIS themselves know that what they are doing doesn't sit well with Allah and, it also confirms that spreading Islam is NOT actually the priority agenda for ISIS. It is merely cover for other intentions - such as land-grabbing, empire-building, and revenge against oppression created by Western foreign policies implemented since the 'end' of World War Two.

Regarding ISIS' income, if Western intelligence agencies don't know who is buying ISIS' oil then they're useless. If they do know, then Western governments must be secretly sanctioning ISIS' oil trading. In our opinion and while knowing that Western intelligence agencies track ALL tankers leaving ISIS territory, it is obvious that ISIS is being allowed to generate revenues from oil. After all, it is known that several G20 countries are actively funding ISIS so, why not buy ISIS' half-price oil too?

If Western satellites and drones can read your car number plate, they can definitely see ISIS pumping, shipping and selling oil via massive land and sea tankers and when the s**t hits the fan regarding who knew about ISIS' oil sales, Western governments will again frame their intelligence agencies - as they did regarding Iraq having weapons of mass destruction in 2003.

It is our belief that it is Saudi Arabia that buys ISIS' oil because firstly, Saudi is the West's best Mid-East 'friend' whose crimes and human rights abuses against civilians are ignored and secondly, because it has been confirmed that ISIS' oil is being sold at UK petrol stations and, the biggest exporter of oil to the UK is Saudi Arabia.

While David Cameron blames the entire refugee crisis on Syria's President Assad and ISIS, he has nothing to say about Libya because firstly; Gadaffi was murdered [a war crime] by so-called 'rebel' groups that the UK was supporting and secondly, it was the UK that took it upon itself to bomb Libya into becoming a failed state and now, ISIS territory. With Cameron and ISIS persecuting the same people, the alliance between both is never more obvious and the ONLY choice that the combination of Cameron's foreign policy and ISIS' domestic policy leaves people is to be ruled by terror, to become terror, or to become a refugee.

Thanks to US and UK-backed unlawful Egyptian coup, Egypt is next failed state

David Cameron's "Assad must go!" statement is an issue of ego [and so is personal] and not of foreign policy orientation [not work-related] and while he attempts to justify this statement by reminding the world that President Assad kills his own people, he makes sure that the BBC NEVER reports about him also killing his own people. Both kill their own and both were re-elected but unlike David Cameron, President Assad does not attempt to hide his human rights abuses. In addition, we actually cite David Cameron's continued ego-oriented rhetoric as a major contributor to ISIS' recruitment.

Incidentally, David Cameron's unelected, self-appointed Saudi 'Royal' family ally that beheads more civilians than ISIS ever could has 100,000 empty air-conditioned tents ready for Islamic worship. It's ruling King [who suffers from alzheimer's] refuses to take a single Syrian Islamic refugee and in a blatant demonstration of religious hypocrisy, not one single Islamic country that David Cameron sells weapons to will take any Syrian refugees. Through this single act, the Saudi regime confirms that for them, religious worship is more important than caring for others - even within their own religion!

BBC Silent: Cameron spends £100,000 on trip to honour unelected Saudi dictator
BBC Silent: Saudi prince detained in record drug bust in Lebanon
BBC Silent: Saudi declares ALL ATHEISTS ARE TERRORISTS in new law!
PA direct democracy media: Western support of dictatorships

Regarding strategy, if David Cameron and other Western politicians continue with their policy of supporting terrorist groups that target Syria's President Assad and his civilians, ISIS will control the entire Middle East [including Israel] within two years. It is our absolute belief that at this stage, the best way to militarily contain ISIS while weakening its recruitment campaigns would be for a non-NATO consortium of Western and Arabic [Christian and Islamic] nations to assist simultaneously in securing the borders of Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Turkey and Jordan from within those territories. The West's policy has already enabled ISIS to breach the Syrian border and so within Syria, the consortium must now act to reverse this so as to also defend the Syrian regime and ALL Syrian civilians [as it now does in Iraq] from the very same groups it has supported in attacking the Syrian regime. If the West wants to contain ISIS and to prevent the formation of ISIS' empire, it has no other choice because since 2012, it destroyed any other options through its policy of [non-UN backed] violence, war, and foreign regime change [an international crime].

PA direct democracy comment: As Blair's secret prodigy, Cameron lied to UK re; Syria 'extension'
PA direct democracy comment: Turkey commits war crime against Russia while trying to pull NATO into conflict

PA direct democracy comment: By abandoning Arabian refugees, Cameron blew chance to kill-off ISIS
• PA direct democracy comment: Palestinian Authority ignored PA strategy and paid the price

Iraq urges UN Security Council to demand unlawful Turkish troops leave Iraq
Turkish MP to be tried for treason after leaking that Turkey gave sarin to ISIS

Since 2001, we have believed that the grooming and sexual abuse of underage non-Muslim girls committed by Muslim gangs in the UK is a form of religious-oriented extremism and, we believe that David Cameron choose to appease Islam instead of protecting young girls because he doesn't have the courage and mental capacity that is required to deal with this issue. Instead, he and other politicians continue to perceive and to sell this issue to voters as an issue of race [genetics], when it is clearly an issue of religion [philosophy] and so through this alone, politicians demonstrate that they are so out of their depth.

For many reasons, we believe that MI5 [specifically] would have informed David Cameron about this particular form of Islamic terrorism as soon as he took office in 2010 and, we believe that they were ignored about this.

Islamic child rape gang members shout "Allahu Akbar" in court as they are jailed
Whistle-blowers who exposed Trojan Horse plot exposed [betrayed] by unelected PM May

To make things worse, the UK is now actually a two-tier theocracy with a two-tier religious legal system - the first in human history! This is because since 2010, David Cameron [the UK's freely-elected Jewish dictator] has been allowing and pro-actively encouraging Muslims to establish Sharia courts within the UK and, it is Sharia law that was banned across Arabia's Islamic states by Islamic dictators and that now finds a home in the UK. In response, many UK MPs and peers are now calling for laws to moderate the influence and jurisdiction of these courts where in our opinion, they should be calling for an outright ban on ALL of them but, these are the people who backed David Cameron in introducing Sharia law into the UK in the first place! Sharia courts are what turns moderate Islamic states into extremely oppressive states like Saudi Arabia and the UAE and as usual with religion, the oppression is mostly aimed at women and children.

Muslim men LAWFULLY having up to 20 children with multiple wives - in the UK!

Evident to all, David Cameron refuses to implement anti-ISIS propaganda campaigns at any level and refuses to highlight ISIS' hypocrisy. Instead, his government [supported by all other parties] insists that UK teachers and lecturers extend his surveillance state by acting as Thought Police and spies - which will simply stifle expression, debate and free speech while further isolating and oppressing young British Muslims and, this will in-turn further diminish social cohesion. At the same time, he refuses to place any oversight responsibility on Muslim parents for fear of being labelled as racist - even thought this is an issue of religion and philosophy only. In our belief, the combination of his actions and inactions alone amounts to one of the biggest contributors to ISIS' recruitment.

In defence of his Thought Police policy, David Cameron states that pre-terrorist flagged-up by teachers have been successfully de-radicalised through engagement with Islamic moderates but if this was true, why does he refuse to place moderate Islamic philosophy at the heart of any anti-ISIS propaganda campaigns and, why has he cut funding for Islamic community action groups that target pre-terrorists and that run de-radicalisation programmes?

NUS boycotts Cameron's Prevent policy

In addition, David Cameron is aware that while the BBC and the rest of the MSM refuse to report about the horrific policies of the groups he supports, these groups appear attractive to young disillusioned UK Muslims. Since 2012, David Cameron and the MSM's anti-Assad and pro-FSA propaganda has been a direct aid to terrorist recruitment and, we believe that if young UK Muslims knew that such groups use a child rape fatwa [for example], that they would not wish to go to Syria to join them. They also have no idea that David Cameron and Barack Obama have pitched Muslim against Muslim so as to achieve their aims and that by not questioning what they see in the 'news' and by not questioning their doctrine, young British-born Muslims are allowing themselves to be played. It is because of this that both civilians and terrorists are victims of David Cameron and Barack Obama's joint Rothschild and Rockefeller-led agenda [It is no 'coincidence' that Syria, Iran, Russia, China and North Korea are the only remaining countries in the world to refuse entry to Rothschild's banks].

In 2013, David Cameron secretly blocked implementation of the PA's UNICEF-back Inet Protect anti-child abuse and terrorist recruitment strategy and, we believe that the primary reasons for why Inet Protect was blocked were so as to not inadvertently promote the PA and true democracy and, because a web without terrorists is a web that doesn't need mass state surveillance and at any cost, David Cameron wants to maintain inefficient blanket surveillance of all citizens instead of targeted surveillance of suspects only - even if it means that in reality, terrorism and child abuse are left to thrive and children left to suffer. This is confirmed by the intensification of state spying being prompted ONLY by terrorism and not by child abuse and, only after David Cameron blocked Inet Protect. In addition, without Inet Protect, all of the social networks now have the perfect excuse to censor their user's material at any time [as AOL and MSN have been doing secretly since early 2012].

PA years ahead of intels [as with Operation Ore] - we quit warning about laptop/phone plane bombs in 2003!

By forcing teachers and lecturers to police their student's thoughts and expressions in a token effort to 'prevent' extremism, David Cameron is actually inciting it and while the UK people generally watch only mainstream 'news' channels while not seeking information from alternative sources, they remain deluded as to their part in global terrorism and so can not take responsibility and, this suits their freely-elected out of depth 'leaders' who exploit their own population's ignorance and money so as to achieve their own twisted aims.

As well as terrorist groups being inspired by oppressive Western foreign policies, self-righteous manipulative Western 'leaders' are also responsible for creating terrorist groups directly so as to fight proxy wars on their behalf but, history shows that the groups they create and fund always turn their resources against their creators;

Al'Qaeda was intentionally created by the CIA in the early 1980's so as to enable the US to fight the Russians for oil via a proxy in Afghanistan.

ISIS was unintentionally created as a result of George Bush and Tony Blair's illegal invasion of Iraq and subsequent division of its Sunni and Shia Muslims in 2003 which allowed for the oppression of the minority Sunni Muslims by the majority Shia Muslims, and by Barack Obama and David Cameron's funding of the FSA, Al'Nusra and Al'Qaeda terrorist groups in Syria [since 2012].

Cameron is Blair's secret prodigy
Blair shares templates with Cameron
Void Cameron's template addiction gaining traction
PA direct democracy comment: As Blair's secret prodigy, Cameron lied to UK re; Syria 'extension'

In the film Rambo 3 [1988], the CIA is represented by Rambo while Al'Qaeda is represented by the Afghan rebels and due to these subconscious associations, we believe that this film may have been produced specifically so as to subliminally re-shape the perception of the CIA's work with Al'Qaeda in the minds of Western voters. After all, the film Top Gun was produced by the US Navy itself [hence the film crew's access to so much US military hardware].

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Western gov's working with terrorist groups they outlawed
PA Video PA direct democracy video: German Intel - 95% of Syrian 'rebels' are terrorists
PA Video PA direct democracy video: UK gives £5 M to Al'Qaeda in Syria
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Good old times are back - CIA working with Al'Qaeda again
PA Video PA direct democracy video: West being played by 'rebels' and terrorist groups it supports

PA Video PA direct democracy video: US secretly sending anti-tank weapons to David Cameron's Syrian FSA 'rebels'
PA Video PA direct democracy video: BBC Silent: US weapons shipment to Syria 'rebels' already lost - ends up with Assad
PA Video PA direct democracy video: US in Syria fighting alongside Al'Qaeda and Al'Nusra child rapists [Israel's enemies]
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Iraq, Libya, Syria - UK and US foreign policy gives homes to Al'Qaeda

Britain's £6 BN arms deals with Middle East could fall to ISIS

Funded by the UK tax payer, David Cameron's FSA who use a child rape fatwa were supposed to fight alongside Al'Nusra and Al'Qaeda against Syria's President Assad and in 2013, David Cameron wanted a parliamentary vote so that he could use the RAF to support these terrorist groups. The FSA, Al'Nusra and Al'Qaeda have since merged with Saddam Hussein's former Sunni officers to form ISIS and in 2003 and when Saddam Hussein warned Tony Blair that if he invaded Iraq, he would be "opening the gates of Hell", we believe that Saddam Hussein was referring to what is now happening across the Middle East and Arabia due to ISIS.

Incidentally, the FSA is the group that David Cameron referred to as "just bad guys, not terrorists" when laughing in Vladimir Putin's face at Downing Street in 2012 [pre-Ukraine] when Mr Putin expressed his concerns about the funding of proxy terror groups who "behead and eat the hearts of their enemies in the streets." When David Cameron's Saudi mates behead more civilians than ISIS ever could, his hypocrisy shines through once again. Further to this, the child rape fatwa was issued to the FSA in Syria by Saudi clerics with the express permission of the unelected, self-appointed Saudi 'Royal' family and in a further sickening move, it has now emerged that David Cameron made a secret pact with the Saudis so as to be able to sneak them onto the UN Human Rights panel!

By funding, equipping and training terror groups in sovereign states, David Cameron and Barack Obama break the very same international laws that the US and UK pressurised the UN into implementing post 9/11. By funding sexual violence in a sovereign state, the US and UK again break international law and by taking sides in a foreign civil conflict, they commit a third war crime and even though never reported by the Western MSM, the rest of the world is fully informed about the UK's on-going war crimes in Syria.

Concrete proof that Tony Blair and George Bush inspired ISIS pre-2003
West has tradition of trying to use proxy terrorist armies - and of always getting played by them!

Question: If foreign citizens elected politicians who launched an illegal war in your country that killed your parents, brothers, and sisters and, if those citizens then elected politicians who fund, train and equip child rape squads in your country after this war, wouldn't you perceive those citizens to be 'evil' and wouldn't you respond? If you think that Barack Obama bragging to the world about having drones has done you any favours in the eyes of an Afghan father who's lost his family at his daughter's wedding due to a drone attack, you are deeply misguided.

In an effort to illegally oust Syria's President Assad, David Cameron and the UK people created terrorist groups within a country that has never harmed the UK and, they have aligned themselves with child-raping terrorists by supporting them with weapons and cash. The civilian population of Syria have suffered at the hands of this unification and if any UK voters don't see now how this will one day come back on them, they never will and will simply continue to label terrorist as 'evil', and the cycle will continue.

By Mid-2015, Barack Obama and David Cameron's FSA, Al'Nusra and Al'Qaeda [ISIS] had captured, oppressed, enslaved, tortured and raped up to 4 million women and girls - all funded by those in the West who refuse to reform to true democracy.

US trial abandoned to protect Cameron - MI6 trained and equipped Syrian terrorist!
Western MSM propaganda attempts to deflect by blaming Russia - again!
PA direct democracy media: Syria - reports that the MSM kept from you

When David Cameron bombed Libya in 2011, he enabled the FSA, Al'Nusra and Al'Qaeda pre-ISIS groups to equip themselves with weapons and assets which him and Barack Obama were hoping would be used against the Syrian and Iranian regimes but evidently, they are only using these weapons against Western and Arabic civilians. Being out of his depth is just one reason for why David Cameron ignores the intelligence provided by MI6 and the many foreign security agencies that state for how and why these gifts would be used against the UK and others but, David Cameron is a Jew and openly puts Judaism at the heart of his 'work', while MI6 are an intelligence agency that continually lists philosophy, communication, understanding, anti-poverty measures and increased social cohesion as the only viable weapons to use against extremism. He has been informed as to how and why faith schools are the biggest contributing factor to diminished social cohesion in any country [they were even banned by Islamic dictators across pre-'Arab Spring' Arabia] but, he has actively encouraged their proliferation and, the UK tax payer still part-funds every single one of them.

Obama says Cameron allowed Libya to become a "s*** show"

In our opinion, David Cameron is just as responsible for the civilian murders on the 26th of June 2015 in Tunisia [which borders Libya] as ISIS is. He is a state sponsor of terror groups and these groups will murder ever-more innocent civilians and if from the UK, they will be the tax-paying funders of their own killers. This truly is a most sick and twisted arrangement and, only the sick and twisted [such as David Cameron, Barack Obama and ISIS] will benefit from it. None of this can happen without empowerment from UK voters but the more UK victims there are, the more David Cameron's domestic audience gets behind him and so, the cycle continues.

The Tunisian attacker was trained in Libya over a four-year period and this was only possible because David Cameron's out of depth ego and his disregard for the lives of innocent Libyan civilians led him to invade Libya [without a Parliamentary vote] in 2011. However, men with machine guns throwing grenades at young unarmed women as they run from their sun loungers also have an attitude that is oriented in believing that some humans are actually not human at all and in our belief, the Qur'anic line about non-Muslims being less than pigs spawns such an attitude but, Jews [particularly Catholics] have traditionally labelled Muslims and their prophet as demonic - which is also to be not human at all and so, we believe that both are as capable of committing the same disgusting acts as each other.

Only the religious believe in a God who created everything [and therefore a God who could not have had any needs, dependencies, vulnerabilities or requirements] but that after creating everything, somehow suddenly has needs, dependencies, vulnerabilities and requirements - and punishments for us if we disobey? Believing that something that at one time existed entirely alone [and that therefore could not possibly have had any needs or dependencies on anything] then has needs after creating everything is in our belief, the root cause of ALL of the world's problems. We believe this because; the domestic laws of all cultures on this planet come from morals [not ethics] and morals [religious-oriented opinions] are based upon what we think God wants from us. What we think God wants from us is based upon our belief about the nature of God and unfortunately, most on this planet have left this question to those who least understand the nature of a creator God and who instead, understand only the nature of their religion and its doctrine from a God invented by humans [the nature of control].

Put simply; if throughout human history, non-questioning humans have out-sourced this question to a few select men who are mostly interested in control [such as religious God-fearing men] and, if such men created their own self-beneficial idea that then influences parliaments, senates and assemblies to base their social standards and laws upon this misunderstanding and, to reject the truth about democracy [rule of the people] and about the nature of a creator God, you now see why so many of the world's legal, business, economical, social and environmental systems are collapsing. However, you will also see that the solution is true and direct democracy because, this would enable the religious to practice their own laws on themselves without infecting common law for all [unfortunately for the UK's non-Christians, the UK is still the Western world's last remaining Christian theocracy/religious state]. Via theocracy, it is possible to have either outright religious rule or, to have a hybrid system of religious rule and representative rule because unlike true democracy, representative democracy consists of the rule of the representatives only and, they [along with voters who keep empowering them] ensure that there will never be any rule of the people.

Outside of the West but kept from Western audiences by manipulative Western governments and their mainstream media, unarmed women, children and men are persecuted, oppressed, injured, tortured, and killed every day via David Cameron's direct support for unelected Mid-East dictators, Barack Obama's drone policy [where up to 80% of deaths are non-targets] and, by both men's failed attempt to create a proxy army from foreign terrorist groups illegally based in Syria [such as the FSA, Al'Nusra and Al'Qaeda] with which to invade Syria and Iran. At one point, these groups were David Cameron's so-called 'rebels' and today they are ISIS because, Barack Obama and David Cameron both got played at their own game - the terrorists have got the cash, training and weapons and the US and UK don't have a proxy army with which to spread further fear, violence and death and instead, they will now die alongside Arabic Muslim civilians - all thanks to those they freely elect.

This pattern goes back for over a century and through its voting actions, the UK plays its part in its continuation and, it is due to this that Eastern theology and Western bombing are now locked in a cycle together; the electors are being killed as a result of inappropriate [mis-matched] policies implemented exclusively by those they elect, who never get killed and who use the electors' money to not get killed!

UK voters reject true democracy and continue electing people who [in our direct experience] are at best, religiously-deluded [and therefore very dangerous at this time], void of creative thinking and, lacking any training in problem solving. The UK's freely-elected PM has only ever had one other job [and so not much work or people experience] and, he admits to having no ideals [and so bombs the ideals of others because he doesn't get the language]. David Cameron and his imperialist parliament are completely out of their depth with issues of religion and terrorism and, it is our direct experience since 2008 that ALL MPs, party leaders, Prime Ministers and Presidents of any country ONLY implement a solution into law if it doesn't compromise them or their party in any way and, if a Prime Minister or President is making the decision themselves, then the concerns will also involve any potential costs to a parliament, senate or assembly, the wider establishment and if a theocracy, that country's predominant religion.

It is obvious to anyone who questions that bombs and ideals exist in different dimensions and therefore, that a new philosophy is needed - not a new weapon. However, with David Cameron's own admission about not having any ideals and with Western MPs tanked-up on religious delusion and forever in denial about the results of their own policies, they are simply not able to admit that since the first war against Iraq, they got it wrong - very wrong. Their denial of this aspect combined with the UK's continued rejection of true and direct democracy will ensure that this mismanaged and now neglected cycle will expand and if it does, only terrorists [who use both bombs and philosophy] can win such a war [it's basic strategy to go to work with the right tools].

We do not think that it's just a 'coincidence' that most who migrate to the UK from outside the EU come from countries where UK foreign policy has been instrumental in creating the conditions that have caused them to seek safety in foreign lands. In recent years, most are from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria [countries that the UK has invaded] and, they come to the UK because they believed the UK government's propaganda [for hearts and minds] which tells them that we're intervening for reasons relating to their own protection, and regime change only. After the UK ceases its interventions, it does NOT implement the rebuilding programmes or democratic processes that it sells to these people before destroying their country and with no understanding of our hypocrisy, they come to the UK feeling that they will be welcomed and cared for - as promised by freely-elected UK dictators. To summarise; in order to pander to the nationalist fears of a deliberately misinformed electorate, the UK government refuses to take-in the refugees that it creates.

While the UK electorate freely votes for those who invade other countries on false pretenses [even if lawful], the UK will have mass immigration issues. Through the use of extreme violence, we turn their countries into failed states and abandon them after fulfilling our remit [regime change only] and so in desperation, they come to the UK - why would they think to go anywhere else? Any that survive the journey then face poverty, psychological trauma, ultra-nationalist and extremist intimidation and a detention system that is so corrupt and abusive that after David Cameron repeatedly blocked UN monitors from gaining access to centres, it publicly disclosed to the world that the UK's entire asylum detention system was unlawful.

Distinguished by its right-wing, ultra-conservative beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, ISIS is simply a new strain of Islam [such as Sunni, Shia, Sufi etc] that has expanded upon core Islamic doctrine but, so also are the Saudi and Bahraini regimes that David Cameron, Barack Obama and their MSM tell us are our friends. Traditionally, ALL factions of Islam deny that the others are Islamic but according to the Qur'an, the minimum that is required in order to be recognised as a Muslim by Allah is that the book is read to the best of the readers' own ability and, that the five pillars of Islam are adhered to. Interestingly, while fewer and fewer UK Muslims pray five times a day, ISIS fully adheres to ALL pillars but, according to the Qur'an, Muslims cease to be a Muslim the moment they kill a non-combatant.

Therefore, David Cameron's statements about ISIS not being Muslims confirm that he has still not read the Qur'an, or is blatantly lying to the world [supported by 'moderate' Muslims] about what defines a Muslim. Either way, he is out of his depth and so can only create more problems - even if he doesn't intend to.

"According to Western politicians, there's no such things as an Islamic terrorist and all Muslims are moderate but if they believe that, then why did they give Bin Laden an Islamic burial and, why at sea so as to prevent an Islamic shrine? If they believe that, then these perverted, cowardly, self-serving, appeasing, child-abusing politicians don't perceive Qur'anic child rape fatwas to be terrorism against children either - which explains their own history of child abuse and child abuse cover-ups."
- Alex Romane [PA founder]

By ignoring the definition of a Muslim according to the Qur'an and, by dictating to the 'independent' BBC that it refers to ISIS as "so-called Islamic State", David Cameron demonstrates beyond any doubt that he is out of his depth but, that he also has direct control of BBC scripting as well as its subject matter. If [for the reasons that David Cameron states] ISIS are not Islamic, then neither is the unelected, self-appointed Saudi regime that he loves so much because both use 7th century Conservative Sharia and are in our view, are as awful as each other.

Basic Chronology:

1. Saddam Hussein [a Sunni Muslim] stops selling Iraqi oil in US dollars [the world's reserve currency].

2. The US and UK [under George Bush and Tony Blair] illegally invade Iraq under false pretences so as to assume control of Iraq's oil industry.

3. The Shia puppet government installed by the West oppresses minority Sunni Muslims and, the West lets it enjoy its revenge.

4. Syrian rebels act against Syria's President Assad but, these groups quickly become infiltrated and taken-over by foreign Jihadis who then form the FSA and join Al'Qaeda and Al'Nusra [with Western support].

5. David Cameron invades Libya under false pretences, enabling Al'Qaeda to assume control of its massive weapons stockpile which it then uses against Western civilians and peaceful, moderate Arabic nations [such as Tunisia].

6. Al'qaeda in Iraq is incentivised to merge with the FSA and Al'Nusra and, all are given UK weapons and tax payers' cash so as to fight President Assad's regime [an unlawful act solicited by the West].

7. David Cameron calls for a Parliamentary vote so as to use the RAF in operations that would support all three terrorist groups against President Assad.

8. Preparations are made for a follow-up invasion of Iran using this new Western proxy army.

9. Former Sunni members of Saddam Hussein's council join with Al'Qaeda in Iraq and head into Syria, where they then recruit the FSA and Al'Nusra and form a new hybrid [ISIS].

10. ISIS adopts the FSA's child rape fatwa and fighters from all three groups who refuse to join are targeted by ISIS.

11. The Kurds [labelled as terrorists by Western governments and left to decades of oppression at the hands of both Sunni and Shia Muslims] join the fight as the only independent party - meaning that they are largely abandoned to face ISIS alone.

12. ISIS is now a weaponised, mechanised, conquering force that operates under a new strain of Islam that is oriented in Sharia and ultra-right wing conservatism [just as with David Cameron's Saudi friends]. It has financial supporters all over the world and is developing its own infrastructure in captured territories and, while ISIS now receives additional funding from its oil gains, NO Western government ever questions who buys this oil.

13. David Cameron, Barack Obama and their MSM continue to preach the propaganda that ISIS is an 'evil' terror group - while their Saudi weapons-buying, oil-trading friends behead and oppress more people than ISIS ever could and, the 4 million Iraqi orphans who lost their parents to the West's illegal war in 2003 and those who are now born deformed in their thousands every month are yet to take revenge [alongside the civilian victims of David Cameron's proxy terrorist army in Syria]. As such, we believe that they will forever swell the ranks of ISIS and, why wouldn't they?

Incidentally, Save the Children refused our direct request to support Inet Protect and to act with us against David Cameron and Tony Blair's related child abuse cover-up and, they were aware that our disclosures about this are fully supported by the Electoral Commission. A few months after, Save the Children publicly awarded Tony Blair [21st Nov. 2014] their Global Legacy award [obviously, his illegal war that orphaned 4 million Iraqi children and that now sees deformed children being born in their thousands every year means nothing to them].

Direct democracy is the only democracy and, direct democracy would enable whole societies to take full social responsibility for their country's policies and actions and in our view, Western governments and their state-controlled media have distorted the definition of terrorism so as to suit their own aims - civilian defenders of occupied territories who take-up arms in defence of an invading force and, who do not intentionally target non-combatant civilians are often labelled as ‘terrorists' when they are actually freedom fighters.

To the People's Administration, terrorism is defined as being any act or campaign that knowingly and willingly promotes and instills terror within a non-combatant civilian community - by any means. This definition can apply to Prime Ministers and invading armies as much as it can be applied to militarised civilians, resistance fighters and freedom fighters. Resistance or freedom fighters who do not intentionally attack non-combatant civilians are not regarded as terrorists by the People's Administration. Armies, resistance or freedom fighters that do intentionally attack non-combatant civilians are regarded as terrorists by the People's Administration, as are governments or other organisations that commit to the military invasion of any territory in contradiction of international law are also regarded as terrorists. Therefore, war crimes are also perceived by us to be acts of terrorism.

The People's Administration believes that whilst there is no justification for terrorism, there are reasons for its existence. For example, we believe that some of these reasons may very well [at root level] revolve around aspects of past British global imperialism and so we wish to explore this notion with 3rd parties. We also believe that there are people who abuse philosophy and religion so as to control and incite others who have no political issues so, should the People's Administration install direct democracy, we propose to find solutions to global terrorism based upon the reasons for terrorism [and not upon religious philosophy] and to address these.

We believe without a doubt that drone attacks [for example] are a direct cause of anti-Western terrorism. We also believe that Israel's continued violations of UN resolutions [regarding Palestine], US support for Israel's international crimes, Western support of oppressive regimes and a disregard for the well-being of foreign civilians are all also promoters of terrorism.

Drones are political weapons - not military weapons and as of late 2013, drone operators themselves have been confirming our opinions.

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The People's Administration believes that outlawing certain groups and alienating foreign regimes actually makes our society more vulnerable as we lose contact, and then the knowledge of their thinking, perceptions and intentions. This breakdown in communication leads to fear and this eventually leads to negative actions - just as it does in any relationship and, we also disagree with the policy of deporting convicted terrorists because in our view, deporting terrorists allows for a loss of control while enabling for the potential re-grouping of terrorists abroad - making the UK less secure.

We can not stop people from getting together unless we imprison them, which in the view of the People's Administration would be completely undemocratic. It is not thinking or talking that directly threatens others but, it is the actions that express these thoughts, feelings and emotions that become the threat.

The People's Administration believes that we should all be allowed to think and say as we wish. Others do not have to listen or agree but, they should not have the right to prevent others from thinking or saying as they choose. If we criminalise conversations then we impair true communication and if we criminalise thoughts, then we'll all be in prison. It is the actions of people that directly affect others and so in a true democracy, this would be all that others have a right to address. If we feel the ‘need' to stop others from getting together and from debating, then what is it within our society that we're not addressing? What are the reasons for why these people feel the need to get together in the first place?

We believe that addressing the fears of others increases understanding and the forward-development of relationships and we believe that this is essential in seeking peaceful solutions and curbing negative actions.

When we were in Tunisia before the uprisings began [2003-2008], the majority of people we spoke with actually told us that they did not want a Western idea of democracy [stating specifically because they believe it to be just as corrupt as their dictatorships] and, that they weren't bothered about removing their dictator and that they just wanted more rights and a better standard of living.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Arabs want human rights - not regime change

However, the main reason given for discontent with adopting any Western political system was because it was and still is, Western political systems that oppress them through control of their dictatorships and, this is also for why the Arab Spring is not a true uprising and it won't be until Arabian countries completely reject any Western 'support' [violent intervention, revolutions and corrupt elections where the candidates are always selected from the previous regime's people] and form their own governments without Western influence.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: US ignores rights abuses and supports Gulf Dictatorships

To this day, the UK and other Western countries are still supporting [through weapons and surveillance equipment supplies] the violent oppressive regimes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and others:

PA direct democracy media: Western Support of Dictatorships

The CIA itself has confirmed that out of 54 Jihadist fighters caught and questioned in Afghanistan by one of their own directors, only 4 were fighting against the US for philosophical/religious reason, with the majority fighting simply because they were offered a wage to do so.

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Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.