Promoting Direct Democracy

The PA is seeking voluntary collaborators [not members] and, collaborators can either be published in the PA Direct Democracy Collaborators page or they can remain anonymous. Ultimately, we seek to increase public awareness so as to lawfully facilitate a new UK, EPE, and UN-sanctioned general election pre-2020, and here's why.

Why you won't see us in news broadcasts

Mainstream media [MSM] broadcasters have told us directly that they do not want their divided left/right audiences to become aware of the option to unite via reform to non-left/right wing true and direct democracy and in March 2010, the chief political editors of The Sun and The Mirror both independently stated to us that they also do not trust the people to vote for policies that they themselves would agree with. Add to this that the PA is a mainstream reform party [as opposed to a public participation, hybrid, or single issue party] established by an activist who is known to have acquired establishment insight and experience, the PA and true democracy is a direct threat to the system that the pro-division media and the so-called 'alternatives' thrive on.

In addition, the media also fear the loss of income that would result in no longer being able to sell left/right narratives directly to voters who would no longer be divided by left/right partisan 'democracy' and for as long as the people themselves choose to remain divided, they will continue to reap the results of their freely-chosen actions.

Without any communication from us, the proprietor of the Press Association confirmed that his organisation was fully-aware about the PA true democracy party when his legal division demanded [via the Electoral Commission] that we amend our [previous] logo so as to not look similar to theirs [a strategy that we created in late 2010 specifically for this purpose and, with the intention to further demonstrating that a blackout against the world's first true democracy party was actually in place, and so is not a conspiracy theory].

To-date, the only mainstream publisher to ever mention the PA is the Independent [2015] and even then, this mention was no more than a listing along with other parties and, it does not feature any information about the PA true democracy party whatsoever.

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BBC's John Simpson; "MSM is grotesquely selective."
Anti-homophobic DJ took-on the church and was fired by the BBC - hear what he said

At great cost to their media-related careers, true activists expose how the mainstream media and the establishment work together and so, true activists who represent wholesale reform solutions are NEVER featured in mainstream media interviews.

PA Video Nick Margerrison interviews PA founder/DnB Producer Alex Romane [2015]
PA Video Direct Democracy UK interviews Alex Romane [2021]

This article in the Boston Globe explains something of the silent battle between true direct democracy parties and the representative parties and, it uses the Pirate Party [that has since joined the blackout against the PA party AND our quantum perpetual motion technology] as examples and, it also attempts to distinguish between public participation/hybrid systems and true direct democracy.

Anyone who wants for the people to know of their full range of options so as to make the best choice for themselves [a true guide] would want to expose the PA and true direct democracy regardless of their own beliefs but according to the BBC and all who have joined its blackout against the PA and Alex Romane, it is NOT in your interest to know and to make your own choice about the alternative, non-left/right division, pro-unity, true democracy reform party that voters have [for decades] called for.

Activists, unions, and charities only exist because of a lack of democratic and social justice and direct democracy is the ultimate democratic social tool that they [along with the so-called 'socialists' in the Labour Party] will never want to deliver. Put simply; true and direct democracy and sustainable solutions are a threat to the existence of every union and charity because the £180 BN that the UK gives to corporate charities could be reduced to approx. £20 BN via true democracy and appropriate legislation.

Think about it; Why would affluent and popular celebrities and the CEOs of major corporations, news agencies, unions, and charities ever want fundamental change that could negatively affect their income, positions and status [ego]? After all, their personal fears are not for you or the world, but for themselves only.

Unlike UNICEF, Save the Children refused our direct request to support Inet Protect and to act with us against David Cameron and Tony Blair's related child abuse cover-up and, they were aware that our disclosures about this are supported by the Electoral Commission. A few months after, Save the Children publicly awarded Tony Blair [21st Nov. 2014] their Global Legacy award.

Obviously, his illegal war that created ISIS and that orphaned 4 million Iraqi children and that now sees deformed children being born in their thousands every year means nothing to them.

Peter Wanless [the openly pro-Cameron civil servant who somehow went from running the lottery to running the NSPCC in 2013] also ignored our direct request for feedback regarding David Cameron's policies that proliferate child abuse [some even being unlawful] and, Mumsnet blocked us from informing their members about the PA, true/direct democracy, and these policies without reason and so, we can only assume that these organisation's relationships with Parliament and the associated PR takes priority over protecting children.

Unlike celebrity 'activists' who stay silent about PA direct democracy and so are of no threat to the elite, the establishment, and their media, Alex Romane [the PA founder] has been personally threatened by elected MPs and in 2011, the US State Department openly intimidated him after following one of his Twitter accounts. Therefore, it is obvious that true and direct democracy is a massive threat to the global elite and, their personal attacks against Alex and their media blackouts against the PA confirm this.

In 2010, Nick Owen [BBC Midlands newscaster] expressed an interest in broadcasting a feature about the People's Administration and direct democracy but, Nick's political editor [Dave Hart] and his Home Affairs correspondent [Peter Wilson] didn't agree that it was in your interest to know about the People's Administration and true direct democracy. When we asked why they deemed the People's Administration and true direct democracy to be of no public interest, editor Mark Hayman then lied to us when he said that regarding the coverage of political parties;"Even when no polling is pending, the limitations of the time available in our programmes usually means we give most weight to those parties which have mustered significant backing in the ballot box." With this apparently being the case, we asked him how the Tory-affiliated People's Alliance Party gets featured when it never ran in any elections anywhere but there was no response. We also asked why the BBC refuses to list the People's Administration Direct Democracy Party in its 'Political Parties registered by Electoral Commission' page but again, there was no response.

On this basis, in being biased by intention [to any degree] in its reporting and political coverage, the BBC is openly breaking its licensing contract and has now given any viewer the lawful right to withhold payment and in accordance with the law, this page and the PA BBC media gallery can be used as evidence against the BBC.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Journalists threatened by both mainstream and alternative news CEO's
PA Video PA direct democracy video: BBC Silent: Venice has voted ON-LINE to become independent from Rome

With pro-government people always being selected directly by the sitting government of the day to run the BBC Trust, corruption at the government-run criminal-protecting BBC is rife and, there is maybe just a slight possibility that those within the trust have an issue with our proposed policy to reform its funding?

We have no issue with any reporter, newscaster or presenter - many have wanted to publish features about the People's Administration and true direct democracy. Our issue is only with 'journalists' who distort the definition of direct democracy and their editors and managers who run anti-direct democracy propaganda campaigns on behalf of their agency proprietors.

It is our experience that the BBC, ITV, ITN, C4, C5, Sky and ALL of the UK mainstream print media industry all seek to maintain the current partisan political structure that supports only representative democracy purely for their own commercial and political benefit and therefore, that they all perceive direct democracy to be a threat. Since 2010, none of the UK print media [regional or national] wanted you to know about legitimate direct democracy and they still don't - even though decentralised thinking via direct democracy could now be the only thing that saves the global environment and economy.

Direct Democracy - Audio Direct Democracy and Cyber Warfare | Video

PA direct democracy media: UK-relevant news NOT reported by the BBC
BBC - political history exposed [Corbet Report]

In the 2010 general election and due to the PA, the UK made global history by becoming the first nation to be offered true democracy since 5 BC but, the only mainstream institution to acknowledge, record and publish anything about this was the British Library. The entire establishment and it's historical, scientific and educational institutions prefer to deny this achievement rather than to draw attention to the PA and true direct democracy. In 2015, the UK electorate decided to repeat this and in addition, to make the UK the world's first mainland culture to normalise child abuse.

Despite the mainstream media's knowledge of Alex Romane authoring documents [published by the world-renowned British Library] regarding Political Architecture and Religious Theory, previously working directly with David Cameron [independently] prior to establishing the PA, working on the Mid-East Peace Process directly with the Palestinian Authority, creating a potential £2 BN aid package for Somalia, forecasting and trying to prevent the UK riots, creating government-adopted policies, creating a potential solution for rising sea levels and diminishing water stocks [with TV presenter and inventor Trevor Baylis], publishing about Prism [and more] pre-Edward Snowden and, creating sustainable solutions for the economy and for democracy itself, the mainstream media will not feature the People's Administration simply because we stand for true and direct democracy and people politics over so-called 'representative' democracy and partisan politics.

Regardless of what the truth may actually be, governments, dictatorships and the PA all believe that if just one country in the world reformed to full direct democracy, that the whole world would then follow. Therefore, their media mouthpieces will not give any exposure to the PA and true UN-sanctioned direct democracy. The only 'direct democracy' parties and systems that are featured by both mainstream and alternative news media globally are pro-public participation parties [often ran by elected partisan MPs] who attempt to deceive the public into believing that public participation alone is direct democracy and, being that the PA is still the only true UK direct democracy party [and therefore why it's the only party proposing to use the web and phone to enable the people to decide upon all laws], it's no coincidence that you'll only ever hear of them and never of us.

Public participation [to any degree] is not direct democracy. It is simply another component of 'representative' democracy and partisan politics. The fear of legitimate, peaceful, non-revolutionary, UN-sanctioned reform to direct democracy and our quantum perpetual motion technology are the ONLY issues that unite all of the world's governments and so-called 'representative' parties.

People's Administration eCampaign Strategy

Publishing links to the People's Administration direct democracy website from your social networks
Publishing links, comments and starting threads on message boards and forums about direct democracy

If you believe in self-rule and in having the ability to make choices [freedom], simply promote the concept of direct democracy to the many people who would benefit from knowing about direct democracy and we'll do the rest. A reform to direct democracy now could now be the only thing that saves the global environment and economy.

With non-voters and protesters now forming the largest voter demographic, the need for reform to true/direct democracy is confirmed.