Voting for Direct Democracy via spoiled/void ballots

In May 2019, the PA de-registered form the Electoral Commission in disgust at its decision to partner with the MCB [Muslim Council of Britain] while the MCB refuses to condemn Saudi-issued Qur'anic child rape fatwas.

Further to this, we resent the MCB's refusal to debate issues of the Qur'an and democracy and, we resent even more the Electoral Commission's protection of the MCB from debate.

In addition, Alex Romane [the PA founder] has now added further information to his testimony that was accepted by the IICSA in 2017 and that details the child rape fatwa in Syria that the British Parliament and the MCB have supported since 2013. The additional information details the Electoral Commission's partnering, support, and protection of this pro-child abuse organisation and, Alex currently has seven accepted testimonies in this inquiry.

However, the PA will still be lawfully electable because it is NOT required by the Electoral Commission that parties and their candidates be registered with the electoral Commission so as to be elected:

Page 5 [Electoral Commission - Registering a Party]:

PA Direct Democracy, Electoral Commssion party registration statement - spoiled/void ballots

We believe that true democracy [rule of the people] is required globally and immediately for this planet to have even just a chance of mitigating just some of the effects of methane-induced, voluntary 2030 mass extinction because while the politicians, the IPCC, and their academic 'experts' remain in denial and ignore the thousands of professors and scientists who have been screaming about it since 2013, they have also rejected [and blacked-out] our proposal to use our perpetual motion Geocircuit technology so as to give free, clean, safe, infinite [un-metered] electricity to every person and organisation in the land. In 1939, Western politicians voted to ban Henry Ford's biodegradable hemp-based plastic so as to protect John Rockefeller's crude oil-based plastic markets and, this is for why our marine life and our children now swim in plastic oceans. When you factor-in that 'Great' British politicians were first made aware of the link between CO2 emissions and global warming in 1846 [according to Parliamentary archives], then it is clear that politicians have [in effect] actually been legislating [and still are] to kill every living thing that God ever created.

Join the revolution-by-ballot!
Spoil/void your ballot - mark 'PA' for reform to true democracy

To clarify a specific legal point regarding spoiled/void ballots; The so-called 'Independent' lied when it stated "While it is not illegal to spoil a ballot paper, it will be rendered invalid if it is defaced or deliberately filled in incorrectly." and, we believe that they lied about this in response to [and in fear of] voters using this mechanism to express their true desires because, the government itself confirmed to us directly [in 2015] that if the intentions of voters who spoil/void their ballot papers are clear, that their spoiled/void ballot papers must be included in the vote count and, this is reiterated by the Electoral Commission.

According to UN Article 21, it doesn't matter how a nation expresses its voting intentions, as long as the expression can be proved to be that of the majority because according to the UN, a government can only assume its position based upon the authority of its people. Further to this, the article also states how the people of the world already have the legal right to choose to govern themselves directly instead of via so-called 'representation', if they wish.

Only 10% of UK people believe that politicians place the good of the country above their own interests so, the remaining 90% could vote for true and direct democracy. Alternatively, those who abstain from voting or who vote for 'none of the above' [now the majority] hold the swing that could bring true and direct democracy at any time.

As the People's Administration is proposing a reform from partisan politics to people politics, it is not required by the Electoral Commission that we field candidates in a general election in order to form an administration that complies with our constitution and proposed parliamentary reforms. However, it is though required that ballot papers reflect a majority vote for the People's Administration in a UK general election.

The People's Administration retains the legal ability to field candidates but if we did field candidates, any who won any Parliamentary seats would NOT be able to carry their constituents opinions into law without the majority vote of Parliament and, working as a representative within an unreformed system would be a violation of our own EC-accepted constitution and a violation of the principals of direct democracy itself. True and direct democracy can ONLY be implemented through wholesale system-wide reform and so, any party that offers direct democracy without reform [such as UKip] is using this term purely as a gimmick to deceive voters.

Voting apps and 'eReps' in Parliaments are a move in the right direction but unfortunately, they can not bring true and direct democracy and can not rid their parliaments, senates and assemblies of corruption either. Without full-on reform and decentralised decision-making via direct democracy, the corruption that Parliament and its MPs facilitate [including lawful lobbying] will remain and with regards to UK foreign policy, our democracy hypocrisy will continue to reverberate in daily news headlines around the world [as it has done solidly since 2010] and, the BBC [the sitting government's mouthpiece] will continue to deceive the audience that funds it.

Due to the combination of populations freely voting for representation [instead of for true democracy] and governments suppressing warnings about CO2 emissions since 1846, the environment doesn't have time for step-by-step or generational 'upgrades' [the scientific consensus on the final tipping point is 2015] and while deniers dismiss without reason the recent appearance of methane craters and black snow, their distraction has the potential to cost us everything.

Legal Spoiled/Void Ballot Paper Voting:

• The current ballot paper only accommodates a vote within a representative partisan structure, leaving no option for the electorate to vote for true and direct democracy or any other alternative structures - including a hung parliament.

• As any changes to the ballot paper can only be recommended by a sitting government and approved and implemented by Parliament, it is obvious that no sitting partisan government would ever recommend reforms to the ballot paper that would enable for true and direct democracy and the defeat of that government itself, along with the partisan structure that supports it.

In early 2014 and as a contingency, David Cameron commissioned the redesign of the general election ballot paper layout so as to invalidate our initial marking instructions to spoil/void your ballot and, he instructed the Ministry of Justice not to publish it until just before the general election in 2015. In response to this, we have published a generic version below with amended instructions explaining how to lawfully spoil/void your ballot in a UK general election.

The lawful way to register a clear, discernable and certain vote for the People's Administration on the ballot paper is to mark the letters 'PA' in any available space in the ballot paper header [runs across the top] and in the list of Candidate boxes.

People's Administration Direct Democracy - PA spoiled/void ballot

It is important to mark ALL of the candidate's boxes from the other parties with the letters 'PA' so as to neutralise them because, marking the letters 'PA' in just one candidate's box becomes a vote for that candidate [you do not actually have to mark it with an 'X' for it to count for that candidate].

Void ballot spoiled with image of penis is accepted upon assessment

Doing this is in accordance with Electoral Commission rules and it will be counted and published by the Ministry of Justice but initially, as a spoiled/void ballot paper.


People's Administration's Legal Argument:

According to the Electoral Commission, there is no legal precedent that can be used to ascertain what the lawful outcome should actually be in the event of a PA general election victory that is won on spoiled/void ballots and, that this could only be ascertained in the eventuality that the parties ignored the expressed majority will of the people as the basis of government. However, according to Electoral Commission, EPE and UN charters that the UK Parliament is signed-up to, it is unlawful for any party to attempt to form a government that ignores the will of the people as the basis of its authority.

Further to this, it is NOT required that the PA maintains its status as a registered party so as to be voted for on the ballot paper. Registration simply provides an opportunity for a party to have its emblem and candidate name published on the ballot paper - and that's it. As such, the ballot paper is NOT an exhaustive list of all of the available parties and candidates that you are entitled to vote for and, this aspect alone confirms how and why your spoiled/void ballot paper vote for the PA would be lawful.

In April 2015, the government confirmed to us that if the intentions of voters who spoil/void their ballot are clear, that their void ballots can not be rejected and must be counted.

During this interview, Alex Romane [the PA founder] explains more about this;

PA Video Nick Margerrison interviews PA founder/DnB Producer Alex Romane [2015]
PA Video Direct Democracy UK interviews Alex Romane [2021]
Alex Romane [personal philosophies]

In 2009 [one year after meeting David Cameron and a year prior to establishing the PA], Alex acquired informal assurances from the police and army that if the people stood by their majority-spoiled PA ballot, they would remain neutral. Through this dialogue, Alex also learned that the police [who are banned from striking] would very much welcome an end to divisive governments that [in their words] "use us as a buffer when implementing harsh social policies that we don't even agree with." It was their belief that; "If Cameron gets in next year, he'll use every excuse that terrorists hand him to be able to implement harsh social policy and to increase social oppression." and, they explained that "The BBC and the others will broadcast more shows that portray us in response mode only and nothing of our community work, while Cameron reduces our community budgets to zero for the first time in history and he'll do this so as to alienate us from the public so that we take the blame." They concluded with; "If in this scenario [re; winning via spoiled ballots], you put people on the streets, there would be nothing we could do other than join you."

Our legal argument that PA-spoiled/void ballot papers representing a vote for reform to direct democracy should be accepted is based upon 14 currently-accepted fundamental UN, Electoral Commission and European Parliamentary Election points of ballot paper and election legislation:

1. The EC and EPE have both signed-up to the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states in Article 21 that:

a] Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.

b] Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his country.

c] The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.

Despite the points listed above, MPs who ignore ballot paper protocol so as to configure their own coalitions without the will of the people can somehow lawfully form a government. As such, we therefore believe that the people can do this also and, we argue that any voting protocol that is not capable of recording the majority public will if voting for the PA is clearly not fit for purpose and is therefore highly undemocratic.

2. Ballot papers are not ignored simply due to them not being marked in strict accordance with ballot paper guidance, not being marked in the right place, or not being marked with a cross.

3. If the words Lib Dems [for example] were written in the header instead of a cross being placed next to the Liberal Democrat candidate's name, this ballot paper will be marked void and then later upon assessment, counted as a vote for that ward's Liberal Democrat candidate and, this ruling applies to ALL registered parties.

4. All ballot paper legislation is applicable to either a vote for a candidate or a vote for a party.

5. There is no EC or EPE ruling that states [even in vague terms] that a vote can only represent a candidate or party listed directly on the ballot paper itself.

6. Ballot paper design, layout and presentation can currently only be decided upon by the Ministry of Justice which is controlled by the sitting government. As the sitting government represents only one registered party, the People's Administration argues that decisions regarding ballot paper design, layout and presentation are biased and, we argue that the only way to remove this corruption is to have ballot paper design, layout and presentation decided independently by the Electoral Commission.

7. The ballot paper is discriminatory because it only allows for nominations within a partisan voting system and leaves no facility with which to vote for reform [of any type] and, we argue that this is undemocratic and that it leaves that the only way to reform the current system is through unlawful revolution, and not through the ballot.

8. In our opinion, ballot papers made void by placing the letters PA in the header will be a clear, discernable and certain vote for the People's Administration [a registered party] and therefore, not void because they will represent the clear, discernable and certain intention of the voter to elect a particular registered party.

9. In our opinion, the legal and ethical principals of democracy and the expressed will of the people as the basis for the authority of government should take precedence over ballot paper design and layout because if current parliamentary and election procedure is deemed more important than the expressed will of the people as the authority of government, then the majority are being oppressed in favour of an extreme minority [Parliament]. As the Ministry of Justice often quotes the strengthening of democracy as its justification for implementing new legislation, then it would surely have to give way to the People's Administration and reform to direct democracy on the same basis.

10. Spoiled/void ballot papers must be categorised into one of five groups:

a] Want of official mark
b] Voting for more than one candidate
c] Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified
d] Being wholly unmarked or void for uncertainty
e] Rejected in part

Marking the ballot paper for the PA in accordance with our instructions does NOT conform to any of these reasons because any ballot papers marked for the PA and direct democracy will be noticed [if the mark is clear, discernable and certain]. Therefore in our opinion, as the People's Administration is a registered party, ballot papers made void because of the mark for the PA should be accepted upon assessment as a vote for the People's Administration [a registered party] and for reform to direct democracy.

11. According to the EC, spoiled/void ballot papers accounted for 0.38% of the total vote in the UK General Election 2001. Other UK general elections yield similar results so, if there is a substantial increase in spoiled/void ballot papers in the next UK general election, this would point towards the electorate intentionally spoiling/voiding their ballot papers. In our opinion, if this happens then the reason for this should be considered in accordance with the principals of a democratic election process that conforms to UN Article 21.

12. The People's Administration is the only registered party whose constitution could not lawfully involve fielding candidates in a general election. All other parties field candidates because they are non-reformist parties and so in our opinion, not having a specific box on the ballot paper for a People's Administration candidate should not enable for discrimination against a vote for the People's Administration as a party, if expressed in a way that can be assessed as being clear, discernable and certain.

As the PA is the only EC-registered party using this voting protocol, assessors will not have to amend their protocols or practices to any degree so as to count PA-marked ballot papers and, we argue that as different voting protocols are not actually legislated against in any EC, EPE or UN ruling, that assessors have no legal choice other than to count and submit votes for the PA to the Ministry of Justice.

13. Parliament did NOT give the people what they cast their votes for on the ballot paper in the UK General Election 2010. There was no box or candidate to mark for either a hung parliament or for a coalition between any parties and fundamentally, the parties themselves decided upon the format of our government while excluding the electorate. We argue that coalitions do NOT have the will of the people as basis for the authority of government [a violation of UN Article 21] and, that a spoiled/void ballot paper that shows a clear intentional vote for the People's Administration is more in alignment with the principals of democracy than forming a coalition and as such, a void ballot paper that supports the People's Administration should be accepted.

14. Similar spoiled/void ballot papers have previously been allowed by EC and EPE legislation: Allow for Singh [1982] QB 1220; and Rule 55[2].